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My husband and I started dating long distance in our junior year of high school (he lived near me before but moved).  We got married when we were 20/21 after he had finished college.  I wanted to wait until after college because I really believe it is hard enough to be married, but having school too is super tough (my husband is getting his masters right now and it’s so hard).

I am going to be 25 this year right after our 2nd anniversary.

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I’m so excited to finally have a supportive “young” community!

I’m 20 and my husband is 22, we met when we were in HS (I was a freshman and he was a junior)and have been together for 5 years. Two of those years we had a LDR and made our relationship even stronger. We got married one week after I graduated (I was 18) and I moved 6 hours away from family where he’s receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2 weeks in engineering from a University. He’s going on to get his MS and eventually PhD. We ttc for a year and experienced infertility issues, but are now expecting a son in July! I’m a Stay-At-Home Wife and will be a Stay-At-Home Mom when the time comes:D


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I started dating Darling Husband when I was a senior in high school, he was a sophomore in college. We dated when I went to school an hour away – it was acutally easier than we thought! I personally wanted to wait until I was out of school and had an established career but Darling Husband proposed my last week at school.

I get the “you’re young” “you’re a baby bride” a lot, mostly from strangers. It doesn’t help that I look 16. But our families have been supportive and I think we prove everyone wrong. We’re financially stable and we know what we’re doing! πŸ™‚

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@Mrs.Lonestar:  I love Supportive Threads!!

Fiance and I met when we were Freshman in High School but started dating late sophmore year when we were both 15/16. We have been going really strong ever since dating and are really exited to be starting a new chapter in our lives together. Right now I am 22 and Fiance is 21. We both know that we are right for each other and that getting married is right for us at this time. Currently we are on a Weekend only relationship as we go to different universities about two hours apart from another. It was difficult in the beginning but we have both adjusted and are appreciative of the time we do get to spend together.

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I got married at 22 (almost 23) to my spouse who had just turned 28. We met in college and are now both in grad school. My mother didn’t want me to get married, but she went through a really rough divorce, so I understand where she was coming from. She is happy for us now. Everyone else has been very supportive. I forget sometimes that I got married young. Most of my friends are late 20s – mid 40s and married or in committed relationships. 

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We met in high school, started dating our sophomore year of college, and we’re about to graduate in a month. We’ll likely get married next year after I find secure employment in California (where we’ll bemoving to in July). We’re both 23, but will be close to 25 when we’re married.

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I love supportive threads as well. I’m getting married at an age that people in my area (the Northeast) consider early, and I’m just getting scared with all of the threads where people tell horror stories of their ex’s at this age. I met my SO (soon to be FI!! Can’t wait!) at 18 but then we were both dating our ex’s. Fast forward a year later, we had both broken up with our (long-term and that we thought we would have married) ex’s, and met randomly at a social dance party at a local studio (we both ballroom dance, he’s actually a professional and teaches it and manages a studio. I just do it for fun). We chatted and danced a bit during the party (cue butterflies). It’s a tradition that everyone heads over to a specific bar 2 blocks away after that party (we get cool discounts there), so we went there and instantly hit it off. It sounds corny, but I knew I was either going to marry him or be with him pretty much forever from the moment I really looked into his eyes. We fell head over heels and shared our first kiss 2 days later, our first I love you a month later (and we both meant it). Now we’ve been together for a little over 2 and a half years, living together for almost one year, and plan to be married in 2013 (I’ll be 23, he’ll be 33). He’s going to propose this summer, I’m so excited!

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@Mrs.Lonestar:  I feel the same way! So many ladaies on this thread I thought were much older. Pleasant surprise:D

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What a pleasant thread!

I met my husband in high school – we started dating our senior year. He went to CA for college and I stayed in FL, so we did long distance for 4 years. We spent the summers working and living together, but during the school year only saw each other on breaks and Skype. After almost 5 years of dating, he proposed to me by the Santa Monica pier when I went to pick him up after graduation – he moved in with me in my college town (where I took a 2 year internship-type job) and we were married 5 mo after my graduation. This last year and a half has been awesome, and we are verrrry excited to move to a new location for grad school and have some new adventures πŸ™‚

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Hi Ladies!!!

What a wonderful idea for a thread!

My husband and I met when he was 18 and I was 16 in Ocean City, Maryland, while we were both on vacation. I was going into my senior year of high school and he was starting his second year of college.  We found out we lived an hour away from each other and fell head over heels into an amazing relationship.

I started at the same university as him after high school. Our college experience together was incredible. We pushed each other in the direction of our dreams and enjoyed every second we spent together.

We were married this past October at ages 23 and 25.

 We are both set in our careers and probably would not be if not for each other. We were both pretty wild and crazy when we met, and we ended up calming each other down and helping each other focus.

I am so blessed to have been lucky enough to meet my soul mate at such a young age. 

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I’m 21 and he’s 23. It doesn’t really seem young, where I live this is perfectly normal and loads of people get married several years younger. We haven’t gotten any you’re-too-young comments from our families. Everyone knows we’re right for each other and there is no reason to wait. πŸ™‚ We’re also different from a lot of college kids–neither of us drink, smoke, or party. We just study and go out to dinner and movies and play card games. Not wild college kids at all. Can’t wait to get married in less than a month!!

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