"A beautiful mixed couple"

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I am Asian and he is white. No one has pointed out in public yet. We live in the south, it’s not the most common thing to see. It’s not CA, NYC or TX, so couples like us are rare. 

I think you two are very beautiful together, you do you, don’t worry about what others think. 

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Sugar bee
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PrincessPeach13 :  first you are a great looking couple 👫 second I thinks it’s very clear you have contrasting skin tones and that it didn’t need to be said aloud. However it depends on if seeing a mixed couple is a regular thing or not for the person who said it. I wouldn’t worry about it and look on the bright side, it was said in a positive way not a negative one. X

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Sugar bee
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PrincessPeach13 :  She was obviously meaning it in a positive way so I would let this one slide. It may be just be a regional thing. It’s not very common to see biracial couples where I am from so when there is one, those who totally accept it and think it’s wonderful tend to point it out. They don’t mean any bad by it, it’s almost more like they are encouraging them love one another no matter what some people may say. I have a feeling she was coming from a similar viewpoint. You guys do look like a super cute couple though! 

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Busy bee

PrincessPeach13 :  I’m from NYC and my husband is East Asian while I’m South Asian. We definitely had a lot of stares because it’s a very uncommon couple pairing, even in New York!

But no one ever said anything negative. Now we’re living in Korea and we get stared at even more because interracial marriages themselves are very rare. In fact, I don’t even see many foreigners in my city, and when I do, I point them out like “Oooh, a foreigner!” lol It’s not in a bad way. I just like seeing the diversity increasing.

I think the comment made to you was also said in a positive way, though probably a bit awkward. (I’m guessing that they thought he wasn’t Hispanic.) You two certainly do make a beautiful couple!

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Bumble bee

I think you handled the situation very well! While it does seem like she was being nice and genuine – which is great! – it is still a bit of an offensive thing to say, so I think you pointed that out while also being very polite and gracious. 

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Im so annoyed for you and your husband! The questions about “what ARE you” never seem to end. I’m also part Panamanian (when you are mixed, every relationship is technically interracial). All the time people have preconceived notions about how dark Latinos should be, without understanding that in Panama, we have people of all skintones but we are all Panamanian. Chalk it up to others’ ignorance about how to ask the right questions and how to recognize Latino features. You two are a beautiful couple!! 

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You are a beautiful couple! Sorry you received that comment – good intentions or not, that would bother me, too! 

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They were clearly trying to give you a compliment and I think its great that you took it as such. I will say, though, that your SO clearly has black skin that is several shades darker than yours and when he’s out and about in the wilds of America, people are likely going to interact with him as a black man (for great and for sour). My husband is biracial and when people look at him, they see a black man and they proceed accordingly. My step father is a West African immigrant and when people first see him they dont see a unique and intriguing culture, they see that he’s black.

Also, I’ve lived in Puerto Rico- color based prejudice is alive and well there and in other Hispanic/LatinX cultures so, while things are complex and defined somewhat differently when everyone shares certain cultural elements but have different skin tones, it’s not entirely foreign.

You are a beautiful couple. You happen to look mixed. I don’t see how that descriptive comment would be offensive. The mixed part might have been unnecessary but it’s good for you to know how people see you, I guess. Especially if you ever go someplace where the people aren’t much exposed to people who are different from them.

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Darling Husband is Cypriot and I am Caucasian and we have never received such feedback as you have experienced.

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Honey bee
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PrincessPeach13 :  As an Australian bee I actually find this all so bizarre. I’ve seen so many posts on here by American bees talking about mix race/biracial/interracial. I honestly didn’t know that two people in a relationship, from different cultural backgrounds who live in an extremely multicultural country would raise eyebrows in this day and age or would require a term to define their relationship.  Your just a couple. Nothing more or nothing less.

My hubby and I come from different cultural backgrounds. I kind of did a double take when I realised that in the US we’d be classified as a mix race/biracial/interracial couple. In a Australia we are just Mr and Mrs Cmsgirl. 😊


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