Accommodating Dietary Restrictions

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  • poll: What dietary restrictions did you accommodate?
    Vegetarian : (53 votes)
    27 %
    Vegan : (35 votes)
    18 %
    Kosher : (6 votes)
    3 %
    Lactose Intolerant : (27 votes)
    14 %
    Gluten Free : (37 votes)
    19 %
    Nut Allergy : (32 votes)
    16 %
    Other, which I'll comment with below : (4 votes)
    2 %
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    Helper bee

    gettingmeowied :  Oh yes, sorry. I misspoke. My nana is sort of “kosher-lite” and doesn’t follow every tenet. So she’s fine with food as long as it meets kosher guidelines, whether or not it holds a hechsher, and regarless of utensils. I forget sometimes that her version of “kosher” isn’t really fully kosher. thanks for the reminder!

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    • Wedding: June 2017

    My sister and I are celiac so I made sure there was enough for us to eat, obviously, but didn’t plan the entire menu around us. SIL is vegan and 2 of our friends are Jewish (they don’t keep kosher, but they do observe the shellfish, pork, etc restrictions.)

    and I did tell all of our guests to let me know of allergies and such in case I had overlooked something.

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    • Wedding: August 2019

    We plan to accommodate whatever dietary restrictions our guests have. I already know there will be two people who have to eat kosher (although they don’t always eat super strict kosher when outside of their home so it won’t be too difficult), two people who can’t eat pork for religious reasons, and one person who is both vegetarian and gluten sensitive. Luckily I already know our caterer will be my FI’s aunt, she is a caterer and I’ve had her food many times, and she’s very open to accommodating dietary restrictions. We’ll probably end up doing a buffet, and make sure that each guest, regardless of dietary restriction, has a full meal (not just hobbling together a bunch of sides).

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    • Wedding: September 2018

    We are specifically offering a vegetarian choice. 

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    Bee Keeper

    mrsjoseph :  We accommodated for a lot. I myself have a deadly nut allergy and so did our photog. We had a ton of vegans too but were able to remain nut free but still delicious. 

    We also accomodated a severe soy and dairy allergy with celiac. 

    The only thing we couldn’t accommodate was an onion problem but we didn’t find out in time. 

    I’d find out about who has allergies or restrictions first though. If no one has allergies etc then you can serve whatever. 

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    Busy bee

    I would offer both vegetarian and meat options honestly. And not worry about allergens.

    But for MY wedding we would have no choice but to say no tree nuts because my husband would die on his wedding day. Literally. 

    I don’t expect anyone else to change that for us, though, for their own wedding. We are pretty good at dodging anything we aren’t sure about or know is deadly. Never had issues finding ourselves a full plate. 


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    We had one serious nut allergy so the entire menu was nut free. A lot of our group was Muslim so we also didn’t have any pork. We asked for restrictions on our rsvp and the only thing that came back (that we didn’t know about) was one bartender that was vegetarian. Our caterers were great though. The only issue I see from your list would have been kosher as it requires much more than a regular caterer provides. 

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    Helper bee

    We are accomodating the restrictions we know about. We did chose a sirloin, haddock and veggie option for our meals to accomodate vegetarians. I don’t think we have any vegans in our crowd. 

    We have 3 with peanut allergies so all of the appetizers and entree’s will be nut free. I have my heart set on macroons so those will be on the dessert table and clearly marked. I’m also going to reach out to them beforehand and let them know what they can eat, they are all close friends. 

    We originally didn’t pick out a pork dish but I have two family members who cannot eat chicken, fish, turkey or beef, I’m working with the venue to put together a pork dish for them. They won’t be able to eat our vegetarian meal either. 

    Our catering is through our venue and they have been great to work with. They are cooking up some kids meals for kids that will be on site but not attending the wedding (to be delivered to their room) and for my brother and his aide to take home with them after attending the ceremony (due to disabilities he won’t be able/won’t want to attend the reception).

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    • Wedding: November 2016

    mrsjoseph :  I made sure to include a section in our RSVPs where guests could let me know if they had any dietary restrictions.  I knew going in that two of them have Celiac’s Disease and are lactose intolerant, and was aware one of my BMs is a vegetarian, so I was prepared to accomodate.  If you’re not sure what your guests’ dietary restrictions, if any, are, I would talk generically with your caterer about how they accomodate dietary restrictions and make sure that they are willing to do so.  

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    Sugar bee

    We have a LOT of people in my family that have food restrictions (half of my 60 person family grew up on a little hippie/folksy island) so we asked for people’s food restrictions with the RSVP and accommodated them all. Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian & lactose free, gluten & lactose free, vegetarian & gluten-free.. etc. (just not kosher because our jewish friends aren’t kosher)

    It was a bit complicated, but having a buffet made it somewhat easier. 

    And man do I wish I had been a vegetarian these days rather than a decade ago. I was vegetarian for 10 years and it was never accommodated back then! I was just used to bringing my own food or ate before. 

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    • Wedding: September 2018

    We are accommodating gluten free (all type of wheat). I have some people that is only allergic to gluten while other are all wheats (celiac) so to make it easier I just avoid all grains. 

    I did the same things for vegetarian and vegan by grouping everyone in the same groupe. I have 5 sides and a main meal on my menu that are considered vegan/vegetarian/dairy free. If people don’t want to eat that type of meat (halal or kosher) they can opt to eat a vegan meal. I have close friends that required that the meat need to be either halal or kosher and everytime they go outside of their house they refuse to eat meat because they are not 100% sure it was done correctly.

    I just avoided food choice  that have any kind of nuts and, pineapples. 

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    • Wedding: Disneyland - January 2016

    We had a relatively small guest list (around 45), so we simply offered specialty plates for those with restrictions. I think we had 2 vegetarians, and 1 that was both vegan/nut free. Our catering obliged without a problem, and everyone else got the same meal. For a small guest list, I think this was easiest. 

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    • Wedding: July 2016

    Our standard meal was vegan, so that took care of the veggies/vegans/dairy frees. We had another option that was gluten free and nut free, upon request. We didn’t have any kosher, but if someone would have asked, we would have had the caterer make it (although the standard vegan option may have worked).

    We asked for allergies/dietary needs on the RSVP. 

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    • Wedding: April 2016

    We accomodated vegetarians. We didn’t really have anyone else, except one friend who asked if I would accomodate Whole 30 and I said no lol.

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