(Closed) Accidentally Drank Caffeine and Feeling Bad!

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Not a big deal at all.  most doctors are ok with one cup of coffee a day, and rootbeer has way less.  I still drink one can of coke on ocassion, so it’s certainly not the end of the world. 

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Caffiene won’t damage your baby. When you hear about potential risks of caffeine during pregnancy, they aren’t talking about drinking something caffeinated once. They are talking about women who consistently consume large amounts of it throughout their entire pregnancy. For women who do, there are slightly increased risks of low birth weight and miscarriage. I quit caffiene cold turkey when I got pregnant, but after realizing it was the only thing keeping me even close to regular, I drink a cup every few days. Most doctors and midwives will tell you that a cup a day is totally within the realm of things that are ok during pregnacy. Don’t worry yourself over it!!

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You can have 300 MG a day. You don’t have to quit cold turkey. It’s okay and perfectly acceptable to have caffeine now and again. You’re not going to harm your baby, you’re not going to give birth to a caffeine addict, you’re going to be just fine.

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@tnbellebee:  I wouldn’t worry about it darling, like the other bees have said – you’re allowed some caffiene… even tea or chocolate have a little bit of caffiene in them so it’s almost impossible to consume NONE while you’re pregnant! If you’re worried, just drink some water to dialute it and flush it out of your system. No need to worry though 🙂

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@tnbellebee:  Please don’t worry I am sure you will be fine!

I am nearly 14 weeks and still have my morning coffee and usually a cup of hot tea as well each day.  

My midwife said it is completely fine and safe to have up to 3 coffees a day.

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Dont worry about the caffeine in the root beer. When I carried my daughter I drank a pepsi every morning upon waking starting at the 5 month mark. Though this may sound like insanity I had severe morning sickness, and had tried 2 prescriptions to stop it with no avail. The pepsi with a line of hersheys was the only thing that worked, and I had to do it within an hour of waking. I actually had a nurse that was furious with me, but my own OBGYN told her right in front of her “1 can of pepsi a day is not going to hurt this baby, but what will hurt the baby is if we cant get her stomach under control. If this keeps her from throwing up, I’ll accept it.” So for the rest of my pregnancy this is what I had to do every morning. In month 8 I missed it and tried a sprite about 90 minutes after waking at work, I got violently ill and was ill the rest of the day. So dont feel bad one caffienated drink wont hurt you or the babe. MY daughter is 9 now and perfectly healthy.

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Definitely don’t worry about it!  My OB actually told me to drink caffeine after my 2nd tri headaches got unbearable.  It’s fine.  Like PPs said, up to 300mg is okay, and root beer has like 20 or 25mg.  RELAX 🙂

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meh, my mom drank caffeeine pretty much all through her multiple pregnancies and everything was fine. 

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My Dr said I can have 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

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I understand how you feel. I cut out most caffeine after my BFP. One night at dinner, early on in the pregnancy, I ordered an iced tea without thinking. After a few sips, I realized, felt bad for like 10 seconds, then shrugged and kept drinking. I had my one glass, then switched to water. 

More recently, I drank a bottled iced tea (maybe 50mg in the whole bottle), fully aware of the caffeine content. I really wanted iced tea! I cut out caffeine, not because I think it will harm the baby, but mostly because it just isn’t something I really need. So if I have a single caffeinated drink once in a while, I don’t freak out. 

Your LO will be just fine!

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You are fine. I was pretty much strict about caffiene intake in early pregnancy and then relaxed about near the end of the second trimester. I will have a cup of coffee a few times a week now. I was always more concerned with sugar anyway, so it is the main reason why I have limited carbonated beverages and stuck with water. I will have a Sprite or Rootbeer every now and then, but most of the time it has been water. After everything I read, I felt that research showed caffiene was less of a risk then a high sugar diet.

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You are just fine. I’ve been drinking caffeine the entire time. Caffeine is only dangerous in large, regular amounts. 300 mg per day is definitely safe. More is probably safe, but there isn’t enough evidence to be sure. You just want to avoid getting your heartrate too high for too long, and if you are already use to caffeine, that’s not much of a risk anyway. The greatest risk is in the first trimester, and if your baby is already kicking, you are past that.

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this thread calmed me down too! today i ordered a frozen caramel from panera and drank about 3/4 of it before realizing OMG. this probs has caffeine in it! i googled it and it looks like theres about 85mg so not bad but oye! i quit cold turkey when finding out i was pregnant (i rarely drank caffeine before hand either, just dr.peppers when we were out for dinner too) and im 10w tomorrow so all day ive been thinking oh man please dont stop growing please dont stop growing baby!

thanks for the reassurance bees!

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