A mouthful of a name…?

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llevinso :  my full name sounds like Amanda Rosemary Isabela Bach Liu

(I swapped out all the names other than Amanda for names with the same amount of syllables so you could get an idea)

This is because in Spain, two last names is the norm.  I think in a lot of european countries this is so. The first last name is my fathers, the second my mothers–as is standard over there.  (The fathers is still the one passed down.) 

Generally I just go by Amanda Bach, sometimes Amanda Rosemary Bach.. and only when I want to impress my friends do I whip out my full name.  It’s definitely a curiosity about me, but not something that ever ever stands out.

So, go for it.  As someone with a mouthful of a name, I say: NBD.

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My daughter has two middle names. It has caused zero issues in 6 years. 

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I have two middle names, one a family name and it’s never been an issue….

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This is exactly what I would do (my last name as second middle name). I have friends with 2 middle names. My sister chose to give her son 2 middle names. My cousins have their mothers name as a second middle name. I have never heard of any problems arising from it. As for ‘too much name’, it’s not like people have to call him by his whole full name on a daily basis. Now and then it might come up for something official, but that’s all. It isn’t a problem and I think it’s nice that he would have your name in there somewhere. 

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My Darling Husband has two middle names. It has never been an issue for him.

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llevinso :  I’m debating this myself. I double barrelled my last name when I got married. It’s actually my husband who is insistent that our child receives both last names because in his words, “She’s just as much a Smith as she is a Jones.” (not our real names).

I want to give my child a middle name as well, but I worry that it’s too many names. At the same time, I’m living with 4 names (First, middle, my last, his last) and it’s not too cumbersome. There are some cultures where children receive both their mother and father’s last names and they seem to be fine.

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I fully agree with your decision!  It’s a great way to give your children both parents’ last names without all the hassle of a double last name.  They/he will have both flexibility (using 2, 3, or all 4 names) and family ties.

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As a person with two middle names, I think this is completely fine. I always felt it was somewhat unique to have 2 middle names (none of my friends growing up in the US did). It was normal in my family however, which had British/Scottish origins. My name is really 3 first sounding names plus 1 last name, not two last sounding names, and it is 3-2-4-2 syllables. Many different cultures have more extensive naming norms than we do here in the US. 

That said, I never have an opportunity to use all of the names. Most formal uses of your name, filling out forms, etc, never have enough space to be able to use the full name.


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My SO has his mother’s last name as a second middle name, at first i was surprised and it’s definitely a mouthful but the more i thought about it the more i loved it. Very few people know his middle names but knowing his mothers last name is just as important is really cool. For passports and that he just uses the initials of his middle names since they never fit on the papers. Never had any issues

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I think it’s too much name. It sounds liek you love the original name and middle name you picked out, maybe just stick with that.

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Since it would be another middle name, I think you could use it. I think it’s important and valuable for mothers’ names to be included somewhere in their childrens’ names. You’re carrying the baby and your body is currently (and in the future) doing the bulk of the work to grow a healthy baby, if you want your name in there, it should be.

My son’s name is his own first and middle names, my middle name as his second middle / first last name and his father’s last name. It’s 9 syllables and plenty of letters; I wanted his name to be hyphenated and it is. He also often chooses to go just by his father’s last name now (to avoid writing a longer name). That’s his call since it’s his name but when he was born I was firm about my name being included.

My brother has 4 names and goes by first name initial, middle name, mother’s maiden name initial (sometimes), last name on his official docs. Most people call him by his middle name, last name, though.

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I actualy like it.

I have a cousin who had 5 middle names, yes 5!!

His name goes something like Kyle Dennis Greg Mason Heff Wallace Smith… I am not even kidding. And THAT is too wordy.

I know a lot of people with two middle names and I think it’s fine!!

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Let’s see, my name is 28 letters in five words.  My mum’s  39 letters in eight words. Nope, I don’t think the name is too long. Seriously, if you like the name, go for it. I think it’s better to have a name that is meanful that one that it only sounds well. 

By the way, long names are excellent for discipline.  I could always tell bad I had been counting how many words of my name my father said. Full name, I wouldn’t  pretty much move a muscle for the rest of the year.

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This is what I would do, what a lot of my family has done, and makes a lot of sense. This or just give your last name without an additional middle. It’s not too much. It’ll come up like once a year and whenever you want something monogrammed. Victor JF Vanderbilt. 

Its a good way to get your name in there, but a vast majority of people he ever meets will know him simply as Victor Vanderbilt. It works. Don’t over think it. You’re more likely to regret leaving it out than you are to regret adding it. 

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SO has the exact same syllable count. It’s never been a problem for him, people are usually impressed when they hear it – I think people associate longer names with being “fancier”. :p You will be fine. 

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