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I wanted to use them, but my ortho said for the type of work I needed, I couldn’t!  Needless to say, I didn’t end up getting them….

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@ejs4y8    $1800 for the Simpli5 (off-brand Invisalign)system.  It’d be cheaper if you just need the bottom!  Depending, of course on if you qualify for it.  But if it’s just one tooth, and you’ve had braces, you probably qualify.  

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@ejs4y8  Same here.  I had braces as a teenager, and now I have one front lower tooth that has moved toward the back because of the crowding.  I started using Simpli5 in November, and I’ll be done in April.  I’m on my third retainer now, and my teeth almost look perfect already.  My orthodontist charged me about $1800 for only the bottom (although I have insurance that covers it).


Also, to my knowledge, Simpli5 isn’t an “off brand.”  It is a much shorter treatment than Invisalign.  Simpli5 consists of a series of 5 retainers that are each worn for about a month.  It can be used to correct “smaller” problems.  Invisalign can treat much greater problems and, because of this, requires a greater number of retainers.

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bumping this thread because i am going through invisalign and think it’s an expensive ($5000) huge pain so far! and needing some motivation, although i am trying to keep the eye on the prize. like many of the other posters, i had the real braces in college, but things shifted a bit.

need to vent!! so far, just getting weird looks from people when i am talking and they are probably wondering what those weird attachments are on my teeth! and getting annoyed with all the maintenance that i wish i knew about beforehand! it pisses me off that i told my dentist my wedding date and he had me scheduled to finish 3 weeks AFTER my wedding! but that he would be happy to take off the attachments for the wedding day, but seriously, what a pain! i had to negotiate with him to try to shorten each tray by a couple days so that i could finish before the wedding.

please share your experiences!

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I wish I could afford to get Invisalign before the wedding but money is (obviously) allocated elsewhere.

I had braces in middle school that fixed the majority of the issues…but then I never wore my retainers so my bottom teeth wiggled again.

After the wedding I plan on making the investment!

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@suubchb: Mine cost about the same. But the results are soooo worth it.

I had attachments too and getting them off wasn’t that big of a deal. A little annoying for you though to have to book an appt during a very busy time…and then presumably go back to have attachments put back on to finish your treatment.

But in my experience…it’s worth it!! I am so psyched about my results. I did this about 5 years ago.

Here’s a before/after. I had a major snaggle tooth and some crowding.


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I am a month into the retainer phase of invisalign now and I’m very happy with the results! I had one or two looks if people noticed the attachments, but I just told them I had braces or orthodontics, and they tend to be quite interested and positive about it. Some people actually never realized that I had them at all!

I actually found that invisalign encouraged me to be healthier. Since you have to brush your teeth after eating anything, I found that I would snack less and drink more water and not sugary drinks, and I actually lost a few pounds as a result. Plus, all that extra brushing has got to help dental health in general.

My teeth will never be magazine perfect, but I’m very happy with the results, and glad that I did it.

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