A fat loss journey: 3 weeks with a dietitian. I lost fat but gained weight.

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So, you lost fat but gained muscle?

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I’ve lost 37 lbs from my highest weight. 23 lbs of that I’ve lost in the past 3 months. I’m working toward losing an additional 33 lbs to be at my goal weight.

Weight fluctuations can be frustrating. You can gain water weight for all sorts of reasons. I weight myself every morning and use the app Happy Scale to track my average weight. It really helps in seeing the downward progress and understanding what causes my body to retain water. For example I’ve now learned that I bloat around ovulation, not my period so I can expect to be a couple pounds heavier around that time of the month and know it will come off in a couple days. Also, tracking all my food in MFP let’s me see that when I have a day with particularly high sodium, it’s likely I will see a high number on the scale the next day. But since I understand what’s causing the weight fluctuations it’s not as discouraging as it used to be when I saw a higher number on the scale.

Its unlikely you saw a muscle gain in 3 weeks that is equivalent to your fat loss. Muscle gain is hard work (especially for women) and doesn’t happen in a calorie deficit (which I assume you are in since you are trying to lose weight). Don’t stress about some extra water weight though that will come off super fast.

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betyl :  

The reason that your dietician attributed your weight gain as water retention is because it is difficult gain significant amounts of muscle when you are eating a caloric deficit, especially for women.

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Stop looking at the scale and look at measurements and photos for progress 😉 

Im actually the heaviest I’ve ever been today and looking smaller than previous years due to my increases lean muscle mass. 

Trust your dietician and the process and good luck!!! xx

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betyl :  So you and I are about the same height (I am a little shorter at 164) and I weighed around what you weighed until last spring. I also changed my diet in order to loose about 8 kilos. I am pretty sedentary (on weekends I do hike for several hours usually and do some garden work, but generally I am in my office and not moving at all very much during the week) 

I am not going to lie to you: when you are not overweight it is so very hard to loose weight /maintain lost weight. I lost initially about 3 pounds and after that it has been a huge struggle. Altogether I did loose the eight kilos, but the moment I deviate from my new eating habits for a day or two I will gain between 1 and 2 kilos right away. This has been going on since May. It is going to have to be a longterm commitment to a limited diet for me to keep these relatively few kilos off. Losing even more is probably not in the cards unless I excercise more and really stick to the diet.

I guess I am just saying this: yes it feels great to be down a few kilos, but it’s hard to maintain this when your weight is pretty low to begin with (though not ideal in our own eyes) and I have found I have to weigh myself much less because small fluctuations (which then represent about 20-50 percent of your overall weightloss) at that weight can be very disheartening and are maybe not really the “big picture”. Keep this in mind. 

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Not gonna lie, this makes me feel so fat. I’m 5’2″ and I’m at 160lbs T_T 

I was actually thinking of going to a dietitian because I’ve found that unless I eat 1200 cal/day or less and do an hour of HIIT or running, I don’t seem to lose weight. And I can’t sustain that for long. I just keep gaining. I have bad diet days (pizza, cinnamon rolls, bagels, stuff like that), but I otherwise eat healthy stuff (there’s little to cut out). I will usually workout about 3 times a week

Should I bother with the dietitian?  

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I’ve dropped almost 50 lbs over the past year and still have about 20 to go to hit my “goal weight” (which isn’t really what I focus on – I have a goal size that I focus on more than the number on the scale). In my mind, 50 lbs doesn’t sound like a lot (and my weight definitely goes up and down constantly. weight loss is never linear), but photos don’t lie. I feel like I look like a whole different person now!

I agree with other bees that you should focus less on what the scale says and more on what you see and how your clothes fit. Take before and after photos and compare them, too. 🙂

Here’s me a year ago, vs now:

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