(Closed) A support thread for the victims of back seat drivers and the SO we love anyway

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  • poll: Is your SO a back seat driver?
    yes, my SO is the only one in the house who can drive : (8 votes)
    17 %
    yes, my SO is the only one in our town who can drive : (2 votes)
    4 %
    yes, my SO is the only one in our state/province who can drive : (1 votes)
    2 %
    my SO is the only one on the planet who can drive, and maybe other planets also : (12 votes)
    26 %
    No, I am totally the only one who knows how to drive out of any of the above choices : (16 votes)
    35 %
    Added per posters request: neither of us feel this way : (7 votes)
    15 %
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    I am unfortunately such a horrible back seat driver to my poor FI! I prefer to drive because of it. I don’t know if it’s because I knew him since before he ever had a license or what, but I just feel so on edge when he is driving, I can’t even relax!

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    @Bridey77:  I can’t answer your poll. Darling Husband doesn’t think he’s the only one who can drive, and he doesn’t think I can’t drive. I guess we’re lucky and don’t suffer from back seat drivers! (Maybe add that as a poll option?)

    I am certainly NOT the only one who knows how to drive out of any of the above options, since Darling Husband certainly knows how to drive, as well as his parents, and my parents, and the majority of people I pass on the street. Sure, that one girl with the “I drive like a Cullen” decal on her back window really sucked at driving, but she’s the only one that specifically sticks out in my memory. Most people are just… drivers I guess.

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    I love my husband. I know he’s trying to look out for me but sometimes he’ll do this too. 

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    Hahaha we do it to each other. But, you know who is really bad at this? My stepdad. He’s the WORST uuuugh my poor mother!! LOL.

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    My FH hates to drive, and I think I was a long haul trucker in a past life… so I drive everywhere. It works for us.

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    I’m lucky that FH is not a backseat driver. I’m not one either. But the worst backseat driver on the planet is my dad. I love my dad but you’d think he invented all the rules for driving. My mom says she won’t drive with him as a passenger unless he’s in a coma (that’s really saying something there, lol). 

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    We’re both backseat drivers to some extent, haha! However, I’ve really tried to tone it down a lot. I just keep it to criticism of other idiot drivers, of which there seem to be plenty around here. Honestly, it helps keep things light when other people piss us off.

    For example: we were once being tailgated by some woman in a minivan, while both lanes of traffic were backed up and we were also on the short side of a safe following distance. As soon as several cars in a row got off at the next exit, she veered into the right lane and blew past us, making eye contact whilst glaring and shaking her head violently at us– only to cut back in, directly in front of us, to avoid getting caught behind slower right-lane traffic. I made light of the situation, congratulating her on her ability to get ONE CAR ahead and saving herself half of a second on her commute time. So instead of getting pissed about it, Darling Husband and I had a good laugh.

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    I think we are all the best drivers in the world in our own minds! My SO and I are both this way. We will be talking on the phone during our commutes home (already bad drivers doing that), and basically the whole conversation is, “Oh my god, this guy can’t drive. What is he doing? $(*#$($*)!” I’m from Amish Country, so we have a lot of tourists who come visit. SO and I just moved to a county over from our old hometown, and we don’t have as many tourists and definitely no Amish buggies. It is so frustrating to have to drive back into our hometown and deal with the tourists. I’m convinced that no state in the entire US has good drivers except for PA, but just watch out for the Philadelphia drivers LOL.

    I think for PA drivers our biggest enemies are people from New York and New Jersey. Sorry if anyone from those states reads this. I personally don’t mind NY and NJ, but I think all of our states hate each other LOL. I just got a giggle the other day because we were pricing car insurance, and one of the questions to determine our rate was, “do you frequently leave PA to drive in NY or NJ?” I’m thinking how funny that even PA insurance companies apparently think NY and NJ drivers are dangerous 😉

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    My husband is fantastic and isn’t a BSD. Neither am I. However my mother is a HORRIBLE backseat driver. She even has her imaginary floor pedal. I threaten to put her in a soundproof bubble.

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    @firefliesinthesky:  Oh god, I can’t stand people who do that! It’s like that pocket of space there is not for you it’s so I can stop in time, but thanks! I had this guy in a giant pick up truck cut me off and get between me and the car in front of me to the point where I had to slam on my breaks. I blew my horn at him thinking perhaps he didn’t see me. I was then about 1.5 miles from my exit, so I got into the right lane. I think he thought I was trying to pass him on the right, so he flies between me and the car in front of me AGAIN. I blew my horn, and then he slams on his breaks to go from 60 down to like 30 FOR NO REASON. RAAAAAAAAAGE LOL. Not sure how minivans are regarded where you’re from, but around here it’s like, “oh god, watch out, it’s a minivan driver!” Like people who are normally good drivers become horrible drivers if they get behind the wheel of a minivan. 

    @musical-lady:  LOL, my mom is the backseat driver. After I got my license I kind of became the designated driver if they drank a few beers when we went out to dinner because they both drive for a living, so they couldn’t afford to have any alcohol on their breath just in case. If my mom was ever even a bit tipsy omg I just wanted to smack her the whole time. I know I’ve only been driving for like 6 years, but that’s enough time to know how to work my turn signals, how to get back to my house from the gas station 3 miles away, etc. “Turn there!” “The speed limit is 35. I can’t see your speedometer, but it feels like you’re going 37.” Although my dad’s favorite line when I’m driving is, “turn on your high beams!” when I don’t really need them (like driving through a city when a bunch of cars will come anyway)

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    @Bridey77:  My Darling Husband can be a backseat driver AND HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE HIS DRIVER’S LICENSE. He’s never driven a car without supervision in his life, but is currently having driving lessons and sometimes backseat drives when I get road rage. His rationale is “I don’t want you to get killed by someone when you yell at them or give them the finger”. However, if you have never driven, you don’t understand road rage IMO!

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    We each hate how the other person drives haha so we both backseat drive. Although, his dad is the KING and people fight over who has to drive with him because he is so awful. He will actually SCREAM. And, it must be a family thing, because FI’s grandfather recently told Future Sister-In-Law to adjust her mirrors because he couldn’t see out of them…from the backseat!!!!!

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    I’m a wayyyy better driver. He’s too slow and cautious. I am a boss at driving. 

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