A few weeks earlier than LMP dating or Blighted Ovum.. Freaking out!!!

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yegchuck :  sometimes techs are literally the least sensitive. Did they test your hcg levels? Is it possible you got when you think you conceived wrong because your cycles are so varied? Have you compared your ultrasound to others online i.e. a Google search?

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yegchuck :  also I had bright red bleeding with my current pregnancy and freaked out thinking I was about to miscarry. It was a subchorionic hemorrhage and baby is fine. Spotting is not uncommon, but it feels scary.

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If your cycles range from 28-45 days then you definitively could be behind 2weeks. I know it’s hard but try to stay positive and know there is NOTHING you can do or could have done to change where you are now. GL

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I have been pregnant twice, and both times measured behind with spotting/bleeding.  First time was a missed miscarriage, second time was my perfectly healthy daughter (who is now 2 yrs old.)  The big difference was that my hcg levels were decreasing with the first pregnancy, but increasing (though not doubling) with the second.  Can you have them check your levels to give you more information? 

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It is common to measure off by a couple weeks. Have you been trying for 2 years with miscarriages or is this the first positive test you’ve had? She didn’t tell you it could be an early demise to scare you, but to prepare you for that possibility. To me that is kinder than pretending all is well when it might not be. Unfortunately at this stage there is no way to know beyond comparing ultrasound images and blood work after the 2 weeks. Stay calm and positive (easier said than done, I know) and know that you will have your answer at your next appointment. The spotting is completely normal, too, so don’t let that worry you.  

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This is what happened to me. At my 7 week scan there was just a sac and I was told it was likely to end in miscarriage and to come back in 2 weeks. 

At my next scan there was my little baby with his little heart beating and I’m now 29 weeks and he is doing really well. 

I really hope everything will be ok, the fact you have symptoms is really positive, and even a few days can make such a difference. Best of luck to you xx

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This is one reason why they advise against routine early scans. With cycles that range as much as yours you could be a couple of weeks behind your LMP date.

Try not to worry until your next scan, but know that there is nothing you can do to change the outcome good or bad.

Also spotting is quite common in pregnancy. I bled on and off throughout the first trimester with both my pregnancies due to subchoronic heamatomas – that is just how I pregnant.

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yegchuck :  dating by LMP is really inaccurate for people with cycles longer than 28 days. As someone who has PCOS, I think they are mad to use it, it is that inaccurate.

When do you think you ovulated? That is the key question. If you have been tracking ovulation and peeing on pregnancy tests lots, you would have got your BFP at between 3.5 weeks and 4 weeks on 12 Nov. That would put you between 6.5 and 7 weeks pregnant now and really not that far off what showed on the scan.

I am currently 18 weeks’ pregnant. I ovulated on CD45 (and knew it with certainty as I was tracking ovulation). My doctor kept on trying to date my pregnancy by LMP even though it was inaccurate by 3 weeks for me and I kept telling them that. They finally accepted I was right at my 12 week scan.

Good luck when you go back in a couple of weeks.

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I went in for a dating ultrasound at 8 weeks, was measuring only 6 weeks and had those same uncertainty remarks..

I’m now 18 weeks, baby is healthy and just started kicking up a storm :). Measuring early is extremely common; in my case I ovulated later then I thought and my system had been a bit unpredictable

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As pp said it is def possible your dates are off since you have such a wide range of “normal” for your cycles. When you got the BFP on 11/12, was that the first pregnancy test you’d taken? In other words, had you been testing prior to that and getting BFNs and then the positive finally showed up on the 12th? If so then you would have been a max of 4 weeks-ish at that point, which would have put you around 6 or 7 weeks at your scan today, which could explain why there wasn’t much to see yet.

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are you seeing an RE?  both my children are the result from IVF so i was always monitored really closely.  a day can make a huge difference.  when we go for our 1st hb scans, they won’t see you before 7w.  so maybe you are a few days off.  i’m surprised she wants you to wait 2 weeks.  for me, i always went every week until i graduated to ob.  call and ask if you can be seen sooner.  also have you hcg levels tested.  that would be the biggest indicator.  i had to go back every 48hours until mine reached 5000. with my 1st, it took 2 blood test., with my 2nd, it took 3 blood tests.

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Early pregnancy stinks. I agree with another poster that the tech was just sharing info for full disclosure. Negative possibilities stink, but they are part of the deal. It seems like some practices will have the kind of techs that can share information and tell you stuff and at other places the techs are just gathering info that the doctor then reads and shares with you. Each type seems to cause different types of stress. I’m sorry that you’re going through this right now. I would try to just go about your life and stay busy while the two weeks pass. You can gather all the information you want, but there’s honestly very little one can control this early in the game. If you really can’t stand it, maybe you can talk to the doctor about getting a scan after one week. I would think that should be enough time to be able to determine any progress although two weeks is optimal. Some doctors will take pity and do factor stress into how they go about monitoring you. FX. 

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