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Oh goodness. I havent, and I wont. The last dog I got as a puppy was enough to make me not want another one for 10 years. Haha.

Some suggestions I would make is to make sure you give each of them seperate training for at least an hour every day. That way they will lean on you, rather than each other. Sometimes puppies that are raised with other puppies get more attached to the other puppy than to the owner.

I would suggest crate training (if you arent already.) Each of them will need their own crate where they can escape from the other one, if they feel the need. Like a safe spot.

Potty training could either be a blessing or a curse. If your current pup is already doing good, he may revert back to going in the house, if the other puppy does. That happened with mine when he was a puppy. He had been doing for 3 months, but I babysat another puppy for a week, and he went right back to peeing in the house again. On the flip side, if he doesnt revert, the other puppy may see him going potty outside, and repeat after him.


Also, if you can afford it, I always think puppy classes are essential.

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People survive having twins, so I’m sure you could handle it!

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Training and raising two puppies at once is very, very hard.

1) Each puppy needs its individual time with you, with your SO, with training, with outings, etc. otherwise they bond to each other instead of you and can develop severe separation anxiety if ever separated from the other dog.

2) It causes very high expenses for you for a while. A two month old puppy has to go to the vet about every 3 weeks until he’s 5 months old and each vet visit is pricey because of the vaccines. It doubles food bills, flea/trick/heartworm preventative costs, boarding costs, leash/collar costs in the near term. And 10 years down the road you’ll have two senior dogs on your hands that will require a lot of money and there’s the possibility that you’ll lose them both in a short span of time.

3) Nearly all 4 month old puppies are angels. They haven’t hit their teenage stage yet that can last from six months to 2 years old. We made this mistake. We had a 5 month old lab puppy who was a saint. Didn’t jump, didn’t chew, knew all basic commands and some advanced ones. Perfect angel. He turned into a monster around 7 months old and we had adopted a second dog. I highly advise that you wait until your current pup is 2 years old before deciding to add another member to the family.

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@DiamondsandViolets:  I’m torn. While raising two at once would elimate the need to do it again in a few years, it would be extremely difficult. It sounds like you have the time and patience to dedicate. I just wouldn’t on a personal note. I was told St. Bernards are big lazy dogs, and I was so happy, and he turned out to be a pain in the ass. He still is, considering he is only 5 months. He was super easy to potty and crate train, but I think if I had to deal with two puppies at once, I would go crazy.

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God bless you! We’re talking about getting another dog but we have decided to wait for many reasons…and we want one that’s between 1 & 3! (our current dog is 3). I definitely worry that the new dog will give my dog bad habits…she’s a follower by nature. Dunno why but she is definitely not a leader of the pack sort of pup.

I agree with training them seperately and making sure they don’t look to each other for how they should act, but look to you. My aunt adopted 2 dogs at once (one was like 8 months, one was 2?) and they are TERRORS. She didn’t train them but they also drag each other into trouble.

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No no no…our family has done it before, and I don’t think I would EVER do it again.  I am absolutely for having two dogs at once, but never raising puppies at the same time.  It become much more difficult, the puppies frequently bond to each more than to their people…our female was fine without the male, but he barked constantly when we tried to train or walk her separately.  

After our male dog passed away years later, it was almost like our female became a different dog.  She was much more attentive, would actually play better, (she would NEVER play fetch before, for example, and she was a RETRIEVER!  LOL!), was more affectionate, and calmer.  

I don’t regret raising them together, because we loved them both, but I would not choose to do so again, and whenever someone asks this question, my answer is always an emphatic “NO!”

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@DiamondsandViolets:  I did it (they are ten now :)). I was also in college and got them two months apart (like you) and it was NOT harder than raising one, honestly. They love each other and entertain each other every day! The question is do you have time to get a dog. If you already answered yes, I honestly do not think getting a second while they are both still puppies is double the work or anything like that! 🙂

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Can you make it work? Sure. Is it a super idea? Probably not.  

I whole heartedly support two dogs, but two puppies is a lot of work to end up with two well trained, well adjusted dogs. Having them be near the same age end of life could also mean some very expensive bills all at once vs. staggering ages. Finally, keep in mind that you dog has not hit adolesence yet – totally different behaviorally than the total compliance you are currently experiencing. Something tells me you would not even be considering this 4 months from now.

All that to say, I wouldn’t reccomend it, but the world likely won’t come crashing down around you.

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Also be aware that a hound may be a different training experience than a lab/border collie. 

I love hounds – but … in broad generalizations, they they may require more patience to train than your current pup. 

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