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Getting to enjoy each other before the clock is ticking for children.

I was 24 and had my degree and a great job and we were able to buy our own house so I don’t really think many people said we were too young since we can take care of ourselves.

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My SIL married my brother when she was 23 and immediatley startted popping out kids, so now at 30 she has 4 and is done. That’s a bonus in my opinion!

I get a little jealous of people my age who were married young and now starting to think about kids. I wish I had the same luxury. We are trying to enjoy our marriage and people will not stop HOUNDING us about when WHEN WHEN we are going to get pregnant.

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He gets to enjoy my naked self while I am still young and cellulite free (haha) Not to say that older brides aren’t hot, but you get the point

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I know that a lot of people say that if you get married young, you might grow apart, but in my relationship I’ve noticed we’ve grown together. We aren’t completely set in our ways and I think it makes it easier for us to compromise.

Also getting to enjoy our relationship without the stress of “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE BABIES!??!” is pretty nice.


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You’ll possibly be one of those couples who can say, “We’ve been married 65 years…” I think that’s so sweet. And that usually doesn’t happen for later-life couples.

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  I wish we were a little younger when we were getting married! Had it not been for my Fiance being out of state for grad school, we probably would have tied the knot earlier. We will be 28 and 26 when we get married. I won’t be an old maid by any means, but I was hoping to be married a little earlier.

  I guess you can’t please everyone :-).

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You get more joint returns in taxes? ^_^

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@Miss Tattoo: And it helps pay for Grad School ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jk. But since I am not yet 25, it does take my parents off of my financial aid forms for my last year of Grad School.

But in all seriousness, I saw the comment above that said you feel like you’re growing together and not apart. I COMPLETELY agree! I think you can grow apart at any age, but I also feel like since we have experienced our “growing pains” together in our late teens and early twenties, it has made us stronger.

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@AmeliaBedelia: “growing pains” — exactly! J and I met when we were 18 and 19 so we were at the tail end of the growing pains period — and going through that together, and in our case having it seriously threaten our relationship but knowing that we wanted to be together and so having to work through it, together, has made us a very strong couple.

For us, seeing the “growing pains” and general adolescent/young-20-something angst almost ruin our relationship caused us to individually grow and mature past that pretty fast as well. If you met us in real life today you would probably not realize we were 21 and 22, and most people are shocked to find out our real ages, because the way we act towards each other and to the world is not the way most people our ages act.

So, growing and maturing together, and individually because of each other, is definitely a benefit of getting married young. And I agree with Laffy Taffy’s post above, I would love to be able to be married more than fifty years ๐Ÿ™‚

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@bananas123: I completely agree! I love that we will get the chance to grow together and because of one another.

I’m looking forward to living my life with my best friend by my side. I want to wake up next to him every morning. I want to travel and explore the world with him. I want to sit down every month and sort through bills to pay for OUR home. I want to continue to grow as a person and watch him become an even stronger, wiser, better man with time.

And in 50 years, I will still be proud to call him my husband ๐Ÿ™‚ We will not be the same people we are now, nor will our love be just as it is today. It will be better.


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Finding the love of your life sooner rather than later is wonderful!  Friends are generally more excited about the first few people getting married than the last one in the group (by that time people may have babies and can’t attend, or are just over weddings, etc).  Youth radiates in photos, you have more time to enjoy yourselves without child-bearing age concerns, your parents and grandparents are more likely to be alive to experience the event, you don’t tend to ‘over-think’ as much as older brides.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Reid and I have been together since I was 16, he has grown with me throughout my worst years (through high school and college)! We get to spend the rest of our lives enjoying each other instead of searching for each other….I have no need to wait and “discover myself” because everything else I could see in this world wouldn’t be the same without him to enjoy it with.

I don’t see how waiting to be married would benefit either of us. My uncle even offered me an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world if I would wait a year after getting my degree! We are continuing our relationship with divorce not ever being an option; not to say there won’t ever be times we won’t both be saying “What the hell was I thinking?”, but those times will be forgettable compared to what we are going to get to experience with each other!

And since I’ll be 20 and he’ll be 22 on our wedding….we’re gunning for a 70th anniversary ๐Ÿ˜‰

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