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  • poll: What would you do?
    Try to lose 10 pounds? : (29 votes)
    31 %
    Have it let out even though I can't really afford it? : (64 votes)
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    Cry. (ok so that's not really a good option, just what I've been doing) : (2 votes)
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    First of all, losing that much weight that fast is very unhealthy–2 pounds max is what’s recommended. I think the reaction of those girls was very rude and unkind…and you are not a “fat cow.” I know what it’s like to feel heavy, though, and I’m right there with you. But honestly, I’d have it let out…and maybe find some good Spanx? Those things work miracles, I swear. Chin up, girl! You will be a BEAUTIFUL bride no matter what.

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    sorry to hear you feel that way. lets see pictures of the dress because chances are it isnt as bad as you think. what suggestions did the alterations lady make? [if any]

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    Oh man. I’d first have a good cry about it. Realistically, you could probably drop 10lbs in a month. You’d have to cut your calories (really watch your portion sizes), stop all the salt and drink tons of water. 

    What about having alterations done to put a corset in the back instead of the zipper? It would loosen the dress without tons of huge alterations. Your seamstress could use the 5″ from the bottom of the dress to make the ribbon to tie the corset with. 

    Take a big deep breath. You’re going to be ok!

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    I think the only way 15 pounds in 28 days is doable is if you do one of those liquid diets/fasts.  they are extremely hard and very unpleasant so you have to figure out if you have the willpower to do this because if halfway through you give up, it might be too late to alter the dress.

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    Why can’t you let it out? Most bridal gowns have several inches of seam allowances (when you addin all the different seams together). It may be expensive, but being an unhealthy mess after starving yourself for 28 days is going to be way worse than paying off a couple hundred dollars on a credit card. Try and lose 5-10 pounds, but really, the dress needs to be let out!!

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    You have a month. You could lose 10 lbs in a month if you did Atkins, and I mean RELIGIOUSLY, and drank a ton of water while controlling VERY vigilantly your salt intake. If you at all have time, try and find a good corset–won’t be cheap, but will probably be less expensive than getting a gusset made (which is what they’ll have to do if they have to let it out to the size you are now. You’ll be paying for the labor, plus the cost of them to obtain fabric that matches your dress-NOT cheap, especially if your dress is silk or has a lot of fancy beading that will need replicated.) If you’re lucky, the dress can be converted into corset style, but I’ll assume for the sake of argument that that’s not a possibility here. (And even if it is, that’s definitely not cheap either.


    Once you have a corset, have your mom and/or Maid/Matron of Honor Scarlett O’Hara you into that thing. If it’s a ballgown, that should do it. If it’s a mermaid, and you diet religiously, it may still work, but don’t expect to eat anything while you’re wearing it….

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    I just want to chime in to say that it is definitely possible to lose 15 pounds (and do it in a healthy way) in 28 days if you work hard at cutting out carbs.

    My fiance and I gave Atkins a try starting about 3 months before the wedding. I’m 5’7” and started at 161 pounds. After 3 weeks I was down to 142. I also didn’t do any working out other than an occasional jog/walk in the park. I’ve added back in carbs since then and I’ve maintained that weight through the wedding and honeymoon.

    That being said, I know in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the wedding, I didn’t have time to focus on cooking healthy meals and ended up eating a lot of junk food during that time. Because you’re only 28 days away, it may be difficult to maintain that lifestyle, but it can be done if you really want to.

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    Oh honey, just have them let the dress out. I respect your weight loss goals but there’s no reason to torture yourself like that in the final weeks before your wedding. I’m a size 2 and I still couldn’t fit into my reception dress because they altered the top too much, even though it was ordered in a size 6. I added a little makeshift lace panel to the back the day before and moved on. Feel beautiful!

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    I change my vote, I didn’t read your post thoroughly.  Seriously, just get it altered.  I don’t think this sort of panic is necessary for your body right before your wedding especially since you’re already active.

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    I would suggest making the zip up back into a lace up back if it is a heavy enough material. I work in a prom dress store and honestly, the seamstress we recommend has to do this pretty frequently when someone purchases a gown too early or borrows one from a friend or just orders the wrong size (she does alterations for gowns from other stores so the mistakes aren’t usually ours, thank god).

    I have seen a lot of girls go through this process and as upset as you are right now, I will promise you that whatever you decide to do, you will feel gorgeous and beautiful on your wedding day, whether you lose the weight, wear a shaping garment (like spanks), get it let out or add a corset back.


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    Definitely post a picture.  I bet any money it’s not as bad as you think.  Since you are already physically active, that kind of weight loss might be a little tougher.  If a couch potato such as myself worked out like that and watched their calories, I could probably get close.  Although my body might shut down completely from the shock…

    1) Reconsider your undergarment and alterations.  I paid $59 for a long line bra at DB that didn’t hit me in the middle (pushing my pudge there) and it was money well spent.  Adding the corset back/letting it out might be pricey, but a lot cheaper than a new dress or hating the way you look in yours

    2) Portion sizes–watch everything that goes in your mouth.  Even if you are generally a healthy eater, increases sneak up on you.  Before you eat something, think about if it’s worth the calories.  I have been doing this and have really surprised myself with what I put down.

    3) Cutting carbs does work wonders.  If you leave the non-starchy vegetables and ditch potatoes, rice, pasta, bread that will be healthier.  No alcohol (just when you need it most!).  However, you’ve got to watch the fat in meats/fish.

    4) Different exercises.  Aerobics, pilates, hard-core yoga (whatever it is called)–use different muscles in different ways.

    Give yourself the rest of the evening to cry.  Stop it tomorrow and take action!  It will work out!

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    @Miss Marathon Runner: Sounds like a great solution! Keep your head up! It’s going to be ok 🙂

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    I am so sorry about you not being able to fit in your gown. I do agree that having it altered and you taking this month to “eat incredibly well, exercise as much as possible, and if when I go in to try it on the week before the wedding, if it still is too tight” let the seamstress do the alterations for you. I know you will look beautiful however this turns out. Just try to stay focused and positive.

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