Abnormal cells in biopsy

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bouviebee :  I’ve had this happen and had the colposcopy, my sister and several of my girlfriends have been through it too. It was uncomfortable, but from what I remember it was relatively quick. 

I understand being freaked out because the results could be bad but I would bet you’re fine, try not to stress!

I had a mammogram a couple of weeks ago and have to go back for more images and an ultrasound as well, I can’t get in till the 25th which seems like forever, it sucks waiting to get these types of things figured out!

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bouviebee :  I’ve had several colposcopies + biopsies after abnormal paps. It’s mildly uncomfortable (the biopsy hurts the worst) but it’s not a long procedure. All of my results came back clear. 

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Try not to stress. I’ve had an abnormal PAP, followed up with a colposcopy. My results came back clear and a followup PAP at 6mo, and 1 year, were also clear.

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bouviebee :  I was in a colposcopy clinic for a few years. I had to go every 6 months and in order to be released from the program, I needed 3 consecutive “normal” paps. I’d get 2 normals and one abnormal, so I had to keep going just to keep an eye on things. My Gyno had it set up so that I could actually see what she was doing using a microscopic camera and a TV on the wall, it was really cool. From what I remember, the proceedure is very similar to a pap but they clip a tiny bit of tissue, then they spray your cervix with vinegar. The vinegar will turn any damaged cells white, so that’s what they’re looking for. In my case, I never had any cells turn and it was always very low-grade abnormals. My gyno always said “I dont see anything to be concerned about”. I was very stressed about it for the first year because to me, extra testing = cancer. But this is a good thing, this means they want to keep an eye on it IN CASE the abnormal cells turn pre-cancerous (Rather than sloughing off, which is what normal cells do). This means if anything bad happens, it will be caught right away. A biopsy is definitely worse than the colposcopy. It’s not comfortable, but it really just feels like a longer, slightly more pinchy pap. 

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Over the last few years I’ve had several colposcopies, biopsies and abnormal results from those. My last results came back clear though.

It’s not that bad – I’ve had a more uncomfortable smear tests to be honest (when the nurse spent about 15 mins poking around for my cervix!) and the biopsy is definitely the worst bit. I actually don’t mind having colposcopies as anything would be caught early – now I’m back to having smear tests every few years and it makes me a bit uneasy! 

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I had bleeding and pain so had a colposcopy which initially found a large amount of what looked like “high grade” changes on my cervix. As you can imagine I was thinking all sorts, I had to have LLETZ under GA to have them removed due to the pain, location and amount. The lab tests came back saying they were CIN1 which is low grade, I had to have smear 3 months later which came back all clear and now I’m back to normal having them every 3 years.

I really wouldn’t worry too much at this stage, low grade cell abnormalities are extremely common, especially in young women. In the UK we don’t even do smears until we’re 25 because these changes are so common and cervical cancer is so rare under 25 that young women were having unecessary procedures and scares. 

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I’ve had a colposcopy and the results came back ok – odds are that you will be fine. It’s a common thing to have done. I know it’s hard not to to worry, but try not to!

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I’ve had several. Agree with PP- a slightly more pinchy Pap smear experience. All of mine also came back fine- I was on a twice yearly pap regimen for a while and now just do the usual once/ year. 

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It is pretty common and why some offices are so nonchalant. 

I chose to get a new obgyn after my last office didn’t even care when I had abnormal cells. They said just “come back in a year”… then hung up on me before I could even schedule THAT. So… Fired em.

I had the procedure immeadiately with the next doctor and I believe a 6 month follow up. I ended up being in the clear but if you have a doctor office that just acts thoughtless and unconcerned… get a new one. Seriously. 

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