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  • poll: What is your position?

    It should never be legal.

    It should be legal only if used medicinally .

    It should be legal for both medical and recreational uses.

    I have no opinion.

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    @cbee: If you are hallucinating (for clarity, SEEING things that aren’t there. Defined as: “Experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present”) while smoking pot, you better find out who you’re really buying it from and what’s REALLY in it.

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    I don’t really see any bullying, but that always seems to become the word of choice when people ask others to back up what they’re putting out there as fact.

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    I’m at work and typing this in my phone so I can’t really get into it too much but I just wanted to say that noone is bullying anyone. I don’t care if people don’t like it or don’t want it to be legalized. You’re obviously not alone or we wouldnt even be having this conversation. What I do have a problem with is people coming in here and saying that marijuana kills you or causes you to hallucinate and what not. It’s simply not true. Maybe if you’re smoking weed laced with some much harder drugs but a natural strain just will not have that kind of affect on you.

    Anyone can pop in and say that such and such took a bong hit and threw himself out of the window but there’s obviously more to the story than just some harness marijuana usage (and yes, I firmly believe that recreational usage is harmless as long as you’re smoking safe weed and being responsible). Of course those of us who know that those claiming such ridiculous scenarios are going to call them out. Sorry, but I can’t sit back and let someone spew such fictional crap when they’re obviously not fully aware of what they’re complaining about.

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    I tried to read all the comments to avoid being repetative; I didn’t see this mentioned and I apologize if I missed it and this point was already brought up.  I also recognize that this is a pretty heated thread, and I only wish to present another viewpoint that I haven’t seen mentioned yet.

    I will preface with my brother died from a heroin overdose, and I am quite certain that his first recreational drug was pot.  I also know many many many people who started with pot and never tried anything else.

    I am pro-legalization for a variety of reasons.  One of them, however, is the reason that it is illegal to begin with.  Harry Anslinger and the “Tell Your Children” (more commonly known as “Reefer Madness”) videos were the reason that it was first taxed and then made illegal in the 1930s (I believe it was the 30’s) with a chorus of structural racism, classism, and prohibition reasons as his backing.  Through a mix of yellow journalism and changing politics, Anslinger was succesful in his plight.  You can read more at this article: http://www.drugwarrant.com/articles/why-is-marijuana-illegal/ (I just found this article as a reference for this post, so I have no prior experience of this article).

    Also, I don’t believe that legalizing marijuana will make more smoke, just as I don’t believe that handing out condoms makes more people have sex.  Just my opinion, and I can see how others would feel differently.

    There are many really interesting viewpoints presented in this thread, I have really enjoyed following the conversation as it is an issue that I have been thinking about for a long time.

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    @hermitcrab: “Also, I don’t believe that legalizing marijuana will make more smoke”

    I agree.  I think there would be an initial increase due to people who are curious but wouldn’t risk trying it when it was illegal giving it a shot once it is legalized.

    But then I think the amount of pot use would decrease as it loses it’s “rebal” factor (just like once you hit 21 and drinking it legal, there is no longer the “rebel” factor that underage drinking carries).

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    I’m totally for legalizing it for a multitude of reasons, but worry about many people taking it “too far”. Of course that is subjective, but I just worry about people stoned on the job, etc. Of course people can go to work now stoned, but I worry there will be an influx of people who try it (if it goes legal) and many problems could arise. I see no reason why alchohol is legal and pot is not. I still don’t get the argument for why it is OK to have the laws as such. I think it’ll be legalized, but not for many years.

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    I think it should be legalized. The problems associated with alcohol are far more reaching than marijuana- but somehow it’s marijuana that’s illegal. I also hate when people classify it as a “gateway” drug. If you’re someone that’s going to progress to heavier drugs, marijuana is not going to convince you to do it, it’s a decision you make or an addiction gene you have that fuels heavier drug use.

    I think they should legalize it, set an age limit, and tax it. Could you imagine the effects it would have on shutting down drug trafficking? Why would someone buy pot from some shady person down the street when they would be able to go into a store and get something they know is a certain quality and comes from a safer source?

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    To me, the whole “gateway drug” idea is an argument for legalization. The only reason that pot could be considered a gateway drug now is that when you start smoking pot, you are necessarily exposed to the whole illegal drug world – having a drug dealer, doing something illegal, etc. If pot were legal, the gateway drug argument would be null and void, because the body’s reaction to alcohol (lack of control, complete memory loss, addiction) clearly has much more in common with other drugs than the body’s reaction to pot.

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    Legalize it and tax the heck out of it!

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    Also, I don’t believe that legalizing marijuana will make more smoke, just as I don’t believe that handing out condoms makes more people have sex.

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    @hermitcrab:  Spot on argument – and one of the reasons I am also for the legalization of marijuana. 

