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Honey bee
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Aw man, that sucks! I’m sorry!! Hopefully he just said it’s ruined to throw you off and he’s gonna do it anyways. Or maybe he has a completely different plan now!

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Buzzing bee

just because you felt that he’d propose during the trip didn’t mean you ruined anything! jeez, boys can be so overdramatic sometime! lol. i’m sure if he’s really upset that he’ll figure out something else to do that will still blow your socks off.

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Bee Keeper
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I knew when my Fiance was going to propose and totally pretended like I didn’t and still won’t admit to knowing (hooray for secret identities on this site!). I lie to everyone who asks and say I had no idea. I knew he really wanted it to be a surprise, so to me this is my way of granting his wish. Sounds strange, but it works. Maybe one day when we’re old and gray I will admit to it 😉

In my opinion, he was just as bad for confronting you about it as you were for telling an outside party about your suspicion. Guys need to realize that GF’s are ALWAYS thinking about when he might propose, even if we claim not to be. If he brings it up again, I would just shrug it off and say you’ll be on edge about when it’s coming until after it happens and not to worry about your predictions. 

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Helper bee
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I didn’t ruin my FIs proposal but…my father did. Haha. He called my dad at work (I work there as well) and apparently Fiance asked him to lunch. My dad walked over to my office and goes “m—-, why would b— want to go to lunch with me?!” Are you kidding my dad. Haha!! I still get a kick out of it! 🙂

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Honey bee
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Oops!  That’s a bit of a bummer but hopefully he gets over it and realizes that no matter what he does and when he does it you’ll love it and it’ll be amazing. 

I didn’t ruin the proposal but he kinda did on the night it happened.  I’ll take this to my grave because I’d never want him to know.  But, he totally had the ring in his right pant pocket while driving so I saw it and obviously knew what was up.  He’s kinda silly like that, totally fits his personality but he tried.

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Honey bee
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I haven’t ruined them yet, but he told me if I figure it out, he won’t do it! So, I’m trying really hard to not figure it out or say anything about it!!!

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Buzzing bee
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my sister just got engaged this week and she’s been so nosy, her bf finally proposed under the guise of ring shopping!  He planned to take her to dinner and ring shopping but secretly had the ring already.  It was the only way he could keep things under wraps.

I’m sorry this happened…that’s a little disappointing!  But I’m sure he will find a way to surprise you soon.  Let us know what it happens!

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Bumble bee
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@buffy – i wouldn’t worry too much about it. it’s not you intentionally went out to ruin his surprise – it just happened to come up. you can’t feel too bad about, and your Boyfriend or Best Friend should realized that this isn’t the end of the world! he can either go ahead as planned or come up with a new surprise!

@Latte – that’s amazing! too funny!

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Busy bee

Ooo, I should give you an early congrats! ‘Cause the wait is endin’ soon. Wink

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Bee Keeper
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@Latte – I had a friend who proposed to his Girlfriend that way! I thought it was totally genius and very romantic! Although he was taking a risk by picking out the ring first, what if they tried ‘it’ on and she hated it?? Luckily, she is a very sweet girl who liked everything and truly loved what he chose.

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Helper bee
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Ha!  Yes. I ruined it not once, but twice!

His plan was to propose using 2 fortune cookies. The problem was he was planning to do so before we met his brother and SIL and some friends at a wine bar.  I had been talking it up the food there all week. Well, come Friday and he’s like “Yeah I’m ordering Chinese food do you want any?”

I got a little sassy and replied, “No!  We’re going to the wine bar that has great food. I don’t want CHINESE food!”

He went ahead and ordered the food. So it didn’t happen that night. He never let on and I had no clue.

Fast Forward 10 days and I jump in his car and say, “I want Thai food!” The look on his face was priceless and I asked, “Wha??”

So we go, eat, he grabs 2 fortune cookies on the way out the door. I immediately grab one of the two and open it. Weird fortune.

The next day he snuck one of the proposal parts into the fortune cookie while I was in the bath. After I decided to eat my leftovers and remembered the fortune cookie. I asked, “Hey, where’s your cookie you didn’t eat??” So he hands it to me, I open, it reads: You will recieve a proposal soon. I respond, “That should have been my fortune last night hee hee!” and just dismiss it. He thought I was acting. I still had no clue.

Lated that night, he proposed and I realized that I “ruined” his plans twice- once by refusing Chinese food and a second time by eating one of the necessary fortune cookies that said “Marry me?”.

Moral of the story is never refuse Chinese food!

He’s a great guy. He says it’s a very me thing to do and he finds the story adorable.

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Helper bee

@buffy – Hey, its an honest mistake, I’m sure he’ll bounce back with a better plan once he recovers from the “ruined my surprise” reaction…

@LatteLove – Ooh so sneaky! Gotta give him props for knowing her so well though.

@HereComesTheSun – Great story and sounds like something I would do as well!

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Sugar bee
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I knew he was going to propose…well I wasnt 100% positive but I was pretty sure because he was acting so sneaky and weird and always working late! He would take phone calls in the backyard!!! But I didnt let him know that I had ANY idea. He would always rub my ring finger, or talk about other peoples rings that we knew and then he planned a trip down to Georgia and invited my mom and brothers. Seriously he thought he was so slick too!!! I wasnt going to tell him that I knew but then after he proposed he was like did you have any idea and I was like YES I have been waiting!!!

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