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I think you are reading too much into this. Maybe they are just being helpful, and if they have the money to spend (which it sounds like they do), they just want their son to be able to have a nice wedding also. It’s not uncommon for the groom’s family to contribute. My friend’s parents in law booted the bill for their son’s wedding completely.

I am sort of in the opposite situation of you. My Fiance is the one who comes from a family with more money problems than mine. They are more affected by the economy and cut backs in job than mine are (who are self empoyed and NOT in a big city like us). Try not to see yourself as a burden, though! Or take the prenup personally. It’s a relatively common thing when you’re mixing families of finances and/or debt is involved, but I"m sorry you’re in that situation to begin with. I highly doubt your Fiance and his family think of you and your family as a burden though!!! That’s a horrible thing to think–maybe you can have a talk with your Fiance about it and the money can be smoothed over a little. Maybe you can scale back the wedding a little and help pay off your debt (my mom married my dad with 5K in credit card debts 25 years ago, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with it forever! just keep chipping away) It sounds like you’re having a lousy couple of weeks that are culimating. Does your Fi’s family treat you weird or anything like that? I hope everything pans out

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I can’t really tell what you are upset about.  Are you angry they are helping with the wedding or are you angry they didn’t help sooner or are you angry they aren’t helping more?

If his parents were going by tradition, it’s the bride’s family that pays for the bulk of the wedding, with the groom’s family covering the Rehearsal Dinner and a few other things (transportation maybe?).

I think it’s nice of them to contribute, so I can’t understand why you’re mad at them for being generous.  Why question their motives?  Can’t they just want to help their son have a great wedding?

Also, I don’t think it’s weird that they gave the money to their son.  What were they supposed to do- invite you both over and make a big show of giving you both the money?  

My parents and my ILs gave us money for the wedding.  My parents wrote a check to me, my ILs wrote a check to my husband.  I didn’t realize that was cause for taking offense.

I think you need to chill out about this and just be grateful for the help.

As for feeling like a burden- if that’s the case, then scale back on the wedding.  It doesn’t sound like you or your parents are a place that makes laying out lots of money a good idea.  

As for the prenup- if your dad put debt in your name (which doesn’t sound like fiscally sound thing for a parent to do to a child) then I think your Fiance is right to have a prenup.  Not just in the case of if you divorce (so he wouldn’t be saddled with your family’s debt) but also in the case that your father defaults on his debt and the loan holders come to collect (the prenup may help you both if it protects your FI’s $ from being taken to cover your/your father’s debt). 

I think the biggest cause for concern is the debt your dad put in your name.  When you marry, you become resonsible for each other’s financial well being. It sounds like your financial well being is already in jeopardy because your dad is in trouble and used your name for his debts.  If I was your Fiance, I would be seriously worried about what would happen if your dad defaulted on those loans- it could ruin your credit, hurt your FIs credit, and make getting car loans and mortgages impossible.

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If you feel like your fiance is only watching out for himself and not the both of you, then you guys should really talk about this.  What more do you think he could be doing to reassure you of the fact that his actions will benefit the both of you and not just him?  Do you want him to clarify what could or could not happen based on the stipulations of the prenup so you understand it better?  If you’re not 100% convinced, talk it out until you are and consult a lawyer if needed.

On the other hand, I can understand your Fiance being worried, if he has worked really hard and spent many years building up his good credit, he wants to make sure that it stays intact.  It’s not fair to him that your dad’s debt might adversely affect that.


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