(Closed) according to the Knot, every single wedding I’ve been to has been “trashy”

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The dollar dance is not just about the money.  You get to dance with friends and relatives and have a little chat.  You get to thank them for coming and tell them how grateful you are for them being in your life.  It is regional and can be a pain in the butt.  I am having a large wedding, so to dance with over a 100 people could take for ever.  I probably am going to try to get out of it.  I hate to say it I love the chicken dance, its fun to watch the little kids have a good time at it.  The things that are considered tacky at a wedding are probably what the most fun about it anyways.

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First of all, I don’t understand why some people care what others online say about their choices, as long as they aren’t breaches of etiquette. A buffet dinner, serving beer only, etc are personal choices. If everyone liked and wanted the same thing, it would be boring. As it is, most people can’t differentiate one wedding they attend from the next because there is a “script” they feel they are required to follow or else they will be doomed for divorce, which is not true at all.

No one, including the Wedding Industry, has the right to make anyone feel inadequate for their choices. At the same time, many people in the current generation turn up their noses at proper etiquette, saying it is outdated so they don’t have to follow it, and then say they can’t figure out why people are offended. Or that “if they were offended, they would have told us”. No they wouldn’t since it’s rude to do so.

In the end, do what you want and take everyone else with the biggest grain of salt you can find. As far as the Knot is concerned, they only care about how much money you spend on your wedding and the less money spent, supposedly the higher chances of divorce you’ll have, even though actual statistics say the opposite is true. With that mentality comes women who feel they are entitled and that their guests will shun them forever if they don’t include X, Y, and Z that most people in real life don’t care about at all. Those folks are not worth your time since your family and friends who love you, not random strangers behind a computer screen who could care less and don’t have an iota of tact, are the ones who matter.

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I’m from WI and Just recently have I seen dollar dances. But we ALWAYS have the YMCA, macarena, hokey-pokey, chicken dance(i don’t wanna be a chicken, i don’t wanna be a duck, so i wiggle my but *clap clap clap clap*), electric slide, boot-scootin-boogie linedance, and at least 1 polka!

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The dollar dance is definitely a midwest thing! I’m considering not doing it, because then you have to dance with those relatives that you talk to once a year and it’s a bit awkward….

About the buffet – it’s rude in my family to NOT have a buffet! We have some really, really big eaters and a lot of us are really picky. We like choices :).

But anyway, ditto on the posters on The Knot being so mean! I got torn apart for thinking about my wedding before I was engaged, but I was posting on the Not Engaged Yet board! They’re crazy :P. Thank God for Weddingbee!

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@jo.lee: haha that’s exactly what happened to me!! i thought it was weird that all the women criticizing me were already married yet posting to the Not Engaged Board, too….

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Was there an article about trashy weddings on the knot or is this collected infomation from the boards users and website?


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@Mrs. Meowerson: I’m so glad I’m not the only one! They told me I should post on weddingbee if I wanted to focus on “the happy parts about a wedding” so I took their advice! Ideally, wedding are supposed to be happy! I’m still not sure why married people stalk the NEY board just to be mean to poor, unsuspecting posters! Tongue out

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@jo.lee: don’t worry.  you will be a happy panda here =)

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@aubrav: I know this thread ended months ago but I actually had an experience with the snotty biatches at the Knot last week.  I asked about possibly bringing a pet to Vegas now that so many hotels have Pet Stay programs and got ripped apart.  A few posters basically implied I was stupid and inconsiderate for even entertaining the thought.  How would I know their are few places to walk the dog?  If the hotel has a Pet Stay program wouldn’t they provided designated areas on the property wears dogs could relieve themselves?  Instead of just giving helpful tips or their opinions they put me down.


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Hahaha this post makes me laugh & smile in so many different ways! 🙂 I can totally agree with you all that the Knot is for total snobby rich folks! Even the magazine has a ton of richy-ideas!

As far as the money dance goes heck yes we will be having one! I get to dance with with people I love & they give me money?! Yess please! I’m not worried about holes, my dress is lacy with sequins! 😉

& we are doing a buffet as well…which I was told my Future Sister-In-Law that it’s “ghetto” & “she would never” well I guess that’s it good thing it’s MY wedding & not hers…

That Donkey song sounds pretty funny! We will be doing the “traditional” mexican line dance which is El Caballo Dorado (Golden Horse) it’s basically a spanish very of “achy breaky heart” super fun times!

To each their own & just because you don’t understand something or aren’t familiar with it doesn’t mean it’s trashy. 😉

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@Ms. MoxieMonkey:  OMG!  I had no clue Dominic the donkey was played at weddings!  This is no lie- we have a special request for our dj to find it and play it a few hours into the reception!  My mom, sister and I love that song!  (We always sing and dance to it when it comes on!)  I said to the dj “I know this sounds crazy but we really would like to play dominic the italian christmas donkey at our wedding!”

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My best friend’s now husband is Filipino so she included the dollar dance in her wedding. It was only awkward in that most of her guests were not Filipino and it was a tradition they had never seen (and therefore didn’t plan ahead with bringing much cash), so she didn’t really make much money.

I’ve mostly lurked on the Knot and I agree that it’s a hit or miss there. Most of my posts went unanswered and I just go there now to look at inspiration photos. I did get some good advice on a vendor there though.

As far as buffets, I’ve been to many weddings and events with them and personally, they’re not my favorite. Only because when I see a HUGE line of people waiting for food, I get a feeling of dread in my stomach. It’s worse when I’m in heels. I’m just impatient that way, lol.

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Hahaha, apparently every wedding I’ve ever been to is trashy, then.

Let’s preface this. I live in Youngstown, OH. Former Mafia Capitol of the US. There are LOTS of Italians here. And even the people who aren’t Italian have adopted the customs.

Here are the general rules for weddings here.

1) Thou shalt have a cookie table.

2) Thou shalt have an awkward break between ceremony and reception times wherein the bridal party shalt take pictures.

3) Thou shalt serve a buffet of chicken, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and bread.

4) Thou shalt have a dollar dance.

5) Thou shalt provide a shot of strong alcohol for all those participating in said dollar dance.

6) Thou shalt play corny line dance music.

7) Thou shalt allow guests to sit wherever they want, because they literally don’t know what to do with a seating chart.

8) Thou shalt have an open bar, or thou shalt hear the word “tacky” approximately 14,000 times in the duration of thy reception.

9) Thou shalt make thy toasts short and sweet.

10) Thou shalt purchase extra reception time, because no one is done dancing by the time they’re supposed to be.


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OMG this is why I stopped posting on the knot. Its no fun and so many personal attacks on girls who just are asking questions etc. I am fairly new to the bee and I love it!!! 

Oh and those things are not trashy every wedding I have been to has been the same way! 

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@Miss Fish: lol.. this sounds fun. I definitley wouldn’t mind a dollar dance if the wedding was like this.

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