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Bumble bee
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Your an inch off I say close enough. Just wear heels all the time and youll alwasy be taller. I think being that you arent tall really to find a guy shorter isnt easy and really shouldnt be a relationship killer.

Edit: I thought you wanted to be taller. I still think your close dont worry about it.

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Busy bee
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I’m 5’11” and I’ve dated tall guys and short guys. It sounds superficial but I honestly always felt better dating taller guys — something about being with a shorter dude made me feel gigantic. 🙁 If it’s something you can overlook (and he is taller than you!) I’d go for it, but don’t feel bad if you just can’t do it.

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Helper bee
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I’m 5’10” and my fiance is 5’9″.  I wear flats all the time as I have never been a fan of wearing heels anyway.  I call him my shorty and actually when he wears shoes and I wear flats, we are basically the same height!  He loves that I’m a little taller

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Sugar bee
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@msdragon:  I agree that I prefer taller guys. It makes me feel more feminine around them. In the end it’s about you and what you’re comfortable with.

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Busy bee

I’ve always prefered taller guys. My Fiance is only 5’7 and i’m close to 5’8. I’ve always loved wearing heels, but have started wearing shorter shoes for both of us.

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Helper bee
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I am taller, I am 5’10 he is about 5’9 (probably a little less, but that’s what he says).  I don’t often wear heels nowadays, but when I worked in a corporate job and had those 3 inch heels on everyday he loved it.  I don’t mind being a little taller, not one bit!

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Sugar bee
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I’m 5’9″ and my husband is 5’8″. I wish I were shorter. Not just because I married someone shorter but because being tall has always made me feel like less of a lady/not as feminine. It sucks. But in the end it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t trade my guy for anything.

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Busy bee
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I’ve never dated a guy shorter than me, but…I’m 5’3, lol, so that’s pretty hard to find. My husband is 6’3 so there’s a noticable height difference between us which can get weird because I feel SO TINY next to him but oh well. 

But 2 of my best friends are dating guys shorter than them! One is 5’10 with a boyfriend who is 5’8, and the other is 5’11 with a boyfriend who is 5’6 or 5’7. The second one (the one that is 5’11) always wanted to date a taller guy, but when she met her current Boyfriend or Best Friend she fell so deeply in love that height just didn’t matter anymore! Now they just joke about it, lol. Nobody else really makes jokes about it, though…

but yeah. Taller ladies dating shorter guys isn’t unheard of. And if it’s a dealbreaker, a lot of guys ARE over 5’7. (Most guys I’ve dated are 6ft and over, 3 of them including my husband being 6’3 and over) I wouldn’t write it off just based on height, though…give him a chance if you really like him! 

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Honey bee
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I’m not bothered about height.  I’ve dated guys 5’5 (my height) all the way up to 6’8.  When I was with the shorter guys I was careful to not wear heels, one was very particular about it and would get agitated if I was taller than him.  SO is 5’9 so I can get away with a small heel, but to be honest it doesn’t bother me if I’m slightly taller than him sometimes.

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Helper bee
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I am 5’9″ and my Fiance is somewhere between 5’11” and 6 ft depending on the day. I like that he is a little taller than me, but on the day of the wedding I’m wearing heels so we’ll be about the same height and we’re taller than everyone in our family, so it will be like the walk of the giants! which makes me self conscious more than I already am about my height. 

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Honey Beekeeper

I’m 5’11”, and I always thought it was hard to find a guy who was “tall enough” for me. I always meant in a “this is what my dream guy would look like” way, not a dealbreaker way. I’m lucky in that my husband is 6’2″, so I didn’t actually have to worry about the height thing.

I’d never totally write someone off based on height, but I’ll be superficial for a minute and admit that as a tall girl, I’m much more comfortable with a guy who is at least pretty close to my height. I have some guy friends who I tower over, and I’ll admit that it makes me feel like a giant sometimes, and when it comes to your SO, that’s not always the best feeling.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m 6’1″, which makes me 3 1/2 inches taller than the average guy. While it doesn’t bother me when i’m taller than a guy, it usually bothers them. It was a big weeding out process for me. I met my husband online (we are the exact same height) and a lot of the guys I went out with online before him lied about their height. It’s like “Ummmm if you say you are 6’0″ and I can see over the top of your head….you are obviously insecure enough about this to lie, so this isn’t going to work out”.

Do what you feel comfortable doing.

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Busy bee
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I”m 5’11, so my whole dating life has been filled with this question.  I have dated shorter guys and guys my height, and admit I felt awkward being taller.  I wish I didn’t, but I would slouch and stoop over and try to look smaller.  LOL!  Totally a valid thing to think about, but don’t let it keep you from someone great if you align in other ways.  I did have a few exes that were my height and over time I didn’t notice it as much.

My awesome SO is taller than me, and actually almost didn’t ask me out b/c I’m so tall and he used to like short girls!  🙂  Thank goodness he got over that!



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Blushing bee
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Hey there, I’m 5″9 1/2 and Fiance is 5″9. So we are basically the same height but when I wear heals, and I do, I’m taller than him. The difference is that I’ve always loved and embraced my height and as a result, I’ve almost only dated guys my height of shorter. I started modelling when I was 15 so I’ve always been in a circle of close firends that are taller than the average, and this issue is a non-issue for most of my friends as well. It’s just not important to me, and I my Fiance has almost only dated girls his height-taller or just a tad shorter. So we’re a good fit! I think there is something beautiful about a tall, elegant woman, eye to eye with a man! 

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