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I’ve had my appendix out (almost died actually!) my scars were little but dark and faded over time, I can hardly see them now. My cousin had a similar surgerquad yours only her scar went from her chest down way below her belly button. It was long dark and jagged and she saved up for 5 years and in her 40th b day had plastic surgery to fix it. She told me it was the best thing she could have ever done. I’m not advising reconstructive surgery but letting you know it’s something to consider if it is bothering you that much. You can get a free consult and an estimate to know how much to save…good luck in your recovery!

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I have had several abdominal surgeries, (5). But I was very young. I have two viable scars both have been cut open twice, one is covered by swim suit etc the other is not. (I have a hip to hip and right above my belly button.) then I have a scar that is only a few inches long  and you can see. As far as abs go I will never have a 6 pack and it looks odd if I work them out to much because below my scar wont developed as well. This has to do with the age my abs were cut and the number of times. But for the most part people don’t notice and you cant tell in clothing you will be able to go back to normal life any if anything probably on a more healthy diet. The best thing I found for my scars even the ones that I got when I was 3 days old is vitamin E, my doctor recommended this to my mother. You have to wait until it is healed to apply it. I bought the capsules and broke them open. It will lighting the scar and help if heal flat. Over time you will get use to it, it will be a part of you our scars are proof of our lives and that we are alive they make you, you.  Good luck I know it is a tough healing process but so very worth it. 

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@love108:   I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through this.  The good news is that all that hard work in pilates will help to speed your recovery and you will bounce back much sooner than someone who was not fit.  While I haven’t been through a similar surgery, I am a nurse and care for patients who have been through similar, and often much worse!  So keep your chin up, realize that surgical sites always look worse before they start to look better, and you are still as beautiful as ever!  

If the scar continues to bother you, plastic surgeons can sometimes revise them or do other treatments to minimize their appearance.  But for now, just focus on the initial healing and feeling well again.  Many wishes for a speedy recovery!

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I know it is such an adjustment when your whole body changes over night. I know you are beautiful they way you are. one of my biggest fears is to have a to have vertical – section because then I would have an I on my stomach lol. Everyday you will get stronger and use to your body and in a few months you will get to get back to your old routine and be a better you 

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@love108:  ohhh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear that! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen your name pop up in the past week or so πŸ™

A close friend of mine underwent a botched c-section several years ago and has dealt with some of the same things you are going through now. From the things she has shared with me, I know she has struggled with feeling beautiful (even though her husband absolutely adores her). But she truly is one of the most beautiful people I know.

Now, she hasn’t had a miraculous recovery and regained the body she had at 22. But, she has actually been able to regain muscle tone, etc, and has had some acupuncture on her scars that has been beneficial as well (in case you didn’t want to go as extreme as reconstructive surgery).

Give yourself some time to adjust–it’s ok to be sad and frustrated so don’t be too hard on yourself right now. First priority is letting your body heal. And know that you certainly are beautiful, even if one aspect of your body is imperfect. 

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@Angelz_love:  As someone with Crohn’s disease, I am so sorry you’ve had to go through something like that.  I’ve not had to have surgery for my disease but it is something that is always possible.

As far as the scar, the best advice I can give you is to keep it out of the sun for as long as possible.  I also had thyroid cancer, so I actually have about a 6 inch long scar across the front of my neck.  I kept it covered with a ton of sunblock and a bandaid when I was in the sun and it didn’t turn that dark color that scars sometimes do.  I also used to rub vitamin E oil and Mederma (a special scar reducing cream) on it once it had fully healed.  But keeping it out of the sun made the biggest difference.  It’s just a fine line across my neck that looks like a crease to those who don’t know what I went through.

I’m glad to hear your professors are being understanding.  I went through my initial Crohn’s flare during grad school and it was hell but I too had understanding professors.  My cancer was during undergrad and luckily it didn’t change things too much.


Try to continue to rest and your body will heal in time.  It will feel like yours again, I promise. Not moving and stretching a lot will keep the scar from getting super big since the stiches won’t stretch and you’ll be back to pilates and working out before you know it.


Please do rest and feel better.   Feel free to PM if you need support.

