A mouthful of a name…?

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llevinso :  I don’t think it’s too much of a name at all. Middle names are rarely used, other than on legal forms. I really don’t think it’s as big of a deal if you do this as people seem to make it out to be.

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Honestly only family is going to know/care what his middle name is. I say go for it. No one is going to mistake it for anything, because no one will ever know. In every day life at school, work, wherever people only go by their first and last name anyway. 

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It’s a pretty long name, but since you don’t use your middle names often it’s not that big of a deal. 

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I have three middle names with the third one being my mom’s last name. I thought it was awesome to have five names when I was a kid! I went through a phase when I wrote the whole thing on all my schoolwork.

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I’m inter the exact same situation as you- didn’t change my name and don’t plan on it, and I also don’t want to hyphenate my baby’s name. She’s going to have two middle names, the 2nd one being my last name (and honestly, we chose his name as the official one only because it sounds better that way). That being said, my name is only 1 syllable and his is 2, so neither is super long or burdensome. 

I don’t think yours is too much of a mouthful. He’ll only go by his first and last 99% of the time, and if it’s too much, he could always drop a name when he’s an adult. FWIW I know plenty of people with two middle names and I notice others only get weird about it in this situation, when women want to use their name as the 2nd middle name. I think it’s a great solution! 

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to me itʻs only weird when the first kids gets like 5 names and then the next kid has like 2 or 3. Itʻs like, did yaʻll spend all your names on the first kid? Otherwise I think itʻs fine. As long as the middle initial could include both middle name initials? Iʻm not sure. I guess I dont really see the point in a 2nd middle name that canʻt be used anywhere BUT I am debating doing the same thing so thereʻs that 🙂

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llevinso :  My parents gave me A LOT of name.  Think XXXX-XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX.  It’s a fn mouthful.  Other than on my birth certificate, I’ve never used any of them other than first and last.  I say go for it.  No one is going to go around calling him by his entire name.  

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I think it’s fine.  Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore versus just Albus or Dumbledore in the day to day.

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llevinso :  Yeah… I’m not crazy about my Fi’s last name either but I want to have the same last name as our kids so I’m taking it. I have considered putting my last name as a middle name for the kids but I have a last name as a middle name and I never appreciated it. It’s weird when everyone in your class has middle names like Isabella or Alexandra and your middle name is some shit like Murphy.

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Same exact situation here. My son is:

First Middle Maiden Last – think “Thomas John Roosevelt Smith.” 

It’s not too long, and I like that he has both my name and my husband’s last name. FWIW, his First and FirstMiddle are both short (2 syllables and 1 syllable, respectively). 

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llevinso :  My middle name is my mom’s maiden name. Basically everyone in my family has their mom’s maiden name as their middle, actually, to the point where I’d consider it a tradition.

Two middle names or two last names is too much. I think you should use your maiden as his only middle, or go back to your original plan.

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llevinso :  Nope doesn’t matter if his legal name is long. I have 2 middle names and it has never caused me any inconvenience whatsoever. The idea seems like a lovely connection to you and your family, I would give him your surname as a second middle name, for sure. 

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I don’t think it matters. My Fiance has two middle names, one being his mothers madien name. Some times he uses it, sometimes he doesn’t. 

My grandfather had a first, 4 middle names, then last name. If we have a child I like the idea of two middle names. 


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