(Closed) abnormal pap. FREAKING OUT!

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Abnormal paps are VERY common. My sister and a few friends have had paps come back abnormal, they just need to be tested a little more frequently to make sure everything is okay. I know it is so much easier said than done to not worry too much but it is much more common than you think.

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I had an abnormal pap with HPV.  I went in for a colposcopy, and they said I had stage 2 dysplasia, which is very strange for a 20 year old.  They told me to try to be healthier, and see how things come back next year.  The following year I went back, same pap results, BUT I had stage 1 dysplasia… You’re young, and your body should heal itself.  1.5 year after my first abnormal pap, everything looked fine… HPV gone, dysplasia gone.  Everything has been gone for 2.5 years.

Have a good diet, keep stress levels down, and just be healthy.  You should be able to heal yourself.  They’re mostly concerned about this stuff with ladies ages 40+.  You’ll just get checked more frequently, is all.  They just want to make sure it doesn’t progress.

ETA:  This is very common.  My best friend had an abnormal after me and was freaking out.  Luckily, I went through the process and healed before she did, but I could reassure her it’s okay, and there’s a reason the doctors aren’t too worried.

ETA2: Progression of HPV is VERY slow.  If you have to wait for 6 months, not too much will change.  At your age it’s much, much more likely it will heal rather than get worse.

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ilimay:  I’ve had abnormal paps since I was 17. I’m 33 now. They may do more tests, but try not to worry until you get those results. I’ve had all kinds of stuff done down there, and even though we’re all different, my experience is that its *usually* nothing.

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ilimay:  I agree with PPs, abnormal paps are quite common and can be cause by a number of things. I had one a couple years ago (no HPV though) and they just wanted to check me again sooner than I would normally have had to, the next one was normal.

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ilimay:  Abnormal Paps are VERY common as others have said. It’s why they’ve switched to recommending paps every 2-3 years if you’ve had three years of normal paps because it can cuase so much undue stress by everyone thinking they’re going to die from a disease that progresses relatively slow.

I had an abonormal one (no HPV) and got checked six months and a year later and they both came back normal. I talked with my Gyno and she said that just about anything, including having sex recently that comes close to your cervix can irritate it and cause a pap to come back abnormal.

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ilimay:  You are me last year! I had my first abnormal pap result and thought it was the worst thing. I had to get two colposcopies and ultimately had to have some cells removed from my cervix. I had two follow up pap’s after that and both were normal again.

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I had an abnormal pap as well and I am going in for a colposcopy in early January. As PPs have said, it is much more common than you may think. Try to relax and and follow your Doctor’s instructions. More often than not, it’s nothing to be worried about. I understand how you feel,I felt a bit stressed when I first heard about the results from ly last pap. 

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This happened to my best friend.  Verbatim.  They scheduled her for a colonoscopy and after that, they cut part of her cervix off, but she is doing just fine now!  🙂  She can still have kids, so it doesn’t affect that aspect, just relax.  Our bodies are constantly changing and this is just a hiccup 🙂

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Exact same thing has happened to me, twice.  The first time I had a colposcopy and it came back as stage 2 dysplasia.  The doctor told me to just come back in a year, and when I did my pap was normal.  A couple years later I had another abnormal pap, and this time my doctor did not even do a colposcopy, and just said to come back in a year.  I went back last month and everything was normal.  Abnormal paps are VERY common, and usually clear up on their own. 

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I had an abnormal pap, HPV, and a colposcopy.  I had all normal Pap smears after that. Then I later got pregnant on the first try and had a normal pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy daughter who is now 3. While you should get it taken care of, it is not the end of the world! 

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ilimay:  First of all, deep breaths. Abnormal Paps are common but your never prepared for it and they’re so scary!! So my obgyn does if normal you get an email if there’s something abnormal you get a call a week after a pap I’m horrified to see that number pop up on my phone. Abnormal pap i need to come back for another one within the month so I do, Still abnormal and I come back positive for HPV. So a few month later I went in for a colposcopy. if you have never had one pre-warning they are horrible and uncomfortable and for me painful. obg says she normally take 5 “samples” she found something concerning ended up taking 15!!! *que panic attack* So my results came in a few weeks later and there wasn’t anything to worry about but the needed to do paps every 3 months for a year. and eventually they came back normal again after the 3rd one (9 months later) This year I actually had another abnormal pap but it was redone because a student in training did it with super vision but the second one done by my doctor was fine (so they just student error there. Just do as the doctor says and you should be just fine!

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ilimay:  I have had 3 abnormal paps-1 cleared on its own 1 followed by colposcopy, and then another colposcopy followed by a LEEP- which sounds what MrsPierce2014:‘ s friend had, but trust me its not that bad they just removed the affected tissue of the cervix. I had to go in for paps every 6 mo for about 2 years and now I have been totally fine with normal paps for the last 3 years atleast so it can def clear up own even after the colposcopy. 

Don’t let it stress you out 🙂 you will be just fine!


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ilimay:  It’s extremely common, I’ve had several. All 3 of biopsies/colposcopies came back negative. I go every 6 months for a PAP to monitor things. I’m sure you’re fine, and I think having a colposcopy done will help put your mind at ease.

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I was told i have the virus back in 2011. But i had a normal pap. I had to wait and come back the next year. In sept 2012 i got an abnormal one and had to see a gynocologist. It took 6 months for an appointment, ’cause i just move from the Netherlands to Belgium. I was so scared, but then when i finally went to the gyno he told me it was ok. Sometimes your body needs a little more time to get rid of stuff. That’s why its normal procedure to wait 6 months. If i hadn’t kept my cool, i would have gone crazy and would’ve gone thru painfull, expensive and unnecessary
procedures. I still had the virus but my pap was better now, so my body was working on it. So now i go once a year and just keep an eye on it. It was frightful at first but i trust my gyno and he explaned everything to me. I think you should have a talk with your doctor or a gyno, before any test. Good luck and i know its easier said than done, but try not to worry too much.

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