(Closed) A confession and need help with healthy meal ideas.

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@WillowTreeWade:  hey beautiful! congrats on your wedding! 🙂

I’ve been in your shoes before (minus the wedding…still waiting to wear those shoes, lol) and hopefully this will be helpful.


1) make sure you’re eating enough calories. Eating too few will be just as harmful to your weight loss as eating too much. Somewhere between 1200 and 1500 for weight loss I’m guessing (I don’t know your weight, height, etc so just to double check for yourself, you might find a recommended calorie calculator online).

2) like PPs have said, invest in a couple of healthy cooking/cooking light cookbooks and plan your meals for the week! That has become one of Mr. H’s and my favorite things to do together. It keeps us from eating the same things over and over, and you get an awesome meal with no guilt! Plus, there’s always enough to take for lunches the next day…and we have yet to eat a salad. Even without exercising, we lost about 10 pounds just from eating healthy on a regular, nightly basis. Plus it saves money too when you’re not having to make it work on a day-to-day basis.

3) add in physical activity where you can: whether it’s standing while you’re on the phone, parking farther away from the door when you shop, sexy time (yes that totally counts and it’s our favorite way to work out)! The little things add up! Even if you can’t get in an hour of actual gym time, I bet you could fit in 10 minute spurts throughout the day.

4) stop weighing yourself. Seriously. I used to weigh 2x/day every day until my family took my scale away. Now, at the time, I was on the edges of an eating disorder, so I’m really glad they did it. Now I weigh once a week, just to track what my body’s doing. I also measure every other week–even if the scale says I didn’t lose weight, a lot of times the tape measure says I have.

5) keep your coffee if you want it! I don’t eat any kind of desserts or sweets anymore, but honestly, I still have coffee every morning with Mr. H and I have exactly what I want in it. I get my one cup and usually after that I’m good! I don’t feel cheated or like I’m forbidden from having it, so I don’t crave it later. 

6) speaking of sugar/sweets: eat fruit only in moderation. yes, it’s good to eat an orange in place of a Twix, but keep in mind that your body processes the sugar in fruit the same way is it does the sugar in candy. The difference is that you get some nutrition from fruit. 

6) like other PPs said, drink some water! Even if you have to ease into it; I used to drink at least 8 cans of coke zero a DAY. Jesus. I hated water but I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was. So, every time I had a can of coke, I had a glass of water. Pretty soon, I didn’t want the coke.


GOOD LUCK with all of this! If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me; I have been through it all–being very overweight for my height, feeling terrible about it (and getting to early stages of eating disorders), getting healthy, and maintaining it. I certainly understand where you’re coming from, and know the importance of a support system when you’re trying to make healthy changes. 🙂

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Lots of good advice here already. A few tricks – reduce your meal portions. Always eat a good breakfast – I always had a low fat youghurt and granola – it was delicious and addictive. Dont eat really late at night. Morning exercise is great. I didnt diet and still lost loads of weight by doing this.

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@WillowTreeWade:  I recommend the Looneyspoons cookbooks. My mom has a bunch of them and bought me ‘The Looneyspoons Collection’ (a best-of plus some new recipes) for Christmas two years ago. Each recipe makes a large amount of food which is nice for me cause I live alone so I just eat that all week rather than cooking every night, or I can freeze the extra depending what it is and take it for lunches in the future. It’s all really healthy and most recipes are super tasty. I make a lot of soups and stuff from it because I get sick of salads. I cook a lot from that book, eat smaller portions than in the past, cut back on carbs (i.e. rarely have sandwiches for lunch), and I work out intensively 3-4 times a week. I’ve lost 12 pounds since September. You can do it!! 🙂

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@WillowTreeWade:  That is so, so, so awesome!! And you can always make up for it the next day. If you eat too much salt or fat one day, you do exactly what you did, and bulk up on veg the next day. Yay!

Also, here is the link to the Wheat Belly facebook page. The success stories are really motivating, since most of the people made no change besides wheat elimination. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheat-Belly/209766919069873

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