    In response to those asking for scholarly sources citing the damaging effects of marijuana, the only one I can find in my quick google search is from webmd linking development of psychotic symptoms to marijuana use.  I don’t have time right now to go through this thoroughly but the information I am using is from when I was in grad school completing a degree in social work.  I took several courses in substance misuse and had to frequently write papers citiing multiple sources from scholarly journals.  Of course this is several years ago now but I have a pretty good memory and as this is such a hot topic, the information has stuck with me.  I know that won’t satisfy those asking for concrete evidence but my advice would be to avoid any online sources that are clearly slanted one way or another,  I prefer the professional sociology/psycholoy/medical journals I used in grad school as they tend to not have a bias. 

    I still stick by my point that marijuana is not a completely safe drug to use – and I think that anyone who thinks otherwsie is fooling themselves.  You can know all the ‘creative’ people you want, but the fact remains that using it is not without risk of harm.  Whether it’s from neurological effects, impaired judgment leading to bad decisions, or the increased likelihood of other psychological/physiological issues, it cannot be deemed a completely safe product, and it scares me that so many people seem to be promoting the message that it’s perfectly safe to use.  If you want to use it, by all means, go ahead, but I think there needs to be a realistic viewpoint taken on its use.  Same applies to cigarettes.  Same applies to alcohol.  Same applies to prescription drugs.

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    Oxycotins are general herion, they are also legal. I have lose a tone of people to pills which are very legal and very easy yo get. In fact there are hospitals in California that hand out vicidin and percicet, which are both really addictive, like it was candy.Of course if your addicted to pills you can get help without being treated like a criminal. 

    Pot is not a gateway, I hate to mention this but some people are just geneticly prove to addiction. All of the people I know with addiction issues, well that just the way they are and it would matter if it was ciggerette or pot or video games or something harder, like oxys.

    They are addicts and will be addicted. Does that make them bad people? No but it does mean they need help, which is something our society refuses to give them. Instead they are punished for being sick by drug laws. That pissed me off, I have friends who would be alive today had they been about to get the help they need without fear of prosicusition.

    The only way to control and indrusty is though regulations, the only way you can regulate is to legalize. Criminalization gives the goverment NO CONTROL, despite the fact that people who are for drug laws seem to think it does. You want to control drugs, legalize them and regulate them. You want your kids buying their pot from the same person that also sell meth and coke, them by all mean let the laws stay as they are.

    Just to clarify, I want all drugs legal, mainly for the reason stated above. I will say that if I did have an addictive personality and wasn’t very highly resisent to chemical addiaction, I might be dead or in jail, I might not have survived my teens. I tried everything my friends did, i just didn’t get hooked like everyone else(and no I’m not talking about pot). Drug laws didn’t help keep hard drugs from my 14 and 15 y/o friends.

    You what they did do though? Once my friends were full blow addicts in there early 20’s, they arrested them and stuck them  in prison instead of treatment centers, they made them fear hospitals so when one of them O.D. they went into a bath full of ice instead of to a hospital. They died, the ones that didn’t ended up in jail.

    Now granted, my perspective is unqiue, I come from a very poor very small town in Lousisana where they are other sociol and economic problems that encourage escapism. To be frankly honest, I think I am really the only one out of my group of friends who made it out of the area and is actually doing ok in life. So drugs are the only sociol issues here.

    But, legalizing drugs would differently be a step to help people not be treated like criminals when in fact they are just sick.

    *Sorry about the spelling, it’s finals week and I’ve been up for a few days.

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    @soyjoy222: I’ve had the EXACT same experience with an ex.

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    I completely agrree with you! I never once had one my friends invite me over to smoke, and then be all like let’s try some heroin, or coke. Usually we watch a movie or tv show and eat some food. Real wild stuff, for sure.

    However, I had many friends who were big drinkers, then into cocaine, then pills, gambling, sex, etc. They were just a bunch of addicts who were into the next “high” and I can’t even recall if any of them ever smoked pot. It seemed much too mellow for their high, thrill seeking, addictive personality. Gateway drug is a term thought up by government PR or DARE group.

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    This could be really old news but I wanted to answer those Bees who asked where I was getting it.

    My best childhood friend grew up in a rather unsavoury family and we just took stuff from her mums stash.  Her mum usually didn’t notice as she was so buzzed all the time.

    We seriously didn’t even know how to roll.  We watched her mum use a rolling machine and followed suit.

    And my reaction after years of use is not only in a developing child, it happens with many people of all ages who smoke pot.  Its like the effects … change for you. I have other people I know who have smoked it for decades and are still exactly the same on it.

    I personally hate the stuff and won’t be around anyone who touches it.

    with that said… booze does cause more problems it seems for sure…


    Anyways… sorry to dig up an old thread I am just never on here anymore and was a little ‘late to the party’.

    Cheers Bees!

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    Oh please!!! She killed herself because she smoked weed???!! Bull!!! People do not off themselves because they smoked a blunt. Not buying this story one bit.

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