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i’m sorry, i don’t have experience with paxil, but i’m really sorry that you’re going through this. good for you for seeking help. that’s a really important step.  with something like chronic anxiety, i think it takes both a combination of medication and therapy, and it’s not easy to fix. so don’t get impatient, you’re on the right track.  i’m not sure if you’re getting therapy, but i do think that’s important because the meds don’t always fix everything (that’s just my opinion and i’m not a doctor, so take with a big hunking grain of salt).

i hope things get better for you. take care!

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I don’t know what kind of anxiety you have, but I used to have panic attacks that left me curled up on the floor for hours and have been completely cured with a very low dose of Ativan. Finishing grad school might have helped too…

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Sweetheart, I know exactly how you feel! About two years ago my anxiety started to kick in really badly, not being able to sleep, worry about everything, sometimes getting so worried that I couldn’t breathe, not liking the job. From reading your situation, I think I know pretty close to how you feel (of course it is different for everyone!) I would suggest definitely stick with the counseling for a little while. At first it may not seem to be working but if you like your counselor and you really try to let him/her help and be honest about everything, you will see changes. Ironically, at the time I was seeing someone, I am also in school to be a counselor, so knowing both sides of the situation, I know it does help! As far as the Paxil, I don’t know much about it. I take something else but if you don’t feel that it is working for you (and it takes a couple of weeks to really kick in) and you feel you want to take something definitely talk to your doctor cause there are so many different anxiety meds it crazy!

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I had good luck with Lexapro, and an ativan for immediate panic; it’s easier to prevent one, than to try and stop one.

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SweetheartDealer, I give you a lot of applause for working so hard to manage your anxiety. One thing I would suggest is to see a psychiatrist, if you’re not already doing so.  Regular GP doctors are obviously qualified to dispense psychiatric medication, but if you’re concerned about side effects and interactions with other medications, it is really important to see a doctor who specializes in this specificially.  So, if you can, try to get a referral to a psychiatrist and keep at it with the therapy!

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I had my first anxiety/ panic attack two weeks ago and it was the worst experience of my life. Things have calmed down since them but I’m so afraid it will come back! I’d never had one before So i’m hoping it was just a one time thing.

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You will find scary stories about every drug if you look hard enough! Medication as an adjunct to therapy can definitely help in the long term. The sleep issue is the most pressing, because insomnia, anxiety, and depression feed off one another. If you can impact one of these three, you can benefit the other two.

I have a rather pervasive sense of anxiety. Some of the best luck I have had in controlling these symptoms in myself is to accept the way I am feeling. So if you are anxious and can’t sleep, there is no need to tell yourself you are being irrational, because doing so might be analogous to saying “There’s no good reason for me feeling this way, so stop it.” If telling yourself to snap out of it worked, then we wouldn’t all have these problems. Instead, I say to myself “I am feeling anxious or sleepless.” Then I rate how anxious or sleepy on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the worst). Then I say, “Okay, it’s alright that I am a 9 on anxiety right now. I accept it, and it is okay.” By giving yourself permission to be as anxious or sleepless as you are, you take away your anxiety about the anxiety and insomnia. Your anxiety decreases, and you might be able to say, “Okay, it is only a 7 now.”

Anxiety is really scary, but being scared of the anxiety is some of the worst anxiety. If you look back at all the anxious times in your life, you will see that you have always lived through them. 🙂 So I would tackle the anxiety about the anxiety first. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I have GAD, and have been on anti-anxiety drugs for three and a half years. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years and saw numerous therapists before I finally decided to try an SSRI (Celexa, the ‘old and busted’ version of Lexapro– it was covered by my insurance). I felt it was a last resort, and I was embarrassed about it.

These kinds of drugs take between 4 and 8 weeks to become fully activated, so I knew it would take a while to work. Sure enough, at 4 weeks I started to feel “normal,” then good. I started sleeping well and not having panic attacks daily. I didn’t have any onset side effects with the Celexa, and I saw my therapist until I felt well enough to continue without her. It was AMAZING how well the drug worked. I didn’t feel “wrong” at all, I felt like myself… only functional, happy, and normal!

I did experience SOME side effects while on Celexa. First, strong morning fatigue. It was pleasant, but I was SUPER sleepy and couldn’t wake up so I became chronically late… but I wasn’t anxious about it. I also had issues with my libido. At the point I started to find sex gross, I decided to wean off the drug and assess my mental state. It had been three years this spring, and I wanted to do a mental “status check.”

A while after I weaned off (probably when the drug cleared my system), I started to again become anxious. I started on Wellbutrin, which is more for depression than anxiety, but is not an SSRI– it works on norepinephrine and dopamine. Wellbutrin is known for it’s stimulant effect: it increases energy, increases libido, and facilitates weight loss.

Those are all good things, right? I’ve experienced all of them (down 10 lbs so far!) but I also had every onset side effect in the book (sleep disturbances, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, etc  etc) including increased anxiety. Like MAJORLY increased… we’re talking crazy town. I stuck it out, and I generally like the drug, but can honestly say it doesn’t work well for anxiety.

I’ve recently started seeing a therapist again and I’m using a combination of Lexapro (the “new hotness” version of Celexa, lower dose for better effects and fewer side effects, but more expensive) with the Wellbutrin. I guess combination therapy decreases the lethargy and low libido, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

But it’s clear to me I can’t function normally without being on an SSRI. It’s still hard to talk about, because I think medication IS overprescribed. But I guess if I had diabetes, I wouldn’t be ashamed of my insulin. I’m thankful that something works, because after weaning off my medication it became starkly apparent to me just HOW terrible and abnormal I felt when I was unmedicated vs medicated.

In the meanwhile, my psych wrote me a scrip for Xanax, which is a wonderful drug (hence why it’s so often abused). It really, really works to get rid of anxiety and can do wonders for sleep. I take .25mg late in the day when my anxiety peaks, and I get the best night’s sleep ever. (Nothing I need when the SSRI is functioning… still waiting for it to kick back in, I’m on week two.)

Anyway, I wrote a novel, but I thought you might find my experience helpful. PM me if you have any questions or want to talk. Good luck!

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I’m a pretty stressed out person in general I think and I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago.  I know its more serious that just some excercise and this is going to sound cheesy, but doing yoga helps me manage stress and helped me get through the periods when my anxiety was at its worst so much – not that I always do it these days but I should b/c it really helps.  Even just doing the breathing they teach you.

Tonight I tried a pilates class – my first ever and it chilled me out just like yoga does. 


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