(Closed) a question regarding breast reduction surgery, any advice appreciated (nwr)

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I’d check with Miss P-Chips. I don’t think she was too happy with her reduction, but she might be able to speak more to the recovery experience.

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A friend of mine had it done, and she was only out a couple weeks. Its more involved than an enhancement so there will be more down time compared to that

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I had breast reduction surgery on October 7, 2008 and it is truly a surgery that has changed my life for the better! They took a total of 4 pounds off my chest and got rid of my severe neck and back pain. I also do not have regular severe migrains anymore.

In terms of recovery I have to say that everyone is different. I was out of work for three weeks and I felt ready to head back to work after three weeks. The first week hard. I was tired, could not bathe, kinda hurt, but after that I started getting my strength back. 

One thing that helped me and that I would ask your doc about if you are not getting them is drains. I had drains for a week and yes, they are gross and not too comfortable, BUT I never had bruising or tons of fluid retention. I think the drains really really helped me recover better.

I  also found this board to be really helpful before my surgery:http://www.breasthealthonline.com/cgi-bin/mwf/board_show.pl?bid=3

I have rambled here, but private message me if you have any questions or want some support etcSmile

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My sister had hers done this winter.  She needed a full month to totally recover, but she was functioning fine after 2 weeks.  She was in pain/on narcotics for the first two weeks, and during that time she needed a lot of help.  After two weeks, she was able to go back to work for a few hours a week, and she could do little things around the house like dishes, laundry, etc…  She still needed help taking care of my nephew, but he’s the most energetic 3 year old I’ve ever met!  A month after her surgery, she was back to normal, but still a little swollen.  When I saw her about 2 months after the surgery, though, she looked absolutely amazing!  I couldn’t believe how much they had taken out!

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I am 3 weeks out from my br surgery and it was the best decision I have ever made.  We are/were the same built and I went down to a full c/d cup.  Yes we all will recover differently but my recovery has been amazing.  The only pain I was in was from having to sleep upright.  I didnt take the Oxycodone that was prescribed to me only took Valium so I could sleep. I just wish I could get out and exercise…another 2 more weeks before I get the ok from my doctor.  Lifting is a bit difficult but you can tell when is too much.  I was up and walking and driving 4 days after surgery.  My wedding date is March 20th and I am so happy I did this before the big day.  I even switched to a strapless dress!  Email me if you have any questions 

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Emshaw- The drains just look like a little tube that is coming out of your body with a little clear grenade shaped bulb at the end. They are not real fun and Fiance had to empty them a couple times a day, but I think they were worth it. My doc took them out after a week.

Also, I bought a few inexpensive wire free, all cotton bras before my surgery. Kind of like these:http://www3.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?DeptID=50475&CatID=56305&GrpTyp=PRD&ItemID=16937e2&attrtype=&attrvalue=&CMID=50475|51093|56305&Fltr=UNW:Euals:no+underwire&Srt=&QL=F&IND=76&cmVirtualCat=&CmCatId=50475|51093|56305

I bought them in a couple of different sizes larger than what cup size I thought I would end up at because of swelling. This was helpful because on day 3 after surgery my mom was able to help me change out of the surgery bra so she could wash it. After that I was able to rotate bras. Honestly, they are so comfy and I sometimes still wear one to work!

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I had a breast reduction in July 2008 and am so happy with my decision! My recovery went very well and I was able to be fully moving after 3 weeks. Wasn’t allowed to exercise for 5-6 weeks after and that had to start off slowly as well. My dr. left the drains in for 5 days, and I had no problems with that- no bruising/less swelling. But overall- I’d say the pain was certainly worth the gain! I loved getting to wear a cute bathing suit last summer! And got all excited when I went to try on dresses and knew I could try on the cute ones without looking like I was all boob!

And I bought a bra from my dr that hooked in the front and back- it made it easier to get on and off when my mom would help me change so she could wash it- and i still wear them to work out in and to clinicals- super comfy and great support.

Good luck with your surgery! It’s so worth it!

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My Maid/Matron of Honor had her breasts reduced August 2007 and she has been THRILLED with the results. If I’m remembering correctly, she was back at school in 2 weeks. She couldn’t exercise for 6 weeks, and she was swollen for about 2 months. 

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my sister had a BR a few years ago.  I dont remember her being incapacitated for too long, I think it was mostly a week, and then she was back to herself a few weeks later.

The one thing that you will want to be prepared for is the depression… My sister had a really hard time seeing herself naked for the first time after the surgery (stitches and all) she said she felt like frankenstein, she even needed my mom to come in and comfort her… THAT SAID, she says it is still the best thing she ever did.  She feels so much better, she had over 5 pounds removed I think.

Good luck on your surgery!

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I had a reduction years ago and, like others have said, it was the best thing I ever did. My experience was a really great one. I had the surgery around 7 am and stayed over at the hospital that night. The next day I left the hospital around 10 am, got home was sleepyish but was up and eating dinner at the dinner table with my family. I was pretty low key for a few days but functional; showering, wearing normal clothes (minus a bra obviously), moving around. I was giving a perscription for heavy painkillers but never needed it. I did take it easy for a few weeks (I was on xmas break from college) but went back to school 3 weeks after and was totally fine. The only discomfort I remember is being irritated by the stiches. But they came out after a week or two. I did not have any drains. I have really minimal scarring, hardly noticeable now. And full return of “sensation” so I don’t expect any probs down the road with breastfeeding.

Your timing should be all good for your July wedding AND right after you get the surgery your boobs are like perfect and perky, so that will be awesome for your big day. Plus the time off of work for recovery should be the perfect time to get your DIY projects done! Congratulations!

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I had BR surgery Jan. ’06… It is the best thing I have done 🙂

You do need to be prepared for the scars… I have the classic ‘anchor’ scars… and at first I found it very hard to see them in the mirror… that being said, within a year the scars had started to fade and were evening becoming hard to detect!

I, too, had drains for about a week… they are a pain, but I feel they helped me a great deal with the healing process.  My plastic surgeon also had be use a product called ‘Kelocote’ on the incisions everyday for many months… ask your doctor about it (It helps prevent keloid scarring and combat the red-scars…)

I didn’t go back to work for about 3 weeks…

I hope this helps!

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