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@love108:  I know you’re probably getting lots of “I’ve been there – it’s fine” stories… I don’t know if you’re looking for that or not – But I thought I would share a quick bit of mine.

When I was 18, I was in a car accident.  Without going into all of the details of it, I ended up with some severe scarring.  My right leg has 7 major scars, my left leg has a couple of minor scars, my left elbow has a major scar, and I have a scar on my face – It is above my eye, and goes through a small part of my eyebrow.

I didn’t think I would ever be pretty again.  I didn’t think a guy would want to be with a girl that looked like that.  I swore that I wouldn’t wear a skirt again.  Yes, I knew that it was miraculous that I even had my leg, but that still didn’t change how I felt about it.

Now, 4 years later, my scars have faded A LOT.  I have met and married the most amazing man.  My scars don’t define me – Heck, I hardly even think about them.  I wear skirts, dresses, and shorts all the time.  I don’t even use make up to cover up the scar on my face now.  Usually kids notice and point them out, so I talk to them about the scars.  Other than that, it’s just my normal now.

I know you don’t want that scar – I understand.  You don’t want that to have to become your normal.  You want to be able to wear bikinis, etc… The scar WILL fade! It won’t be a big deal in the future – trust me… I didn’t think I’d ever get over mine, but I did! And it doesn’t phase my husband one bit.  

And, like PPs said, there are options in terms of reconstructive surgery, etc.  I didn’t think my scars had faded much… But I recently saw a picture from 3-4 months after the accident and I was shocked at how dark my scars looked – they’re not very noticeable now compared to then.  

There’s hope! Focus on recovering — It’s great that you finished that pilates class, it will help you recover better! πŸ™‚ Then… If, in several year, you’re still not happy with the way the scar looks, pursue your options.  Don’t let it define you or your beauty or your worth – You are still YOU! πŸ™‚

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Also, like PPs said, Vitamin E oil and Mederma eventually… SUN SCREEN and keeping it covered – super important… It made a huge difference for mine πŸ™‚

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Yes, I am dealing with it right now. I just had surgery on my leg and was left with a big scar and I feel the same as you do. I want to say : love yourself as you are, and that is still the best advice, but I know that did not make me feel any better, I just want it gone. 

I had scar revision surgery which left me with a much neater scar, but still very prominent. 

I did a lot of research and was willing to do anything as long as it would improve the scar because I hated it so much. 

I bought silicone scar sheets , this is the number 1 thing recomended by plastic surgeons and doctors that treats scaring and has actual studies to back it up. You must use this as soon as possible for the best effect but if also works on old scars. 

I also started doing micro needling ( here is another thread about this: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/dermarollingneedling-stretch-marks ) Yes, it is painful, but it works and I will do anything and I can’t dish out thousands of dollars for laser treatments that may not even work that well. 

Other common but great advice: keep it covered, keep it moist, dont pick at it!

Also, don’t freak out, it might look really bad now, but it takes up to a year for it to look like it will in the end.

Good luck and big hugs!!!

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@love108: i’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this! i had to have a massive tumor removed my ovary about 3 years ago, but i was totally happy to have my surgery! i had been sick and in awful pain for months, so i was practically begging for someone (anyone!) to cut me open! 

i basically had a mini c-section. my scar doesn’t bother me at all (i’m actually quite proud of it, lol) and it’s faded a lot. 

recovery for abdominal surgery is tough, so i definitely feel for you. i’m a pretty skinny girl and i looked pregnant for the first few weeks after my surgery. of course nobody believed that, but i swear i did, lol. i had numbness and occasional tingling/tugging for a long time afterwards while the nerves repaired themselves, but that’s gone away for the most part. i do still have a bump above the incision, which (if my pants fit low my hips) gives the illusion of a tiny “baby bump” sometimes. but none of it really bothers me and it makes for a good story to tell the grandkids, haha πŸ™‚

anyways, little by little your body will bounce back; it just takes time. i know it feels like forever right now, but just be patient and follow your doctor’s orders. let your body heal and enjoy being totally helpless and letting everyone wait on you hand and foot. πŸ™‚ 

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