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I have no advice but wanted to say I hear you and feel the same way. Mine are the opposite of my go-to spot… they are sensitive and I don’t like them touched… so that will be an issue for me as well!! Yikes!!

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Totally understand, but honestly, nursing Wombat is so amazing that I wouldn’t change it for anything. All the fears I had about it went away. Also, it’s get to go to a La Leche League meeting before you have your baby. I thought they’d be a bunch of women who were really out there, but they’re really helpful and nice.

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Sugar bee

I think what it’s like can vary a lot but for me it’s been a great experience.  There’s feel good hormones that are released so I feel very relaxed and peaceful while nursing.  There’s hurdles to get over but for me there weren’t that many.    As far as intimacy goes there’s not a whole lot of sexy time (or at least mutually enjoyed sexy time) during those first several weeks while you recover from birth and thats the time when nipples are most sore. After that theyre like your boobs before except maybe bigger and sometimes a bit leaky but that hasnt been a big deal for us.

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Except for a few people who have had extreme issues, most women I know say its uncomfortable and painful in the first few weeks, but once the baby learns to latch on correctly all that goes away and it feels natural.

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Breastfeeding is amazing, i just did it for the first month, becouse my baby refused it, she just wanted bottle,since i didnt had enough milk for her.

breastfedding shouldnt be painfull, you can ask for help or support at the hospital or obgyn office.

some tips:

1)NIPPLE LOTION totally recomenden, right after you feed your baby(so your nipples wont get to dry)

2)make sure your babys mouth covers nipple and all areola



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I totally know where you’re coming from. Before I breastfed, the idea of it just kind of grossed me out. I even considered pumping and feeding only instead of feeding at the breast. But, once my son was born, it just seemed so natural. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. And (as corny as it sounds!), it was SO empowering every time we went in for a weigh in, knowing that “I did that!!”, I nourished him all on my own. It’s really an amazing feeling. 

Anyway, my point is that it seems like a foreign concept until you’re in the throws of it. Then it just seems like the most natural thing in the world. Try not to think about it too much, even those “intimate times” will work themselves out, I’m sure.

Good luck!

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Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful. It can be a bit uncomfortable till you get settled in, but the biggest cause of any pain is an incorrect latch.

If you have discomfort break the latch and make the baby re-latch.

Remember that until they invented formula ALL babies were breastfed, so millions of women have manged to do it quite successfully.

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I breastfed my daughter for 18 months and never experienced the least bit of pain.

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It depends, Boyfriend or Best Friend can be painful at times.  When I am able to Boyfriend or Best Friend it is very intimate way to communicate with your little one.  For me, I know one side can be more painful than the other side. 

But most definately is very natural and calming when my little one actually does Boyfriend or Best Friend. Unfortunately I do not produce enough milk to him to fully Boyfriend or Best Friend so it usually is a little bit at a time, and pumping for the rest.

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Go to Hello Bee (started by Mr and Mrs Bee who started WB). They have lots of blog posts on Boyfriend or Best Friend and some great tips on how to help.

I’m still TTC, but the biggest peice of advice I got was– read up on it before you give birth. In fact she said she wishes she spent less time preping for Birthing and more time reading/preparing for Boyfriend or Best Friend and baby sleep.

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Everyone says “If you’re doing it right it shouldn’t hurt” Bull-poopy. Both you and your baby are learning a new skill so it’s not going to work perfectly 100% of the time. At first it is uncomfortable because inevitably there will be times when the baby latches improperly.

The best advice I got was that it should get better after 8 weeks – so if you can just keep that in mind it makes it easier (it was actually closer to 10-12 weeks for me before we hit our stride). Also set short goals for yourself, do it for a month, if that works out do another month but don’t stress yourself out about it and if you need to give yourself a break pump and give a bottle or two. It’s not worth making yourself miserable over.

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I agree with @camrie. It was a good 10 weeks until it stopped hurting, but if you can stick through the initial pain, it is so worth it. During that time, you probably won’t have any issues with intimacy anyway 😛 But Boyfriend or Best Friend will in no way feel the same as when your husband is being intimate…it is just different. In my case breast feeding didn’t interfere at all with sex, it actually made my breasts more receptive to sexual touch! Not at ALL what I was expecting, but it all worked out. I was able to Boyfriend or Best Friend my son until he was 19 months, exclusively for the first 6 months. My advice is to make sure to se a lactation consultant a few times while you are still in the hospital. The hospital I delivered in had a consultant on staff (though she wasn’t there on the weekend) and she helped immensely! I was trying to be so delicate with my son, and she helped me to see how to handle it. (It was kind of uncomfortable for a modest person, but after giving birth you just kin d of feel all out there anyway!)

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I can tell you – I didnt have pain.   had some soreness, but never pain.  No craking/bleedng/thrush/etc. The soreness lasted for maybe 6 weeks, then stopped.

I can also tell you that I had every intention on formula feeding Dirty Delete before she was born.  I was so weirded out by the thought of BFing that I wanted nothing to do with it.  Then she was born and mommy guilt slammed me (or nature took over) and I decided to do it.  Shes now 4 months old and still EBF. 

As for the “go to spot,” so are mine.  Darling Husband still plays with them, its just that we avoid any sucking lol.  Sorry for the Too Much Information.  Youll find other ways.

Long sotry short – I LOVE BFing her now, and wouldnt ever change it or take it back.  Shes thriving, and its so satisfying knowing “I did that.”  Its also SUCH an incredible bonding experience.  Theres nothing like watching them eat, them noticing that youre staring, popping off to give you a big gummy smile, the going back at it.  That, and when theyre done, theyll flop over in a milk coma with milk dripping down their cheeks, totaly satisfied.  Its adorable!

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