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@KIKI25:  I counted calories before I got pregnant, so I found some great healthy snacks like popcorn, nuts (almonds, cashews), and fruit.

If you like to eat pasta and can keep it down, I suggest adding veggies to it to make it healthier. Do you like chicken? I don’t know if it is something you can keep down, but it is worth a try. I just try to add fruits and veggies to anything I can, but I was fortunate enough to not having morning sickness.

My appetite just came back this week where I was hungry because that’s been my problem. I eat yogurt for breakfast with orange juice and string cheese. Alltogether it sounds horrible, but it is a great breakfast. I get calcium from the orange juice and string cheese and lots of helpful stuff from the yogurt.

Sorry this post is all over. I am adding things as they come to me. I know it is hard, but as long as you are taking your prenatals your baby will be ok. When you can eat healthy, do that, but if you can’t and pasta is the only thing you can keep down then eat pasta. It’s ok, and perhaps ask your doctor at your next appointment what foods you could eat to help you out as well.

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Well, I’m not pregnant (yet, we’re trying) but I’m into healthy eating (nothing trendy, just lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains). And I love pasta! Are you doing ok with sauce? I like to saute or puree veggies and add them to sauce to make it healthier. Squash and/or pumpkin and spinach or tomatoes go great in cheese sauce (like for mac and cheese). Cauliflower goes well with alfredo sauce, as does pumpkin. You can blend frozen cauliflower with a little hot water in a food processor and then saute it and add it to the sauce, I also add onions and green peas and bits of ham or bacon, it’s really good. Chopped broccoli and spinach or kale is good in marinara sauce. I also like to make smoothies with fruit and yogurt. You can use Greek yogurt to get in more protein. Maybe drinking something as opposed to eating it would help it go down easier? Good luck to you and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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My doctor told me that when I’m experiencing “morning sickness” to just eat what I can-which may be noodles and butter with apple juice every day for a week. When I began feeling better, I was able to go back to a healthy eating routine. The baby needs so little in the first trimester that not having a balanced diet isn’t the worst thing in the world, just keep taking the prenatal vitamins and when you can stomach it, eat healthy. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever!

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Sometimes there isn’t much you can do in the first trimester…except eat what sounds good to you and what you can keep down.  I couldn’t even look at vegetables, for instance, and fruit was pretty hit or miss.  If it didn’t have lots of carbs or fat I would probably throw it up.  I don’t think you need to worry too much unless you are losing too much weight or can’t keep down your vitamins.  The baby really doesn’t need much early on, and what it needs it can take from you.

My MS and strong aversions didn’t go away until about 15-16 weeks even though I think most women are better after 14 weeks.  I’m 18 weeks and I still get some sickness maybe once a week.

Now I am finally back to eating healthier (I have smoothies every day and have been able to eat salads again).  You could try eating more healthy carbs like whole grain pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, etc. and fruit if you can keep it down.

Hopefully it will get better though in the coming weeks.

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I hard-core calorie counted before getting my BFP. In my first tri and the beginning part of the second, I ate like a child. Mac & cheese, grilled cheese, burgers/fries, corn dogs (veggies sounded totally gross). Literally, whatever I could keep down or whatever sounded good at the moment. All too often nothing even sounded good. I’m getting better about it at 20 weeks and can eat salads once in a while again, but just make sure I’m taking my prenatals and eat a substantial and healthy breakfast.

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I’ll be honest… in my first trimester, I ate nothing but french fries and other fried things. I threw up everything. I took Zofran, but my food aversions were so strong that all veggies were repulsive– and I’m vegan. 

Second trimester got a little better, but I was still super sick. I tried to focus on protein and eating a few vegetables each day. 

Third trimester, I’m still sick, but my food aversions have pretty much dissipated. Now I can eat salads, apples and other stuff, and I’m paying a lot closer attention to what I’m eating. I also drink soymilk with DHA in it daily because the vegan pills make me sick. 

As long as I took/take my prenatal vitamin, I feel okay. My OB says we’re doing well and to just keep on doing what we’re doing. 


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@KIKI25:  Just do the best you can. My current motto is if it sounds good i’ll eat it. I try really hard to keep quick easy snacks around. I carry trail mix or almonds in my purse at all times (sometimes both), I also like the Go-Go Apple Sauces, they don’t require a spoon & are super easy to suck down when driving or at 3am when you wake up hungry. For a couple of weeks I was into smoothies, so I had that once a day (1 peach, a vanilla yogurt, and some frozen berries with a splash of orange juice was my go to smoothie). Now that I’ve hit week 20 my appetite has ramped up and I’ve been LOVING baby carrots. I will sit on the couch and munch on them. (I read somewhere that craving carrots could mean your iron levels are low, we shall see.)

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So far I am pretty much on a carb diet which is making me extremely bloated and irritated but, not a lot I can do about it. As far as healthy foods I’ve been able to manage (or at least, healthy on the spectrum of a diet of mostly carbs). Beans and brown rice, or any wheat pasta etc. I’ve been eating whole wheat eggo’s with peanut butter for breakfast, rice cakes, fruit like clementines and apples (I heard oranges and OJ are good during the first tri). Greek yogurt, particularly vanilla or honey. The tart stuff seems to sit well with me for some reason. Multi Grain cheerioes with low fat milk have also been pretty decent.

I’m hoping that once I get out of this first few weeks I’ll be able to go back to a more normal salads and lean protein etc diet.

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I found that in addition to carbohydrates, I could eat healthy if I chose softer meats and vegetables. For example, I could manage a bean/rice/stewed pork and veggie burrito much easier than a steak and green beans. Digestion while pregnant slows down, so you will have to be careful to get enough fiber, but eating softer foods can help ease digestive discomfort. Soup is great (and healthy!) as are stews and pastas with veggie-rich sauces.

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