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I understand completely. 

When my step mother was ill, someone posted on my sister’s facebook page “sorry for your loss, thinking of you”. This caused me to call all of my family members in a panic, thinking I had not been notified that my step mom had passed, and was finding out via facebook, from a friend of my sisters, and not through my family. Thankfully he was wrong (she did pass the next day though, so it was a weird preminition on his side), but it abousultly freaked me out. I told my sister about this, and she had words with her friend afterwards, because of the stress he caused.

I think people like to be “on top” of information, and espeically with status like “Prayers and thoughts to so and so”, so they’re vauge enough that they show they know information you don’t. It’s like people are almost proud of the fact they know something before anyone else. I would never, ever post on someone’s facebook, or my own, about an illness or an injury or a pregnancy or anything like that, without them posting before. It’s so wrong for people to do that, and to cause stress about something, or sadness that they’re finding out via facebook instead of from the mouth of their daugther/son/mother/best friend, whatever.

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I think people forget that no one really NEEDS to know some of that information about you.  hey don’t need to know what you are eating, what color of poop your kid had, that you just updated your twitter, or that you just worked out (although if you need the support from your friends to keep you going, I’m not mad at that).


It’s like word vomit.  From everyone you know…. just continual word vomit.  My cousin one time posted a picture of her going to the bathroom.  Seriously who even goes to the bathroom and thinks “wow I look good right now, I think I’ll take a pic for Facebook”


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Oh and a humorous anectdote (although I didn’t find it funny at the time):


Years ago I had a promotion at work and was super excited about it.  I didn’t want to just post “I’m getting promoted tomorrow!!” because I didn’t want to jinx it.  Well I put my status as “I have a really fantastic secret I’ll tell everyone tomorrow!!”


My cousin, without asking for clarification from me at all, assumed I was pregnant.  She went and told all my aunts and uncles and cousins that I was pregnant.  They took it on her authority and everyone started calling me.  Some were really mad that I didn’t tell them I was pregnant.  Some argued with me that “the cat is out of the bag you don’t need to keep pretending you are not pregnant, just tell me you are!” and some even sent me baby related gifts.  Not one. single. person called to verify if it was true or not. 


Don’t post obscure status updates unless you’re prepared for the consequences.  I learned that lesson the hard way, lol.

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@BartenderPlease:  Should Facebook Etiquette 101 be required in 6th grade or something? 

HA! I think I gave that class a few years back when I taught technology to 1st through 8th graders. Or, more like, “How NOT To Be An Idiot/Lose Your Job Via Facebook.” Seriously, though, how is most of this not common sense to people? Who wants to live this publically?

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I’m pretty sure this isn’t specific to the Chinese culture, but it’s heavily practiced – the pregnancy is not announced to anybody until after the first trimester because of the high risk involved. these people would do well to follow that.

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@strawbs:  I think most people follow the first trimester rule of thumb, just in case.

People need to be taught common sense.  Before oversharing on facebook existed, there were still blabbermouths who couldn’t keep secrets, or never learned how.  Now they have a new way to spread gossip.

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@BartenderPlease:  Should Facebook Etiquette 101 be required in 6th grade or something?  Or a “Privacy and Boundaries” lesson be added in to health class curriculums?

See we say that maybe as a joke, but it totally should (I’m not joking), we reached a place where kids should be teached how to properly use internet (social networks included), they should tell them what is right and wrong and not just tell them to stay away from creeps. I have so many Dbags on my FB it’s annoying (I know, I know I should defriend them), grown up people who act like lame teenagers, is worrysome really.

@lanalnoco:  That is awesome. I’d pay you to give that class to my siblings, cna you speak spanish?

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I have no interest in Facebook or Twitter

It is all soooo juevenile / High School (perhaps even Elementary School) from what I’ve seen… with everyone sticking their nose in everyone else’s business

Squabbles – Tiffs – Family Fights / Feuds – Indignation – and Drama

Nope I’m just a good old fashioned gal who keeps personal things to myself (and also respects other people’s privacy).  I only tell “my stuff” to Family & Friends when I choose (not when someone else does)

Sadly, “the boundaries” (and I mean all kinds of social boundaries) have gone out the window in recent years

There are good reasons for Etiquette… sadly folks don’t figure that out, until they tend to be on the “receiving end” of something that happens in bad form

And by then, it can be a much harder lesson to learn.


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@BartenderPlease:  Ugh! Fiance has this FB friend who was murdered two years ago, people still write on his wall. I know it’s a way to feel close to him, but it’s.. creepy? I don’t know, I think if I were close to him I’d find a way to hack his account and close it, especially because of the “everyone likes you after you die” phenomenon.

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I too have saw photos of people going to the bathroom.

And 2 girls that I know or know of have posted photos of their babie who passed away during delivery.

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I would think a class would be helpful. 

HOWEVER people are idiots.  My mom died before FB/Myspace etc were even around.  My brother was away at school and a friend of our neighbors, found out that my mom passed away before we could GET TO MY brother (to let him know, in person) and that stupid witch called EVERYONE of my brother’s friends to tell them.  Thank gosh he was at an all day keggar and no one reached him before we got there. (not the greatest reason he didn’t find out from a friend vs. his family but we took it)

Yeah stuipid idiots were around to blab shit that’s none of there business before FB and those people will be around long after.


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I really, really wish it was taught. I am on the receiving end of FB diahrrea constantly. Right now there’s a dbag on my FB making Hurricane Sandy “Grease” references, and the one I posted yesterday about the chick’s “online baby shower.”

I can’t defriend them because they just friend me back, or act all butthurt about it to my mom.

There needs to be some sort of punch or perhaps slap option next to that “Like” button. I’d even settle for a  “SMH” most days….

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