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I would suggest getting a few different brands of bottles.  From what I hear, most people with gassy/colicky/otherwise finnicky babies prefer Dr Brown’s.

We use Parent’s Choice, the Wal Mart brand, and Dirty Delete has had no issues taking a bottle or having excess gas.  We just got lucky, it has nothing to do with the bottle.

She does specifically prefer the Nuk pacifiers though (they are flat on one side) and we have tried several different kinds to no avail.

We also use Medela bottles but the Parent’s Choice nipples (they are slow-flow… the medela nipples were apparently too fast for her and she kept choking).

I have an Ameda breast pump and can use any standard bottle on the attachment.  The Ameda ones that came with it, the Medela ones, and the Parent’s Choice bottles all fit with no problems.

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@megz06:  I didn’t breastfeed so my only advice I can offer you is that when it comes to nipples and pacifiers, a lot of what your baby will use will probably depend on your baby. You could get a baby like mine who will take anything and be fine. (we have two different types of pacifiers floating around the house somewhere andhe takes either with 0 problem. Always has) or you could get a more particular baby who will take to one type of nipple, and one type of pacifier. They may or may not be from the same brand. 

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@megz06:  My siblings didn’t use specific brands or even consider this with my nieces and nephews. They just used whatever they received as gifts or happened to buy. I’ve never had any issues when I’ve baby-sat them – they will take whatever. Maybe that is just them, but I was also a nanny before and again, no issues.

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I used Avent bottles both times(loved them) and different brand pacifiers (Nuk). My daughter did not like the shape of Avents (and my son is a thumb sucker)I think with other brands of bottles the paciiers are more similar to the shape of the bottle nipples but that is not the case with Avent. And sorry, no idea about the pump 🙂

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@megz06:  The caps can be interchangeable, but not like, the nipples in different caps.  I don’t think I’m making sense…

So, the Medela bottles have a yellow screw-on cap and a nipple that pops in and out of it.  I can use the medela bottle with the Parent’s Choice screw-on cap and the Parent’s Choice nipple, but not the Medela screw on cap with the PC nipple.  Does that make sense?


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@megz06:  I have read a few different articles online from lactation consultants that say no bottle mimicks a nipple, despite the claim.  THey’ve also said that bottle brand doesn’t matter when it comes to nipple confusion – it will vary baby to baby.  None that I’ve read have made recommendations on any on bottle brand.  Not sure if that helps you or confuses you more.

My advice that I’ve gotten from reading and from other moms, is to just get a few bottles in a few different brands to start.  Once you know what baby likes you can get more of that brand.

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From what I’ve heard, the biggest variable it will depend on is your baby, their preferences and how picky they are. When my niece was born, one of my sister’s friends gave her a box of about 15-20 “rejected” pacifiers that she had tried out and her baby had refused, before finally finding the (apparently) one and only acceptable one (for that baby, anyhow). My sister tried a bunch of them and found that her baby was also fairly picky and would only take a couple of them. Not every baby is so finicky, but some of them can be.

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At the risk of seeming like I’m trying to make this into a debate…I don’t see the point of trying to match brands since a paci mouthpiece isn’t like a nipple.

My son is now 5.5 months, and still won’t take a paci. Eh. Sometimes they just won’t. I’d be prepared to try different brands and see what your babe likes.

I use the Lansinoh MoMma bottles, as recommended by a lactation consultant. It works well for us. That could be purely luck, though – I think the latest research I saw says there isn’t a real difference from bottle to bottle, it’s a matter of what your baby will tolerate. I assume you’re planning to breastfeed as well? Look into paced bottle feeding and use slow-flow nipples – these two things also help ensure a baby doesn’t develop a bottle preference. I got the MoMma at Babies R Us, but they’re also available on Amazon. Anything’s available on Amazon – Lord love Amazon Prime!!!!

kellymom.com has a ton of great resources on breastfeeding, paced bottle feeding, etc.

