(Closed) A bit of a rant. terms like “OCD” and “panic attacks” being thrown around.

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@anonbee1313:  I appreciate the reminder. I try to be conscious of my language, but a lot of it is pretty deeply ingrained and easy to forget.  Thank you.

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That’s a totally understandable way to feel considering what you’ve been through. Most people would never consider them saying something along those lines as trivializing a mental illness but maybe now that they have heard your perspective they will think differently and use other ways to describe what they are feeling. 

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I, too, have OCD.  Thanks for posting this.  🙂

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You make an excellent point, thank you for posting this. I am by no means perfect and have been guilty of doing this, but as much as possible I try to think of it this way: if I were knowingly in the presence of someone with that condition, would I still be willing to say it? From “I’m so blind/deaf” in front of a person who is blind or deaf all the way to “I’m starving” in front of a person who truly has no food to eat. I’d be mortified and I think most people would be.

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I totally understand what you mean. As someone who has lots of anxiety issues, I’ve realized that if I tell someone I had a panic attack, usually they don’t think I’m serious, they think I’m just describing having some stress. I don’t think people mean to trivialize it, but it can feel that way.

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People can be obessive/compulsive about something without having OCD.  Would you have an issue if they said OC instead of OCD?

Someone might have a panic attack over a dress, and I won’t judge that.  People can have panic attacks without having to go to the hospital.  I agree though, it shouldn’t be said if it isn’t a panic attack.

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I notoriously use them, BUT I suffer from severe GAD, a panic disorder, and really really bad OCD. I do throw them around a lot, but it’s probably easy to read a post by me and assume I don’t actually have any of the aforementioned disorders.

So I apologize if you read something posted by me and got offended! 

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I can relate to what you’re saying. I not only suffer from anxiety, OCD but I’m Bipolar on top of all that. Lol It really bugs me when someone says they’re Bipolar because they can’t choose a dress or a cake because it makes no sense. I can see HAVING anxiety or being indecisive but Bipolar? Really? Lol

Anyway, I don’t take any real offense to it, maybe because I’m such a Drama Queen myself. But I can see how these terms could offend people who truly suffer from these issues.

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Thank you! People have become so used to using them everyday, they forget it could hurt or offend somone. (I myself have done it too).

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Well, I have been diagnosed with social anxiety, AND ocd.  So, yeah, I kind of overuse those words… but I feel i kind of have a right to…know what I mean?  🙂


BUT…I totally know what you mean.  I think the terms ocd, and panic attacks have become so main stream, that people just don’t even think about it. 

The worst thing I ever heard someone say was not about the above, but it was incredibly hurtful…. “I just got diabetes from that dessert”  I hear this all the time lately.  The first time I hear this from someone, they were sitting, unknown to them, across from someone who had just got a diabetic diagnosis that day.  Talk about putting your foot in your mouth!!!

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I used to have panic attacks, but I believe I have it under control now. Almost passing out because you can’t breathe is not fun. Not fun at all. I still have a hard time managing my OCD, but it’s a work in progress. I use the term “OCD” for myself, because I literally mean it. I understand what you’re saying though. People really do overuse it, and if you really do have a disorder, it kind of makes you eyeroll when someone says they do and clearly don’t. I don’t see any of my friends counting the lines on the numbers of a digital clock for half an hour at a time, or staring at their odometer, watching the numbers change until they add up to the correct ammount.

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@anonbee1313:  I too appriciate this. I am not personally affected by any of theses illnesses but it bothers me to see them thrown around like this as well. I have cringed many times when reading something along the lines of “because I’m OCD” to describe a behavior that is completely normal like I made sure all my lines were straight or I have to always have clean socks. 

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I struggle with it all the time.


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