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In terms of the color, it depends on how color sensitive your soon to be fiancée is/her preferences. Some women really love icy icy white, while some of us prefer a hint of warmth to the stone. Where the diamond was graded also matters since a GIA grade of “I” is typically whiter than everybody else’s. It will show a hint of body color especially from the sides, less so from the top.

In terms of the price, it’s very reasonable. Reasonable enough that you should verify the grading report/lab and see if you can line up the inclusions from the report with the inclusions in the diamond to make sure it matches. You’ll also want to see the diamond in person to make sure it doesn’t have any really really obvious carbon spots or cloudiness. 

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Comparing with blue nile prices, you are getting a good deal. That price for the diamond plus simple setting is about right. Are you ordering online? I have to assume yes, because most B&M jewelrs would charge more. Have you verified that the SI2 is eye clean? Do you know what kinds and the location of inclusions?

As far as I color, some people see a tint, others will not. 

I would do 2 things:

1) look at some diamonds in person to see if an I color is too yellow for you (also consider fluorescence if I is too yellow); and

2) start a thread at pricescope for help determining if your diamond is “good.” Have you already run the numbers though the HCA for light performance?

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Have you seen it? Si2 can be a realy good deal if you cannot see the inclusions or ig can be a cloudy spotty mess. As the other poster said a gia I color is pretty white particularly in a setting face up. If this isn’t gia and you havent seen it youll find its a good average deal to a total rip off. 


If yoir looking online look at james allen you can see 360 views of the stones and if you ask for the price scope price they will give you another 1-3% off. 

Not saying what you found is a bad deal particularly for  a round cut but withought a little more info its not easy to tell if your get you are getting a bargin or not.


Good luck

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@stonesearching9:  The diamond will look plenty white once it is set and not being compared to an “E” stone especially since the ring doesnt have side stones. I agree with PP that the deal you got on the ring is fair/good! Now, if she would prefer a smaller higher color stone that’s one thing but only you would know that. I think it will be gorgeous the way it is! 🙂

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Looks like a good deal on the diamond and setting together. SImmilar stones run anywhere from 6800-8500.

The report looks great, all inclusions are around the outside. The proportions are great, it scores a 1.3 HCA which is excellent and means it should have great light performance.


I did a quick search and couldn’t find a better deal, I found a couple of simmilar prices but nothing that was clearly better. I would be pretty happy with that deal.


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I am super jealous. Sounds beautiful and like a good deal!

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I agree, check out pricescope.com. They have tons of helpful info. I think you definintely save a ton of money buying online, downside is not being able to see the rock in person first. I also agree, go to ShaneCo or some other large store with a big selection and eyeball rocks of all color grades.

For comparison, mine is just over a carat, F VVSI, triple x, very high on HCA scale. Purchased from WhiteFlash.com. Shines like madl! I think you are good with SI if eyeclean, and can totally go down on color with certain really well cut stones. 

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I have an H colored stone and I can tell you that it appears pretty colorless to me. I helped pick it out and I can tell you personally, I preferred a larger H stone than a smaller D, there just wasn’t enough of a difference. This is a photo at it’s warmest.



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Hi @stonesearching9:  first and foremost, I see that this is your DEBUT post… so a BIG Welcome to “the Hive”

Always great to see a Guy on these Boards.

I am a QUALITY over QUANTITY kind of woman…

But then again I am an Encore Bride / Older Bee… so I am not as “swayed” by just appearance (aka BIG rock) as I might have been in my younger years.

Personally, I am colour sensitive… it is my second C in my own preferences…

CUT (Quality & Shape) – COLOUR – CLARITY – CARAT

But I also find CERTIFICATION, as well as CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN to also be important along with COMFORT and COST

(not to mention the Ss… Style & Setting)

So an I Diamond might be nice, but it would be too warm for me at any significant size (over 0.50)

My own Feature Diamond is a 0.80 GIA Certified Canadian Round Brilliant, F Colour, SI Clarity… and it is super clear (not white) and sparkly

(The other stones you see in my ERing & WBand are also GIA Certified Canadians, G Colour)

I am very very happy with it… but then again, as I said… I’m all about the QUALITY

Hope this helps,


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@stonesearching9:  Have you seen it in natural light? You will notice a difference side by side between an E and and I over a white background, under white light fairly easily. In natural sunlight, in a setting you will not notice it nearly as much. The fact that your diamond is Ex. Cut and should have great light performance should help you immensely. My opinion is that you should stick with the I, unless you know your Girlfriend to be very picky and color sensitive an I will be fine.

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The pavilion angle is good, but the crown is a little steep. GIA rounds their values, so it could be better/worse/perfectly okay.

I agree with the PP’s, please do yourself a favour and make a thread on Pricescope, they can really help you out. It’s better to have an idealscope or ASET image, its one of only ways you can tell whether you do in fact have a great performing diamond. If you can’t get one, then there’s only so much that can be said here that would help you. 

A well cut I color will most likely face up perfectly white from the top, but you may see a bit of tint from the sides. It’s something to consider since the sides are visible in a 4 prong tiffany setting. But ultimately, everyone’s eyes are different. There are people who say they cannot see a tint in a J color, while rare people can see it in a G color. It’s even more complicated since some people actually prefer a warmer stone. I personally drew the line at H, but there’s no significant difference between 1 color grade, especially when set.

Is it a dud? No. Is it going to sparkle? Definitely yes. Does it have the best light performance and sparkle? We don’t know without an IS/ASET image. The certificate only tells you so much. Be sure to look at it in different lighting. I think it’ll be very beautiful though. Best of luck!

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I have a GIA H colored stone and LOVE it. I think a diamond graded  I in color will be fine since its graded by GIA, if it was anyone else I would say go up a grade or two. This sounds like a great deal and I bet she will love it! Cut is the most important, I’ve never noticed any yellow in MY H colored stone unless I go compare it to a top of the line diamond that cost 10 times as much at a high end jeweler. This sounds like an amazing choice, my DH spent more than this and my diamond is just over a carat.

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