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I think this is extremely informative and helpful! I work with a man that just bought a puppy from a pet store on a whim. I was like, “why!? You know they’re probably from puppy mills!” His response? “But he is so cute!” Ugh.

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@Payless:  I completely agree with everything you said. I use to show many years ago and know that reputable breeders care about the animal and breed.

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Extremely useful knowledge. However, as someone heavily involved in animal rescue – the motto remains – Do not breed or buy while others die still holds true. Over a million perfectly healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every year – many are pure-breeds!

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@Payless:  I was just talking to my Fiance about this. I’ve seen so many breeder vs shelters post on here lately and so upset on how miss inform people are. I myself is a vet tech and worked at kennels and in the show dog world. Along side breeders for a specific breed to show, companion or working dog. There is a huge difference between certain breeding as you mentioned. And we are also purchasing an Irish wolfhound that we have been waiting for over a year now. He had our pick from the first liter, but unfortunately weren’t ready to take him home yet, so we decided to wait for the next liter. And I also have a chihuahua that I bought for $50 off the street at 6 weeks. She was so dirty and covered in fleas. Those were backyard breeders, but I couldn’t turn away from a dog in need and be sold to someone who might turn around and do the same to her. we’ll also me showing our wolfhound. Part of the contract, but just for the first year. We want to neuter him and have him as a companion dog.  


So thank you so much for posting this. Maybe people will not be so ignorant and actually learn the differences. ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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@Payless:  Thank you!! I hate that breeders get such a bad rap!! People don’t realize they put their dogs and their breeding programs first. Everything is done to improve and perfect the breedPuppy mills, IMO, have given all breeders a bad name and it has to stop!

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Pugs did not used to have faces so flat that they could barely breathe, we have bred that into them and we continue to do so.

French bulldog bitches always need c-sections to give birth, and studs cannot breed naturally. Bitches are always artificially inseminated. I am not sure but I believe this is also the case with English bulldogs. A skull far out of proportion with the size of the pelvis is the desired effect, and this is what we get.

This problem is closest to my heart: Cavalier King Charles show dogs are specficially bred to have small heads as per KC “breed standards” which leads to syringomyelia. This means the dog’s skull is too small for its brain leading to intense pressure on the brain, and as you can imagine that comes with a lot of pain. My boy has diagnosed syringomyelia, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and it breaks my heart to see my boy in so much pain.

The gene pools of our purebred dogs have gotten impossibly small to be able to continue to breed them healthily. Back to pugs – take 10,000 pugs in the US and they will be traced back to only around 50 dogs that are not genetically related.

The list goes on. I haven’t even touched on GSDs, boxers, daschunds, yorkies, bull terriers, just off the top of my head.

Call me crazy, but that is sickening and unacceptable to me. I don’t care how “reputable” the breeder, you’re contributing to the problem, full stop.

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@adoc86:  ditto with our friends. 100% impromptu purchase. It was so upsetting for me at the time because I was desperate to get a dog, had spoken with a couple of breeders, gone to the breed’s national dog show which happened to be in our city for the first time in many years (we’re not wanting to show or anything, just saw it as a good opportunity for Chris to be around some dachshunds & see what he thought), registered with our breed rescue group (who are amazing and make you jump through hoops which I view as a GOOD thing) etc etc etc but ultimately decided we shouldn’t go further until after the wedding. We had put in so much legwork and I actually felt angry towards our friends for what I saw as an irresponsible decision. We still want to get our dachshund pup, but when the time is right. We’re bringing a furbaby into our family, hoping for at least 10+ years of love (my dachshund “little brother” as a kid lasted til 14! He passed 8 years ago and I still miss him badly) and the thought of making such a decision on a whim, without serious consideration of both the implications of owning a dog and of the breed, just because the dog was “cute” makes me crazy.


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We show our Airedale that we got from a breeder/vet! She is still our puppy’s vet so she sees him every few months ๐Ÿ™‚

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@Payless:  I use to show Shih-Tzu.:-) I showed my bitch, as well. I actually had a handler for her at first but she wasn’t putting any points on her, so I showed her myself. I didn’t finish her because I went through a divorce and finances became a issue for me. I did win Winner’s Bitch the first weekend I stepped in the ring on both days and put 4 points on her though. She later developed kidney stones, so I chose not to bred her.

I’d like to show again and have a bunch Shih-Tzu’s running around the house once we get a bigger place with more land.

Good luck to you.:-)


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@Silly_love:  Just a side note, congrats on the IWH! Sadly mine lost his battle with cancer in April and those wounds are still healing until I get another one. He was amazing.

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