(Closed) Abnormal EEG now, 19 days before the wedding, and nothing I can do

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I hate to be debbie downer but I cannot fathom spending money on a wedding when you have potentially life threatening health issues. And I don’t know about your state laws but I know where I live you can’t drive until you are six months seizure free. And that is for everyone else’s safety not just yours. Neuro issues aren’t something you mess around with, is there any way since your fils can buy you a cruise they can loan you the money for the doctor until you get a job? Or talk to the neurologist and see if you can work out a payment plan?


I know it isnt what you want to hear but there has to be something you can cut from the wedding to pay for a doctor. What good is a fancy dress ans stuff if you end up laying in a hospital bed because you seize driving down the highway at 70 mph?  


Your wedding is a wonderful important thing but is still just one day. And compromising your health for one day of fun seems less than rational. 


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@chasesgirl:  I agree. I am so sorry to hear that you are so stressed, but that 350 dollars is worth it in the long run. Can someone (you or your fiancé) pick up a few extra shifts? Sell something? Ask a parent or relative for help?

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Have you talked to the neurologist office about your situation? They maybe willing to bill you for it and put you on a payment plan. I know when I was going to lose my job a couple of years back my doctor was informed before hand and so was my rheumatologist. They told me they’d put me on 3 month scripts to save me money and supply me samples as well. They also were going to avoid testing unless necessary and I typically have to have it done every 6 weeks. So talk to them doctors can be more understanding than you think.

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@kris325:  do you already have your marriage license? I would go ahead and get legally married ASAP so you can get the ball rolling on the health insurance process. I have been married for a few weeks now, and getting my husband on my health insurance has turned into a hassle. Good luck with everything. 

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I would do your best to see a doctor, when you are first diagnosed with epilepsy, it can be a very scary thing and you should certainly see a doctor before your cruise. Please don’t be to proud to ask for financial help. I understand how frustrating it is to have uncontrolled epilepsy – you are right, it does make certain activities hazardous.

I have a son with epilepsy (partially controlled), Although I’m not a medical professional, I can try to answer any questions you might have.

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screw gas, food whatever. i would be taking the bus and eating ramen (as would my FI) to make SURE i went to the doctor. i can’t believe that are you both considering delaying this??

can’t your family/friends help? realistically, 350 dollars is not that much – you may not have it laying around but i’m sure you could come up with it. 

can your fi pick up overtime? can you walk dogs/babysit/clean houses? can you sign up to a temp agency for a few days to make extra cash? can you return some wedding items for money?

honestly – your health is priority number 1 right now. please take care of yourself! also – you’re going on a cruise – you should know that medical care on cruises is often terrible – and you will be far from a hospital on land if something should go wrong. i would rethink the cruise, and if you do go ahead with it, make sure that you are purchasing the best in medical insurance. an unexpected hospital stay in another country can cost thousands of dollars if you are un or under insured.

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Your daughter needs you, not anything else. You need to see a doc ASAP. Sell something, borrow money, do you have a credit card? I mean honestly– THIS is the time to use whatever you have. 

And keep in mind that if you do have a condition that will cause seizures and make it hard or impossible for you to work– you can apply for disability. Depending on how much you’ve worked, it may be income dependent– but there is really no harm in applying for it. Your doctor may be able to give you more info.

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sorry if I missed this, or if I’m confused, but it sounds like you’ve had two episodes in the last year or that it’s been almost a year since you’ve had your last episode? I’m not an expert in epilepsy, but to me, that seems like it’s been a while, I’m just not completely convinced that all of a sudden on your wedding day or on your honeymoon, you’ll suddenly have another one.


I think that you should continue on with your plans and try to enjoy yourself. After all, while yes you can go to a neurologist now, one visit isn’t going to completely solve all of your problems. There is still medication, which I know can be hundreds of dollars a month if you don’t have insurance.  This isn’t a problem that you can solve in 19 days. It’ll take time. When my friend got diagnosed, it took months to get all of the tests, the medications, etc sorted out.


hope you get it sorted out!


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The seizures could be stress-related, but could they also be caused by a different underlying issue? I don’t want to freak you out, but my mind would immediately jump to the worst thing possible and I’d get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. If it’s cancer, the longer you wait the worse and more life-threatening it can get. A family friend had issues with speech (like you mentioned) and she had a tumor that they needed to operate on right away.

I really hope it’s nothing serious & unmanageable. But I bet your parents/in-laws would help you out if you explained this. Please don’t feel guilty for that – an abnormal EEG isn’t something to take lightly, in my opinion. 

I really hope everything is ok.


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