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  • poll: Were you/are you affiliated with a Greek organization

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    My school had an active ban on sororities, which is too bad since a lot of my friends were Greek at their schools, and my brother is a Deke!

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    On my dad’s side one of the cousins is an HR worker bee and he passes on any resume that lists a Greek organization. I think this is unfair because what if it’s a service frat or something? He says he has never had a good hire who emphasized their Greek experience. But my impression is it’s mostly recent grads who put it on resumes.

    I’ve always felt the sorority system is a bit retrograde. I mean I’m fine with belonging to Phi Beta Kappa! But the whole concept of “rushing” and then waiting to find out if these girls will “allow” you to be their friends… is sad.

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    @terpalum10:  +10000

    I’m a Tri-Delta alum, and I agree wholeheartedly with you.

    No one bothers to talk about the fact that Tridelta raised $10million in THREE years for St Jude Children’s Hospital. Or the fact that Greeks have an overall higher GPA than non-Greeks and are more likely to finish college.

    The negative stereotypes really make me irate and while some may have had a bad experience, it would be great if you all stopped enabling the negative ideologies because your specific chapter utilized the organizations’ names in a terrible manner. Not to mention, I rushed as a sophomore, and I promise you, being in a sorority did NOT influence me to go out and make the sometimes poor decisions I made as a college student. I know many non-Greeks who were just as wild as any other college student. The difference? They didn’t have an organization to associate with their debauchery. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my letters kept me IN CHECK sometimes, because I knew that my actions were reflective of my sorority.

    Did I have my moments where I experienced “cattiness” of girls? Yes. Was I the “catty” girl at times? I’m sure more than once. But did I get involved in philanthropic work and meet my best friends through Greek life? Yes. It’s such a shame that Greeks carry a negative connotation because everyone forgets to highlight the good with the bad.


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    I was in one (not naming it for privacy’s sake) and it was an OK experience. Greek life on my campus was more relaxed and inclusive than in many places and our house was the “good girls” ie we tended to have high GPAs, many were still virgins at college graduation, many didn’t drink until 21 (and no, there was no religious affiliation). Hazing was not at all acceptable and took part in many community service projects. I met women who were incredible people as individuals, but there was definitely a cliquish and groupthink mentality going on which I didn’t like. Also, I didn’t like the way some potential pledges were talked about as in we shouldn’t let her in because I hear she sleeps around and projects a bad image for us-you’ll never hear that crap coming out of the frats. These days, I’m not much involved in alumni stuff and I don’t incorporate sorority stuff into my life but I’m also grateful to have a network of women all over the country. So yeah, didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, if I could do it over I don’t know if I’d do it again.

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    @mrspinesol:  Hmmm!  Interesting.  Did you poll all the sorority women to double check your hypothesis?  Just wondering if you are making generalizations or not.  I am really hesitant about saying “people who are ABC are also XYZ” and I sure wish other people would put forth the same kind of thought and consideration.

    I also think it’s a crappy thing to do to judge someone’s major.  A degree is a degree and it’s not like these girls choose to study four years of General Studies just to keep their GPA high …. they pursue a career they want which just might not be up to your personal standards.  If you weren’t in the major, maybe you aren’t the best judge of its difficulty and I think it’s pretty lame to look down on people in a major you think you’re above.

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    Alpha Omicron Pi here! 

    In fact, I’m still involved in on the alumnae level. AOII has brought a lot of positivity into my life, and I have met so many wonderful women whom I would not have met otherwise–including some of my very best friends! 

    It makes me sad that some of the Bees had negative experiences with Greek Life during college. I’ve read things in this thread that are truly appalling. I was fortunate that that wasn’t my experience at all.

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    @MmeSilverBullet:  I was an Alpha Xi Delta as well ๐Ÿ™‚




    I joined my freshman year since I was going to a school where I didn’t know more than one person. I ended up depinning after two years and moving home because of my dad’s health. I don’t regret quitting and moving because it gave me those few years with my dad before he died. But if I were to go back through it again, I’d definitely join again.


    I was shy in high school and joining a sorority really brought me out of my shell. I learned to help organize large events, speak well in front of groups of people, work well with multiple personalities, etc.


    As far as academics are concerned, sororities have high standards at most schools for GPA requirements. For my sorority, if your GPA dropped, you had to clock in so many study hours each week for the next semester. And we did not have tons of girls majoring in pointless majors just to have a good GPA. We had sisters who were in pre-med programs, nursing programs, engineering programs, etc.

    We celebrated and supported sisters who were recognized for any academic honors. When the university held call-outs for honor societies and such, we would attend as a sisterhood to support our sisters who were being honored.

    Hazing was prohibited by the university, Panhellenic, and my sorority. I was never hazed and never hazed anyone else. Our pledge period was filled with dinners out with older sisters to get to know each other, movie nights in the chapter room, and things like that.


    We had pledge swaps, socials, formals, mixers and all the other standard greek parties. But I did not attend all of them and was never forced to or made to feel guilty or anything for not attending.


    At any official sorority event, only sisters 21+ were allowed to get alcohol. Obviously, just like any non-sorority college student, you could drink beforehand or get it from someone else. But if you were caught drinking underage or if you got too intoxicated and represented the sorority in a negative light, there were consequences such as community service hours. I never drank alcohol during my entire time in the sorority and never felt pressure to do so.


    I do agree that sororities are not for everyone, but for me it was absolutely a great choice. I also agree that yes, some greek members definitely represent the sterotypical image…but I also knew many non-greeks who fit perfectly well into that same image. The ladies I knew are people I am proud to associate with to this day. I did not stay in touch with everyone after depinning and moving, but I am still friends with the girls I was closest to during my time there.


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    I wasn’t in a sorority. I thought about joining one and then heard about how much it cost and ran the other way. Lol. However, my husband was in a fraternity so I was always surrounded by sorority girls, especially Alpha Phi. Some of the girls were really nice, in fact one of my bridesmaids was an Alpha Phi. But most of them were very snotty and thought way too highly of themselves. It’s really easy to notice that they only picked girls who had a “certain” look (read: bleach blonde or brunette with a fake tan and super skinny). They were also really catty. I just avoided the ones like that and hung out with the chill ones. Although, my husband has always said that he was so glad I wasn’t in a sorority because he was tired of dating sorority girls.

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    @208bride:  I wasn’t looking down on anyone. And no I didn’t poll all sororities everywhere, but I have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on at MY school, which is what I specified in my original post. I don’t look down in others because of their major — hell, when I switched away from microbiology, I absolutely looked for a major I thought would be easier. I was wrong, but that’s not the point. Also, it’s a fact that the average GPA of a student in say, humanities, is much higher than the average GPA of a math, economics, science, etc. student. That has been tested, and it’s also pretty known around here that, in SOCIAL sororities (i.e., not the business or medical professional groups), many of the girls are in business, psychology, or event planning. Those are just the top majors for Greek life at our school. So, before YOU get all judgey, I wasn’t judging them for their major, I was saying at my school, the girls tend to have majors that make it easier to keep a higher GPA (A fact that has been proven long before this arguement ever came up). 


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