I got a Lansinoh Affinity Pro free through insurance. It’s…ok. I ended up borrowing a friend’s Medela Pump In Style Advanced when I felt like my supply was taking a dip (this is probably because I got my period back). I like the Medela much better – it’s easier to use and sturdier. I can’t say for sure I am getting better output, though.

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From my gatherings, its best to not fixate on one type of bottle. Baby’s can oftentimes be picky about them! My best friends baby hated Avent bottles, she used Playtex Ventaire.

I also wouldn’t worry about matching the paci’s.. they’re really mostly the same.. some have a flat edge some are completely round, and baby will decide which he/she likes best so have both. Ps: I’ve never heard this about matching bottles to pacifiers…

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been in a bottle crisis (lol) is some bottles IE: dr brown, medela, playtex ventaire standard, have a very small nipple base… other bottles like Avent, Playtex Nurser Drop In, Playtex Ventaire Wide, I think Dr. Brown also makes a wide, and Nuk bottles all have a wide nipple base. To me the wide nipple seems more like a breast because your breast is vulumptious and baby is use to his/her face being close to this. Thats my opinion.

I dont personally believe in nipple confusion. Bottle feeding is SO MUCH easier for a baby then breastfeeding… it takes a lot of energy for baby to eat that’s why they sleep so much. So I honestly think that baby gets wind of a bottle and see’s its easier to eat and might take prefrence over that. Otherwise, some babies you may notice take a longer time to Boyfriend or Best Friend because they take breaks. My brothers were notoriously long eaters because they would stop eating and totally unlatch and start laughing and smiling or whatever. Some baby’s will just do that and take their time breastfeeding.

As far as breast pumps, I would find one that works best for you. Check with your insurance also if you’re planning to use them to pay for it. I think Medela is probably the most well known and talked about pump… as far as pumps and bottes go, a lot of the pumps will work with many bottle types, or there is an adapter that can be used to make it work. That is something to think about when purchasing a pump, is how many different kind of bottles can you pump into. Also, the medela pump offers an adapter piece that allows you to pump right into storage bags, which is convenient because you’re not always dirtying a bottle just to dump milk into a bag. (I would like to freeze/refridgerate milk so this is something important to me) Typically most people won’t have 5 bottles of milk sitting in the fridge, you will have it in a storage bag… so finding a way to pump directly into a storage bag can be an extra big convenience.


Hope this was helpful! :]

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I wouldn’t worry about brand matching. In my (limited) experience, it’s more about what the baby gets used to. I use Avent bottles (natural newborn) and pacifiers and also breastfeed both of my twins, and they take them just fine–no nipple confusion. They were started on bottles by the midwives at the hospital whilst in the NICU just 4 days after birth because of weight gain issues, but I’ve never had any problem with that interfering with breastfeeding because I think my girls prefer the boob. 🙂 I’ve since tried to branch out and get some of the more BF-friendly stuff like the soothies, but they’be been rejected outright, so I think it boils down to them rejecting the stuff they’re not used to. They won’t take other bottles or pacifiers without a fuss… So maybe just be prepared to stick with whatever you pick out? 

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@megz06:  From what lots of mommies have told me, the best way to avoid nipple confusion is to have the baby breastfeed for at least 6 weeks with NO bottles and NO pacis. Get him/her VERY used to breastfeeding first, because bottle feeding is generally WAY easier for them, so they’ll prefer bottles if you introduce them too early and get really frustrated when your boobs aren’t as easy. 

My nephew was in the NICU for 3 days and the nurses there don’t care if you don’t want to give the baby a pacifier because they just don’t have enough people to comfort all the babies. Also, since he couldn’t be picked up for the first two days, breastfeeding was out of the question. Guess who had a TERRIBLE time breastfeeding? Yup… my sister. It was torture and I’m sure it’s because he got used to the bottle. No offense to the amazing nurses– they did what they needed to for him to get healthy, but man…. it was ROUGH on my sister. 

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@MexiPino:  The Catch-22 on that is that if you wait too long (which depends on the baby), they may not take a bottle at all. Hence why I haven’t left my child for more than 5 hours in the last 10.5 months…

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