(Closed) Abnormal pap? Colposcopy?

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I’ve had that before, sounds like a cyst.  I’ve had a few of them in my life, and cancer as well, and the cancer didn’t hurt one bit, but the cysts did.  I hate colposcopys, prefer ultrasounds. Most of mine have popped in between. But, better to be safe and make sure its not something more serious!!

Are you on birth control?

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do not stress. You will be ok. I had an abnormal pap a few years back and I had a coloscopy too. My results came back perfect. Which they thought was weird- but they say cells change all the time and sometimes an abnormal pap is just something that happens. Not sure if this is your case, since I read about a lesion. Just don’t drive yourself- you may have some cramping and pain. I almost passed out after mine, but was fine in a few hours. Good Luck!

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I had an abnormal pap once, but had no symptoms.  I did have a colposcopy and it realy wasn’t that bad.  

I was really nervous about it, but it turned out to be much like having another pap done.  The only real differences I noticed were that the doctor used a very big and bright light (which creeped me out a little) and applied a solution to the cervix (couldn’t really feel that).  I was scared because he told me he’d biopsy if he saw anything out of the ordinary.  That was the part that I was afraid of.  But it turned out he did find two spots, biopsied them and I never even noticed.  He kept me talking and I didn’t realize what he’d done.  Really, it just felt like another pap.  I took the rest of the day off work because I was worried about cramps, but they never came.

My cousin had a colposcopy about the same time and said she did feel the biopsy, but she said it really didn’t hurt much; it was like a pinch.  And she did have cramps later, but said they were like period cramps, nothing horrible.  But even she admitted that the procedure is far more scary than painful.


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i’ve had the procedure before due to abnormal pap – lucky for me i was showing no symptons prior but had to come back in for the colposcopy and based on results i was fine but better to be safe than sorry and always get it checked out ya know?  the colposopy is easy peasy but the biopsy was a bit painful but really quick – id suggest a tylenol before you go in. Good Luck! hope its nothing too serious.

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I had something like this around nine years ago. Abnormal pap smear, colposcopy, biopsy. Like Neva‘s cousin, I felt a pinch during the biopsy. I had some sort of pre-cancerous squamous cells (I think is the term, it’s been awhile) and ended up having cryotherapy to get the cells frozen off. (That was no fun.) I have been fine ever since. But, I didn’t have any symptoms prior to it being caught during a routine pap smear, so it’s not quite the same as your situation.

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I have no advice for you, except you are not alone.  I’ve had two abnormal pap smears in the last six months, so I’m going to get a colposcopy done on Friday.  Ugh!

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I had a few abnormal paps after college. I had a colposcopy done after the first one, and it was considered “dysplasia” (abnormal cells) and there were only a few spots and it was low level so we waited.  It felt like a “bee sting” on my cervix, which I must admit, was not pleasant.

A few years later, I continued to have the abnormal paps, so I had another colposcopy.  The abnormal cells were closer to the opening of the cervix this time, and it was even less pleasant than the last time.  My uterus cramped very hard after that and I almost fainted walking to my car (campus health – so quite a walk back to the lot).  It was after this time that I learned it was HPV cauing the abnormal cells.  I only ever had it on my cervix.

So then we decided on cryo.  That was super-unpleasant and was extremely painful for me. (I know other women that have had it and it wasn’t painful really at all for them).  They put liquid nitrogen on your cervix 3 times for 1 minute each.  Afterwards, I was glad my mom had come up to take me home because there was NO WAY I would have been able to go home – I was cramping on the verge of passing out.  The Dr told me if I ever had kids, they’d be sure to come out quickly because my uterus cramps so well.  What a lovely trait to have… (sarcasm noted).

I don’t want to scare you…just wanted to give you an honest experience.  I hope all goes well!

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It sounds like fibroids to me, my mother had similar symptoms ( long heavy periods and occasional cramping and pain that accompanied sporadic spotting) and thats what it turned out to be, along with a thickened uterine lining that they removed surgically to help her anemia. She felt much better afterwards. Ive had a colposcopy done and I barely felt it, it was only marginally more uncomfortable than a regular pap, and while I did have a little cramping after it was no worse than regular cramps and lasted only a few hours. I am surprised that some other bees have had more painful experiences because really to me it wasnt actually painful. In fact I didnt actually realize she had done it because I was expecting something much more uncomfortable than a slight pinching. I suppose it depends on your own body and how good your doctor is, I had a very good doctor who made me feel very relaxed and comfortable beforehand. Also, try talking to your doctor to see if you can get a painkiller or mild sedative to take beforehand, explain how nervous you are and they should be willing to help you. (my doctor gives me a sedative to help me out with my dentist phobia)

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I had one and it turned out to be nothing.

Someone told me the procedure hurt, and I was FREAKING OUT during the procedure. They told me they were going to give me something to calm me down if I ever have to have one again because I was almost hyperventilating. It didn’t hurt. I freaked out for no reason.


Glad yours went well. I hope your ultrasound goes well, too!


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@LuluLove:Any updates from your ultrasound?

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