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    4 siblings, an older brother with a type of autism (?) That I don’t talk to (long story), then two little brothers and a little sister between the ages of 8 and eleven, so I’m not really close to any of them.

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    I have one younger brother who is three and a half years younger than me. I’m 29 and he will be 26 in August. We used to fight like cats and dogs as kids and teens. We got along better when I moved out to got to college and grad school. 

    Now we have no relationship unfortunately. He’s a drug addict and left his latest rehab, defrauded my parents, got 3 speeding tickets, crashed one of their cars and took off. No one knows where he is at the moment. I highly doubt we will have any kind of relationship again, even if he does get clean. Too much has happened between us to try to mend. 

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    I answered two in the poll, but I guess it’s technically three. My mother has four children. My oldest half brother, my full brother, myself and then a younger daughter. Oldest is 32, next brother is 29, I’ll be 26 in November and the youngest daughter is 13. I stopped speaking with my mother a few years ago, only being cordial when my brother’s invited her places, like his wedding two years ago, so I have nothing to do with her youngest daughter either. When people ask IRL I say I have two older brothers. I grew up with them and am really close to them. I sometimes feel guilty about forgetting our half sister, but I haven’t been able to be a part of her life, so it’s kinda easy to forget her. 

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    I have three siblings – two brothers and a sister – and there’s about 10 years from the oldest to the youngest. We all get along really well and all enjoy each other’s company – the wedding didn’t cause any issues or stress except for my little sister getting a little over-enthusiastic with wedding planning, but that was a blessing in disguise, because she worked 24/7 in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make sure it was perfect!

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    One younger brother – we’re exactly one year and elevan days apart. Now that we are both in our 20s, we’re enjoying a better relationship than we had when we were younger.

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    You don’t have an option for only children.  I have zero.

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    I have two siblings – I’m the oldest, but we are all within 4 years of each other.  My brother and I have a friendly relationship, but we don’t really see each other or call each other much.  My sister (middle child) lives much closer and we talk a lot more, but she drives me insane – she lives for drama and attention and I won’t feed into it…

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    3 half siblings. 45, 43, 29 and i’m 24. i’m not close with any.of them but have an ok relationship with the  2 oldest. 

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    I have 4…well…actually 5.

    My sister is 2 years older than me, and we are very close. Everyone we’e ever known has always been amazed at home much time we spent together and how we got along so well. She lives several states away now and I hate it!

    I have a stepbrother who is 18. We are NOT close. He was spoiled rotten growing up, and b/c my dad and stepmom hae different paretning styles, he took advantage. He’s a know-it-all and lazy and…oh, I won’t go on…

    I have a half-brother, who just turned 16. We’re not ‘close’ b/c of the age difference, but he’s  a good kid. 

    Then there’s my little sister (half-sister) who is 12. We’re close in that I see her more than any of the others. She’s a little immature for her age, but she’s funny and REALLY helpful with my daughter when we’re at their house.

    I also have another half-brother from my mom…I haven’t seen him since I was maybe 15, which was also the last time I saw my mom. I’m friends with him on FB, but we don’t talk. It’s awkward.


    I don’t think there will be any sibling drama, b/c of their ages….but I did just realize that my little sister might be hurt that she’s not included in the wedding. I really don’t want a Jr. Bridesmaid, but I don’t know what else to let her do…

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    I have 3! I’m the oldest, 23, my sister is 20, my other sister is 11, and my brother is 9.

    I’m closest with the 20 year old, but we all get along.

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    2 brothers, both younger than me by 3 and 4 years. We’re pretty close. obviously beause of their age and being boys, the two of them are a lot closer, but the three of us do stuff togerher a few times a year. We didn’t have any sibling drama (thank god they’re boys), it was mostly just a matter of making sure they got to where they needed to be. They’re not usually very good at following instructions, but at our wedding they were incredible!

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    I’m an only child by blood, but I have one ex-stepbrother (19) and one stepbrother (16). I’m honestly closer to my ex-stepbro because we at least interact on Facebook every now and then.

    My dad married my stepmom while I was away at college, and then after college I moved about an hour away from them so I never really got a chance to bond with my stepbrother. When I come home to visit with my dad, stepbro is either out with friends or locks himself in his room. I’ve never seen a family dynamic like this family… he’s not required to come out to any family dinners, birthday dinners, etc. Luckily they “made” him come to my wedding I guess. It’s a very weird situation!

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    I have two younger sisters. We’re 25, 23 and 19.

    My middle sister is a huge piece of work. Very abrasive and antagonistic. I used to think we were equally at fault when we fought, but I recently realized she is just plain rude. As an example, she’s already told me that she refuses to come to my grad school graduation (which is a year away), because she’s already been to two. She also said in no uncertain terms will my sister and I be in her bridal party when she gets married “why should I include people I don’t want?”…keep in mind, she’s no where near getting engaged. Oh and I mentioned my hair was at an awkward length and I wanted it to grow longer and she goes “I hate long hair, on everyone.” Necessary? no. bah….but, she was super excited when I told her I was engaged. She even hugged me (and FI), I don’t think we’ve hugged in at least a decade! She also wants to throw an engagement party. It’s weird.

    My little sister and I aren’t close, but she’s a nice person. She has slight asbergers (on the autism spectrum), and we don’t have much in common. She is also 6.5 years younger (but 7 grades below me), so I haven’t really lived with her full time since I was in high school and she was 12. She marches to the tune of her own drum. We get along well enough.

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    I have one sister who is four years younger than me. We don’t get along at all because I’m not a fan of her fiance.

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