A sane approach to weight loss?

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FH and I started dating in April 2016, I was 165. As of January 4th, 2017 I was 191. Darn that happy weight! I decided I was past the honeymoon phase of  dating and it was time to get back to the old me. This past May i started working out 4-5 times a week and counting my calories very strictly with the LoseIt! app. I’ve slipped a little bit during this past semester of college and only work out 3-4 times a week, but I still try to eat well. 

It’s been working for sure, but I haven’t weighed myself in months because it only made me feel worse! My biggest advice is work out, eat good, and DO NOT weigh yourself!! I did the first couple months of my journey back to being fit and it ate me up because, although my body was slimming, the scale stayed the same. My muscle was replacing fat so I stayed the same weight. Don’t put a number on how much you want to lose, just get into a routine that you love and stick with it! You’ll feel confident regardless of how much you weigh because, regardless of what the scale says, your clothes will begin getting too big and it’ll be such a huge confidence boost!

Im sorry if I rambled, I just get quite excited about stuff like this because I was in that position before and I know if I can do it, you can too!

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Do you work out? I have been using an amazing meal plan that doesn’t leave me hungry. Ever! It works very well,  but you have to work out because you’re constantly eating.  

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Exercising 4 times per week and counting calories… BUT don’t set your calorie limit super low for fast weight loss. Aim for a loss of 0.5kg or less per week and take it slow so you don’t ever feel hungry and give up on it.

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I know some PPs advised against Whole 30, but I actually am a big fan! No, it’s not sustainable forever (at least not for me), but it’s a great way to kick start your healthy habits. The first few weeks are hard but then you get into what they call the ‘tiger blood’ phase and I found that extra energy really motivating. The reintroduction at the end of the 30 days will help you to learn what your body does and does not do well on, and I learned heaps of healthy recipes while I was doing the whole 30. Now I try to eat clean (Whole 30-esque) 4 and a half days a week and then enjoy my weekends (within reason).

I’ve also had success with intermittent fasting. I’m doing it right now to lose a stubborn few pounds before my wedding, but I wouldn’t do it forever. I also wouldn’t pair it with a whole 30, but could be something to throw in there after you’ve done it and are adjusting to less-extreme eating habits.

Just my 2 cents!

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I pretty much only drink zero calorie drinks (8 cups of water a day, coffee, green tea). I think that’s the easiest change. Whether or not I drink that 200 calorie soda, I’m going to eat the same amount of food.

If you have a dog, do daily walks. Make it a routine. My Fiance and I walk our dog every night after work and it is actually a great time to bond and talk.

I pack myself a few healthy food items each day for work (plain greek yogurt with berries, couple fruits, etc.) and eat them throughout the day instead of grabbing unhealthy snacks.


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I resisted trying Weight Watchers for years (long story), but I joined this past summer and it’s the first thing that’s worked. I really recommend it! I gained 40 pounds in the 5 years since I got married, and it’s slowly melting away now. I average about a 1 lb loss per week.

Working out is key for getting healthy, but keep in mind that weight loss is primarily diet-driven (portions, primarily).

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Don’t put too much value on your weight. I made the mistake of doing that for way too long and it really hurt me mentally.  I’m at my heaviest weight ever at the moment and I’m technically in the overweight category (according to BMI). I’ll post my most recent picture at the end so you can see how stupid that is.

Anywho. For me, the easiest and most effective “diet” I’ve done is paleo. I wouldn’t call it a diet though. You should just eat whole food and avoid processed food.  It makes sense.  Eat good fat, like avocado, olive oil, almonds, almond butter. And for me, this is sustainable. Of course you can have a cheat meal here and there, but not every day. Twice a week, tops. Portion control is huge also. It’s so, so easy to over serve yourself, so just keep an eye on that too.

Small side note/ question: I see all of this Keto stuff online and admittedly, I haven’t really looked into it but I do follow a few Keto pages on FB.  I have to say, those people say some of the craziest sh*t and sound like total morons about nutrition. For example, this morning someone asked how to curb carb cravings and someone said “don’t restrict calories. Eat all of the salty/fatty things. I ate a lot of bacon, sausage, pork rinds, hot dogs, cheese and pinches of salt” And I sat there drinking my coffee thinking, wow that’s literally the worst diet advice I’ve ever heard. So I’m not sure what these keto people are smoking, but please don’t do that. Lol. 


Anyway, I just avoid processed food and eat the right serving sizes. And drink lots of waaaater 💦!!


Like I said, the scale is my enemy. She tells me I’m overweight 🤷🏼‍♀️ (My mirror is dirty, I know, I know)

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I streamline most of my meals. I was once told that you can have about 3 meals a week a week that are “whatever you want to eat” meals, and the rest healthy. Breakfast and lunches aren’t that important to me, so I buy the same thing and eat it for a week or two. Sunday nights I load up 5 containers and make salads, for instance. 5 bananas and protein shakes and I’m ready for breakfasts. 

Then I plan my “fun”  meals. Steak with hubby on Saturday night, or brunch with the girls on Sunday. Whatever. the meals where I’m not going to go SUPER crazy, but  not going to watch it all either. 

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The best approach I’ve found for myself is thinking of it like this: every choice I make (e.g. how long I decide to exercise, if I take a second helping at dinner, if I ignore an urge for a doughnut at the office, etc) will either bring me a step closer to my weight loss goal or a step farther away. 

