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If it helps, I worry about these things as well. My grandfather was killed by a drunk driver, and I’ve had numerous family members severely injured in car accidents. So it is often on my mind. 

We live in the city, and driving there does not scare or bother me. Speeds tend to be much lower and there is a rhythm to traffic. But on the interstate we take to visit parents/go to work, traffic goes 75-80 mph until it hits rush hour, etc. We’ve had a few really close calls where someone had a blind spot, or didn’t see traffic was slowing, etc. If there hadn’t been a shoulder to swerve onto when one person decided to changes lanes INTO US, we would have had a terrible accident. It’s scary!

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Really sorry to hear about your scary incident.  Honestly I hate driving and hope to never have to do it again because cars are such unpredictable killing machines at times.  My father’s entire family was in a car accident when he was a child and it killed his mother and left his father emotionally scarred and he lived in a generally semi-hermited state for the rest of his life because men didn’t go to therapy to talk about their feelings in central PA in the 1960’s…incredibly damaging because his family fell apart (my dad’s sister went to live with an aunt, my dad with another relative), and he was left with permanent leg damage, so of course my father was pretty screwed up by the experience too.  My mother’s brother was killed after an automobile swerved and hit him while he was riding his motorcycle.  I was seriously dating someone (we were together for two years) three years ago who was changing a tire on the side of the road when he was killed by a driver who swerved through two lanes of traffic while falling asleep at the wheel.  Automobiles plus my family have been a pretty bad combination!  I’ll take my public transportation, thanks.  I don’t believe in ‘fate’, but I do believe that cars can be seriously dangerous and am the most cautious driver ever, when I need to drive!  How have I dealt with this stuff? Therapy and being as rational as I can be about life, but that’s really too simplistic an answer.  

Good luck and I hope you aren’t as shaken by this experience as I am by mine because it sounds like you really need to use your car!  Most people commute to work just fine every day so hopefully that was a once in a lifetime sort of thing for you…sorry you had to go through it though.

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In August, I was driving in Northern Virginia outside DC on my way home from a wedding with my Fiance.  We came to a dead stop in the horrible 95 traffic, where it’s about 4 lanes across. I looked up into my rearview mirror just in time to see a car careening towards my rear at highway speeds…. I was trapped and about a second later I was hit.

It was 2pm and a lady fell asleep at the wheel. We both had whiplash and I had a sprained shoulder and fractured shin. We still had a few hours to go before we got home.

My Fiance was nice enough to drive home. While the lady who hit me totaled her car, my SUV only had massive bumper and small frame damage, but drivable. Considering my rear end was all smashed up, a lot of people still road the back of my car. To this day, if someone tailgates or is coming up to fast behind me I still panic a bit… every day it get’s easier but it’s still there.

I’m really grateful you’re OK.  It’s a truly scary thing.

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That sounds really scary, and I’m also glad that you’re physically okay. So far, I’ve been lucky and haven’t been in any really scary driving incidents or accidents, but even little close-calls really freak me out for the next few days. 🙁


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I’m glad you’re okay!

I get scared too on the interstate because I don’t feel like people appreciate the speeds at which we’re all driving and drive aggressively. I always remind myself I’d rather be late or miss a call. and so on than be dead. My dad who is the worst driver ever did manage to teach me one good thing and that was always be vigilant. Its so easy to go on autopilot.

My biggest scare happened when I was driving behind a line of humvees probably coming/going from the armory when one of the vehicles lost its tire which came rolling/bouncing back towards us. It just barely missed the car ahead. Yikes.

Also, I really wish the commercial train system was better to reduce the amount of semis on the road.

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I’m so sorry for your accident!  I’m glad that you are okay though.  I have been in an accident a year for the past 3 years so I understand what you are saying about being nervous.  I really just try to take it one day at a time and not get too upset by it since driving is a necessity where I live.  If you keep having problems with it, you should consider getting some therapy.

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