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NEVER use those products. They do way more harm than good. It’s a quick fix that leaves your body’s system completely thrown off & confused. Here’s the trick to losing weight:

1. NO processed sugars (candies, sodas etc)

2. NO animal products – yogurts, cheeses, heavy pieces of meat, 

3. Only all organic fruits & vegetables

4. Take walks or swims

5. Incorporate olive oils & cayenne pepper for added flavor as they are amazing for you

It really doesn’t take much to lose weight if you eat right. it’s all those processed foods that get us into trouble

here’s what we should live by::: If Man Made It, Don’t Eat it…LOL

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Buzzing bee

I agree that you shouldn’t take any of those things.  I’ve tried a couple and none of them actually work, and it felt like I was on speed or something.  I agree that a healthy diet is all you need, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that you need to go vegan with no animal products.  I just stick to lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish.  I only have beef a few times a month.  Just don’t get the heavily processed meats.  It takes time to lose weight.  1-2 lbs per week is normal.  Just be patient.

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Busy bee
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Ugh..I used to use Xenadrine when I was younger (in my early 20s)..it had ephedrine in it at the time which is awful…I had the shakes..it was like a drug….I would never take them again and don’t recommend them at all….

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Bumble bee
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I agree don’t use them! My step dad (and mom) began to use a weightloss thing like that, I’m not 100% positive it was hydroxycut, but it was something like that. But from what I understood, it thinned his blood out really bad, he’s an electrician and can be clumsy some times so it wasn’t a good thing. I can’t tell you what happened to my mom, because she fusses over him a lot. lol 

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Try eating an acai bowl every morning. You can usually find them at coffee shops & healthy eating places. Delicious & nutriciuos. Made the weight fall off & was all natural.

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Busy bee
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Is Hydroxycut back on the market? It was pulled last spring after being linked to liver failure and some deaths. Sooo… your best option is to avoid those. 🙂

Its all about hard work and self-determination. I know it blows, but thats the secret!

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P.S. Organic has nothing to do with weight loss (people just feel its more “natural”)…. whatevs I’m about to become an Rehearsal Dinner and I still eat traditional produce. Some organic foods do taste better though!

There is nothing wrong w/ animal products either. Just go for skim or low fat. I would recommend limiting red meats b/c of their higher sat fat contents, but fish and poultry (go for turkey and skinless chix breasts) and perfectly fine for a healthy diet.

You have to create something you can stick to for life… not just now. Do not punish or severely deprive yourself either. Otherwise you’ll suffer from yo-yo dieting!

Good luck!!!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree that those things are a waste.  I have tried some and nothing happened.  The best thing is just to have a healthy diet and counting your calories.  It is about a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

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I always stay away from junk like that.  If you are feeling like you need an extra little push, maybe after a talk or visit with your primary care physician to two of you will be able to brainstorm some helpful and safe alternatives for you!  Usually after loosing a bit of weight most people do plateau a bit, but if you keep at it the weight will still come off.  🙂

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Helper bee
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I’ve taken hhydroxycut in the past, but was never a huge fan of it. It gave me energy but not the good feeling energy. I always felt like I was racing and that I was always on the go and I would shake non-stop and felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I’ve never made it past day 5 and I’ve tried taking it several times.

My suggestion would be to not take it, or anything like em. They’re a waste of money and so not good for you. Put that money towards yoga or a gym membership or something healthy to really feel good about.

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I was on Hydroxycut before, and ended up in the hospital for a week, and my colon almost burst, I now have diverticulitis and have to watch everything I eat and take meds for it, please be very careful and make sure if you do decide to take it drink LOTS of water cause it causes extreme constipation. I would recommend u not taking it because of the serious side effects but you be the judge. I will be 33 yrs old on Monday and I have to take medication daily for a disease that is most common in  people 55 and older, so please be careful!

Good luck, and I have been “dieting” now the healthy way and exercising for 2 months and have lost 29lbs on my own, so there are safer alternatives!

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