It’s pretty overwhelming for me to think in the context of days, weeks, or months but if I break it down into little day-to-day choices, it seems much more doable. As an example, this morning I really wanted to make myself a latte. But I know I am better off without the milk and sugar calories, so I opted for a protein shake (no time to cook today). I’m not telling myself I can’t have milk or sugar ever, but I’m simply making the best decision in this exact moment. Once you make the best decision consistently enough, results happen. 

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Your husband’s reaction was mean…

You can eat 1500 calories a day and make sure you get at least 6000 steps a day. You’ll probably start losing then.

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The super easy thing to do is cut your portions. Like eat as you normally do, but cut the amount in half. I do this at restaurants so I don’t necessarily have to try to figure out how good or bad something is for me…if I want it, I order it, and I just leave half on my plate. Saves money when you can bring home leftovers too! I did like myfitnesspal for planning meals and tracking calories quickly. I hate counting calories or having to think too much about what I’m eating, but after a week of myfitnesspal, I got the hang of it and found it really easy. Especially if I thought about what I was going to eat the day before (really cut down on cheating too). That’s my advice from one lazy dieter to another 😉

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So first, I think its harsh to be all “fuck you” to your husband like other PPs have said. You didn’t say it but I HIGHLY doubt he probably would have meant his Yikes look in a bad way, like he probably thought the same as you regarding your recent weight gain.. my Fiance would be the same way, but he would NEVER love me any less. In fact, sometimes its motivating to have that tough love. Fiance really pushes me to workout by asking me daily and by no means is he doing that because he prefers me skinny. 

I’m not promoting anything here, but I was like you – worked out then had a rebound, whether that be quitting workouts or going back to eating shitty. I joined a fitness accountability group (the BeachBody ones with Shakeology) and that itself has helped me a TON. Yes you pay for it, but knowing I spent the money on it made me want to keep going because I didn’t want to waste dollars. 

To stay sane and my advice – Start small and don’t focus on the number on the scale because it WILL fluxuate. I inconsistently worked out and ate and still lost weight and FELT better. I only did 30 min workouts and ate 5-6 times a day but in smaller and healthier way. I have bad days, I haven’t worked out in a week because I’ve been sick, but I just look at progress photos and remind myself I can loose the weight. You aren’t alone! I want to loose 20lbs before I order my wedding dress and I keep telling myself I WILL. 

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MMMK. I’ll just say, your DH’s reaction was super eye-roll inducing. He better look like an effing body builder to be doling out criticism… and even if he does—super icky!


For me, there’s been a few things that helped me edge down the scale by about 20 pounds over the course of a year or so.

  • I cut out all “diet” drinks and just started drinking water or coffee (in the mornings)
  • I started switching out my regular pasta with wheat/spaghetti squash and veggie pasta
  • I stopped eating so much meat. I only eat meat for 1 meal a day (mostly dinner); and make sure it’s lean and smaller on the portion side.
  • I *try* to switch dressing preferences to vinaigrettes and Italian versus ranch. SUPER HARD for me, but it helps.
  • Darling Husband and I use Greek Yogurt in lieu of sour cream
  • Cutting down on the alcohol… or at the very least, switching to “lighter” drinks like light beer
  • Taking the stairs at work, walking the dogs, parking farther out in the parking lot
  • I have a major sweet tooth, so I started eating frozen greek yogurt bars (80-100 cals) when I want something sweet, I think the brand is YAZZO…. So yummy!


I do not like diets that cut out major food groups like veggies, or not fruit or something crazy like that. I try to eat colorful and eat lots of fruits and veggies, some carbs, some proteins and stay away from super processed foods. But hey—I live in this world and sometimes you get busy and life kicks in, and you need a pizza for dinner or McDonalds on a road trip—it happens. Don’t beat yourself up and try to stick daily to small, sustainable changes!!

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cbgg :  I think you’ve gotten good advice so far and I don’t have much to add. I was able to lose weight before my wedding back in Oct just eating better and lifting weights (I found workouts/moves on Pinterest) and I need to get back into it. My guilty pleasure is sweets and eating out if I suddenly get too hungry that I don’t want to take the time to make dinner. So meal prepping on the weekend helps a lot and if I have food to eat readily available that I look forward to it’s easier to not eat out. I don’t keep junk food in the house like a PP said so I either have to go out to get whatever I’m craving, or make it myself (like cookies or brownies). I also have a soup recipe I love that has lots of veggies so I can get those into my day more easily. I like watching vegan/vegetarian videos on YT even though I’m a meat eater but it gives me different recipe ideas to make and eat more veggies.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned that has helped me is taking a probiotic and multivitamin. I’ve been using the Olly brand gummies for both and the probiotic doesn’t help with cravings but it does help with bloat. The multivitamin really helps me with sweets cravings, it’s a lot easier to say no to sweets and I hardly crave them or think about them anymore. I’m in the same boat trying to lose weight so I feel ya 🙂 there was a thread going on recently for accountability if you haven’t seen it already.

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I’ll echo some PPs and recommend lifting weights, because after a weight lifting session you’ll keep burning calories, unlike cardio. Eat plenty of protein to repair muscles and reduce soreness after a workout, and fiber to stay full for longer. I struggle with portion size and don’t want to give up wine, but I try to limit it during the week at least. Fill up on veggies/salad first and then go back for the pasta or whatever as your second course. I bought the FBG guide on Black Friday and have been doing her workouts for a couple of weeks now. I was sore the first week but I really like how you can do them at home and they usually take 30-45 minutes. It’s six days a week but I’m working up to that level 🙂

Finally, get yourself a buddy to workout with. Your husband should offer, if he wants to redeem himself. I’m much better about getting out the door in the morning and hitting the gym before work if my husband goes too. 

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