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Honey bee
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I never see my FH anymore. His boss keeps scheduling him off on my school days, and doubles or weird shift-and-a-half type things on my off days. It’s driving me CRAZY. I knew, with my weird school schedule, I would see him less for a little while, but this. is. ridiculous. We went from seeing each other 6-7 days a week to 2. 3 if we’re really, really lucky that week and can squeeze in a coffee date. 

I start full-time student teaching at the end of this month, and I’m already preparing for it to be worse. 

And don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m about to work something like 50 hours a week and not get paid for it…

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My married boss just went to lunch with a lady who used to work here. With whom he had an affair. She left her husband for him and assumed he’d leave his wife. He didn’t. Are you fucking kidding me?

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Bumble bee
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Congress. Congress is irking me. Fiance and I are probably going to have to cancel our wedding and use the money to live off of because they are acting like children and both of us are jobless as of now.

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Bumble bee

AT&T needs to get their ish together and get us our cell phones. I’ve been without a phone for a week now.

Also, our gas is cut off. We have no stove and no hot water. We cannot bathe or wash dishes (although we can cook because our oven is electric). I have no idea what we’re going to do when all of the dishes are dirty, because no one is going to wash dishes in cold water. First off, good way to get sick cause there’s no heat in the house, second— eww! Maybe Dawn is good enough for some people but I firmly believe dishes must be washes and rinsed in HOT water to be considered clean. And this is happening just was we were starting to get a handle on the roach infestation that has been happening latel (oh, the joys of living in the country and having every pest you can think of at your doorstep)

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Sugar bee
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Ok I know this is totally ridiculous but here goes: 

I had a nasty cold last week. I was miserable. Came to work because I was needed. We have a family business.

Darling Husband has caught the cold, this is his second day home. We work at the same place and I just wanted to be like MAN UP. Pretty sure he was playing it up this morning, too, but what can ya do. 

I was just pretty jealous that he got to stay in bed, but last week I had to push through it. ok vent over.

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Buzzing bee
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I just want to know where we will be living… will we be moving at the end of this month? Or next spring? His job needs to tell him. Especially because I am thinking about changing my permanent address from my parents to this new place and since I already have to change my name on my DL… well… just. UGH! Our situation is confusing and frustrating and I just don’t know what to do with myself. Meanwhile I feel out of sorts because my new address SHOULD be the house we just bought but I dunno!!!!!! AURGH!

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Buzzing bee
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+1 to Congress. Seriously WTF.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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+1 to Congress because I want to take my husband to Rushmore on the 12th.

And my bra is bothering me to the point where I’m ready to go without one for the rest of the day. I might actually burn it in the process. I am not sure.

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Helper bee

+1 for Congress.  This is so awful of them.

I’m wearing autumn clothes that I haven’t worn for almost a year.  And I did not realize until I got to work how absolutely BAGGY they are!  I look awful!  I’ve lost so much weight since I last wore them.  🙁

Which is a good thing, but I still look really bad today!

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Busy bee
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I’m sick of Darling Husband getting calls in to work the moment I get home – I’d like to actually SEE HIM, please and thank you.  😛

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Sugar bee
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@ForeverBirds:  I agree re: washing dishes in hot water. My old apartment with my Fiance (was formerly FI’s bachelor pad) had very lukewarm water for everything and no dishwasher. I always felt that our dishes were not clean enough. Why is your gas shut off?

As for roaches/bugs? I live right outside the city, and I’ve encountered more creepy crawlers (centipedes, roaches) in my urban apartments than I did growing up in rural MA. I remember being like, “I am not paying $XXXX for monthly rent to live with freakin’ vermin for crying out loud…” when I lived in Manhattan.

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Buzzing bee

My coworker complains about being tired and in pain all of the time. She is obese. She does not eat real food (always processed, canned, or full of preservative junk). She suffers from thyroid problems and fibromyalgia. She does not exercise and sits at a desk all day. And she is on a ton of medication.

Get up. Exercise. Eat REAL food. Stop taking all of your bogus medication.

I promise ALL of your ailments will resolve on their own. 

This drives me CRAZY! No one has a sense of responsibility anymore- they want a doctor and a little pill to fix everything, when they put themselves in that situation to begin with!

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Busy bee
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@icanhearyousmile:  I feel you. Got my letter at work yesterday so we wouldn’t even have to come in today to shut stuff down. Hopefully they’ll get their acts together shortly and we can go back to work. Best of luck to you and your FI!

And, yes, my irritant of the day is Congress. And ironing. I’m catching up on it right now (thanks furlough!) and it sucks.  

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Busy bee
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Our voicemail system and copier both decided to $hit the bed today..and as de facto office manager, both are my responsibilities. Oh, and BOTH companies were supposed to come between 2 and 2:30 to fix them..it’s now 4 PM and no one has showed up from either place.

AND to top things off, I jammed two staplers today and cannot, for the life of me, get them unjammed. I am bad luck today. UGH.

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