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artbee: I suggest treating youself to a nice hour message. It has done amazing things for me and beats taking medications 

I used to get really bad tension headaches in high school. Went to countless doctors and was on tons of medication – pain killers, anit inflammatory drugs what have you. None of them worked! The ONLY thing that worked was going to a myofascial release therapist. The first time I went I only had relief for ten min but that was 10 min more than I had with all the medication. Now I am able to just get a regular message every month to keep everything in control. It’s a little unconventional compared to just popping a pill but it was the only thing that worked and continues to work for me.

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Same thing here. Have had migranes for years now, and while some things help they have never completely gone away. With the stress of planning and other things going in they have been worse lately…like leave-work-early and can’t-get -any-homeowrk-done worse.

 My mom joke that I will need to hire a masuse for my wedding day.

Just keep some ibuprofen or excedrin in a purse or with a bridesmaid. Hopefull the happy endorphins from getting married will keep the migrane away!

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I second Imitrex. I’ve tried other meds, both over the counter and prescription, but Imitrex’s the first one that I noticed the effectiveness.  I haven’t had bad side effects from it, yet, but it seems to shorten my migraine significantly. 

Let us all migraine sufferers be migraine free on our wedding day (and days before and after, too!)

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I used to get a lot of migranes. I recently found out that I have Low Blood Sugar. Hypoglycemia; it’s the opposite of typical diabetes. When I eat sugar my body’s blood sugar rises and my pancreus kicks in. (Your pancreas controls your blood sugar level) the problem is that my pancreus keeps on working until all of the sugar in my blood is nearly gone. That is the point when I get a migrane. Have you ever been tested for blood sugar? It took me a long time and a lot of suffering before I finally figured out on my own what was going on. I no longer drink regular pop; chocolate; cookies; cakes or sweets. If I do have a little I make sure and eat a lot of protein with it. Just somethign you may consider checking into.

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I get migraines too, badly (as does my father and my grandmother). As a child I could never understand why my father chose to come home in the middle of the day, ‘sick’ and sleep in the closet. Migraines. I now just pull our darkening drapes turn on a cool fan and lie down. As for preventing them – for me, my triggers are extreme heat (which also flares my eczema – NICE!), extreme cold (eczema again), continuous bright light, stress and weather changing. Most of those I can control with sunglasses when I am outside, staying inside where the climate is controlled if it’s too hot/cold outside, writing to reduce stress and the weather, well I just haven’t figured out how to make it stop changing. Where I live, the weather changes so frequently they say if you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes and it will change. It’s true (except for the past 5 days it has rained straight which is unusual). I ALWAYS carry an Imitrex pill in my wallet or purse. That stuff has been a saving grace for me. I get migraines so badly that I am nauseous sometimes (TMI I know, just saying). I would just say to delegate as much as you can so your stress is lower, stay even temperatured if you can (fans when you are getting ready if it’s warm or an oil heater if it’s cold) and keep the lights at a reasonable level. Also, drink enough water. Your brain is made mostly of water and I would imagine that if you are starting to dehydrate it would trigger a migraine also. Other than that, keep an imitrex on hand and when you feel it start (I don’t know if you get warnings like halos or the sparkles, I don’t but it starts to hurt differently than a regular headache), take the imitrex and lie down a minute if you can. Make sure to have a game plan just in case. 🙂 Good Luck, and hope your day is migraine free! I would also make sure to keep some Imodium, Tums and Tylenol around on the big day for the other ladies too – you just never know. My emergency kit was used more than once on my friend’s big day (Shout wipes – essential! Saved the dress, save the day!).



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I used to get migraines with aura (okay they call it that but honestly, I got tunnel vision) a lot. I haven’t gotten a lot lately and the only thing that works well for me is to make to bed before I get too nauseous.

If you get migraines and you’re on hormonal birth control you might talk with your doctor. I started seeing a new gyn about a year ago and she took me off the NuvaRing and gave me the options of the mini-pill, the shot, or an IUD (I chose minipill). I guess migraines with aura increase your risk for a stroke, as does hormonal birth control, so the combination of the two might be cause for concern (although stroke risk is still pretty low).

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I used to get migraines a lot, although fortunately they stopped when I was about 50.

As several others have said, Imitrex (sumatriptan) is the gold standard for dealing with a migraine.  For many people, an oral medication will not work once a migraine has started, because the migraine itself impairs absorption.  However, Imitrex is available as an injection, which in my experience provides noticeable relief within about 15 minutes, and gets rid of the headache entirely within an hour or two.  If you absolutely can’t stand giving yourself an injection, there is also a nasal spray, but I have found it less effective than the injection.

Imitrex does not make you sleepy–in fact, it tends to wake you up.  At the same time, before I got Imitrex, I used everything up to the maximum possible dose of morphine for my migraines.  Nothing helped as much as Imitrex did.

If you do not wake up with a migraine, you can typically prevent one by taking 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours.  This will not work if the migraine has already started, due to the absorption issue, but can help if started before the migraine.

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There are some really good tips here. I’ve been on imitrex – only helped for a few hours, then wore off, Treximet – only works if I take it right when the aura starts.

I get them around my cycle, and recently they’ve gotten worse and more frequent. We haven’t been able to locate a cause or trigger, and I actually ended up going to the doc and getting an injection of Toradol, just a painkiller.

In preparation for the big day, I’ll be seeing a neurologist soon to be thoroughly checked. Also, I know my BC will have to be changed *again*….but I definately will be trying some of these remedies.

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Omgosh migraines are the worst!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I have tried everything and have finally found a regimen that works!  😉

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Ooh, I didn’t even think of migraines on the big day.  Like a previous poster, mine are often triggered by hypoglycemia, as well as dehydration, glare (too bright), humidity, changes in atmospheric pressure, alcohol, stress and fragrances.  Yikes!  I know most of that will be beyond my control – so the most I can do is make sure I have enough food and water, maybe get a massage, and hope the weather is agreeable!

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I just had one on the left side of my face behind my eye Tuesday night (the day after I started on my new pill packet). OMG, they’re miserable. I get the aura as well and usually some nausea.  I get headaches all the time (barometric pressure is a big one for me), but only get bad migraines a few times a year. It really sucks.

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My migraines are caffeine induced. I knocked out the caffeine and boom! No more migraines. I now only get them when I’m really stressed, and a nice massage (either professional or fiance-al 🙂 really helps.

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I get them all the time, and have found for me that Imitrex can totally abort any symptoms if you catch them early enough.  I always know when I wake up whether I’m getting one, so if I listen to that feeling I can avoid the migrane.

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I’m having one right now and it’s killing me. It’s my own damned fault, because before dinner, I only had 320 calories. The whole day. And I ran around all day and went to the gym. I just didn’t have time to eat. I barely ate for dinner, because I felt so badly from the migraine.


Not good, not good.

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