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  • poll: If you had a boy, would you circumcise?
    Yes - for religious reasons : (52 votes)
    15 %
    Yes - want him to "fit in" with the other boys : (113 votes)
    32 %
    No - for religious reasons : (0 votes)
    No - want to leave my son natural : (108 votes)
    31 %
    I would let my husband decide since he has the same "equipment". : (76 votes)
    22 %
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    Yes for health reason. My fiancé says it’s easier to keep clean (sorry if it’s TMI) with a circumcision where as uncircumcised have to make sure to clean well.

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    Until a few days ago, I didn’t have much of an opinion figured I’d leave it up do Darling Husband to decide since he’s the one that might have a better perspective on the whole thing until we were having a discussion in class. I’m an Early Childhood Education major and someone in class asked how he address the issues of kids asking about their private parts. Some thought kids don’t notice it, others said it did. To give the class an example that the kids DO notice, she told the story of a little 3 year old boy who she was taking to the bathroom. As she was taking him over, he asked her if she was going to laugh at him. Apparently other kids had been laughing at him because he was not circumsized. And he was only 3! So now I definitely would prefer having him circumsized, though I’d still leave the final decision up to Darling Husband.

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    @abbyful: Since I’m the queen of Too Much Information on this thread, I’ll go ahead and answer.  You know how armpits and thigh creases get really gross because air can’t get it there and wick away sweat and bacteria?  Yeah.  It’s not something I noticed during intercourse, but oral was frankly unpleasant unless he had showered within a few hours.  So I’m pretty glad that Fiance is circumcised, and I just asked him, and he agrees that he doesn’t resent not being given a choice, and that we are definitely circumcising our son.

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    @abbyful: No matter how freshly showered he was, it always had a distinctive “musky” smell down there that I’ve never encountered with any other guy. So it was something specifically phsyical – not just bad memories of a failed relationship.

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    This has been quite the discussion in our house since our little boy is due in 10 weeks.  My husband wants to decide because he’s the dad, but we are both somewhat on opposite sides of the issue at the moment.  I’ll be back here once we decide!

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    I’ve had 3 boys and they are all uncut.

    they have never been teased. they know how to clean. and I’d rather have them avoid STD’s by being safe than cutting off a part of their penis. (btw that study was flawed and should not be used for reference)

    Unnecessary, risky surgery to avoid the above reasons? Nope…

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    Yes for all of the above. My culture, tradition, health, hygiene, fitting in, and it’s what his father has done and believes. The first time DH and I discussed this was when the question came up on WB few months ago. Both of us were on the same page, as in it’s a no brainer, of course we will.

    I have to caution, that thread turned nasty with some trolls jumping in. I think someone had put a link to it on a anti-circumsition website where people felt REALLY strongly against it.

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    I’ve talked about this with Fiance and we both think that uncircumcised is the way to go and that circumcision is unnessesary. Just our opinon though 🙂

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    If I had a son, I would not choose to circ. My Fiance is uncut and he has no regrets. He has never once in his life wished his parents had chosen to do it. He was taught how to keep it clean, and he does. And he reports never having been teased about it either. And to be honest, the first few times I was intimate with him I didnt even notice because they pretty much all look the same to me while they are erect. Oral does not gross me out, and frankly I have encountered a few “nastier” areas with guys who were circumcised. I’ve also seen some funky circ jobs with jagged scar tissue and little overhang edges. That’s not really very attractive either. And one guy told me the scar tissue was so tight around his “head” that sometimes it was even uncomfortable when he got aroused.

    Also I think it’s cruel and unecessary. There is no medical need. I used to not really care and think “oh I’ll do it just because it’s what you do”. But then I actually saw some circs done as a nurse and I was horrified. I went into it thinking it’s just a little snip snip, hardly any blood. Um no. There is quite a bit of blood, it takes much longer than you’d think and there is a lot of pushing back of adhesions and cutting (think of putting a scalpel down your fingernail bed under you nail and cutting your nail off) The babies screamed their heads off and I decided then (before I had even met FI) I would not do that to any future son.

    It’s a personal choice and I understand everyone has different reasons, but for me personally, it’s a definite no.

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    Less do it now, so they will ‘fit in’ better if you don’t do it.

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    I totally agree! I realize that some do this for religious purposes so that can be understandable with their situation. However, I have read up on this heavily and now know that their isn’t any true purpose that it can serve for the human body. Boys don’t have a stronger protection from STD’s, condom use and sexual education does that part. Boys loose quite a bit of feeling and it goes beyond just skin. Its purpose for cleanliness isn’t valid. As long as a parent learns how to clean their child as a baby and teach him how to clean himself then the job is done.

    I think the main reason why people do it is to fit in with others and to avoid teasing in school. Think about it! You are cutting your child to avoid teasing from other children.

    I learned about a case where a boy had been severely cut and the doctors chose to remove the organ and have the parents raise him as a girl. He suffered severely because deep down he knew there was something wrong. I mean I know this doesn’t happen often but essentially its meaningless. ( Unless its religious and therefore I understand some need to have a procedure done of this nature).

    The story


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    We would not circumcize. 

    My husband’s family is European but him and his brothers were raised here.  No one made fun of his ‘intact package’ and it’s not like there’s huge infection rates or higher STD transmission rates over in Europe.  It’s probably one thing if you’re walking around in the dessert for 40 years to consider hygenic reasons but nowadays I think the hygeine reason is a bit misguided, especially since there’s probably around the same risk of infection for doing the circumcision procedure itself. 

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    I asked my husband about this yesterday, and his response was, “I don’t know, does it even matter?”

    So there’s one guy’s perspective for you, hahaha.

    I’m guessing we’ll do whatever our doctor advises when/if we have a son.

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    We’re Jewish, so we will be doing it if we have a boy.

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