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Sugar bee
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i’ve only heard bad things about it. it may help for acne, but i would never risk it. the mental health risks are too much.

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Blushing bee
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I am a licensed esthetician and have a client whose husband is infertile due to accutane use when he was young. I know that can happen to women as well. Why risk it when there are so many topical options to try? The mental damages are awful and I have no clue why its not illegal yet? Also the drying effects this drug has will effect her the rest of her life to where her skin won’t retain its natural oils through the aging process which could lead to premature sagging and wrinkling. I have another client who has to wear permanent tear ducts to help keep her eyes moist due to the permanent drying effects of accutane she took 25 years ago 

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Buzzing bee
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Accurate was a lifesaver for me.  I had horrible, cystic acne in high school and it made me depressed, angry, socially withdrawn, and miserable.  I tried every other acne treatment out there and nothing worked.  Finally my doctor recommended accutane.  I was on it for 6 months and my face totally cleared up.  It totally changed my life much much better. The only side effect for me was dry chapped lips. I have no regrets!

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Sugar bee
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I took Accutane and loved it, best choice I ever made.

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Blushing bee

I took accutane when I was in high school and it totally changed my life for the better. There are horrible side effects all over the tv and internet, but I have never (knock on wood) had an issue or heard of anyone in real life have an issue with it. I would reccomend weighing the pros and cons

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I took it and had a mixed experience.  After about nine months or so, I had to get taken off of it due to some concerns with irritations in my digestive system.  Everything turned out to be fine with that, but I didn’t go back on the drug.  Fortunately, it was enough time for accutane to cause significant improvement with my skin.  To this day, I’m pleased with the decision to take it… my oil glands are much less active (or perhaps just normal), which is noticable on my face, back, chest, and even my scalp (I used to get really oily hair, but now it’s normal).

It’s a serious drug, no doubt, but I think with the proper supervision it can really help improve a young woman’s confidence.

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Helper bee
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Carolsays:  I’ve had experience with it myself when I was a teen (plus I’m now a physician). it can have effects on mood, but not for most people. It didn’t for me, or my brother who also took it. the most common side effect is very dry skin and super dry lips…for which I found Eucerin Aquaphor to work best. She would need to wear this on her lips daily.

Really the most serious side effects have to do with it’s effects on a fetus if a person were to become pregnant. which is why you would normally need a pregnancy test for each refill, and sometimes a dr would require birth control. 

For me it was the best thing I ever did as a teen for my self-confidence (and we know teens are all about self-confidence!). I think I was on it for maybe 6 months and my skin was almost perfect for years after stopping it. If your daughter is very self-conscious about her acne, I would give it a try, and just observe for side effects. You can always stop it! The good thing about this med is that you don’t take it forever, and the (good)  effects last for years.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I also have teens, with the ramifications being possibly severe for a young person, get second and third opinion plus involve your GP. Keeping our GP involved in all such decisions has saved us from severe issues over the last few years. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Everybody is different. I asked my doctor for it once & he refused because he didn’t want to be sued if something went wrong. So I was on like 4 different topicals & an antibiotic. It worked. You have to be on a number of things to see results. 

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Carolsays:  Accutane was a godsend for me. It is literally the only thing that’s ever worked on my acne (and I tried EVERYTHING from the time I was 12 until 22, when I finally took it). 

Your daughter should have regular derm checkups, have to answer a ton of different questions before she gets her prescription every month, etc. They have it very under control. As long as she monitors her body and is honest with her derm, she’ll be fine.  I had dry-ish skin but nothing Aquaphor couldn’t handle, and I stopped exercising for the duration of my treatment just to take extra precaution with putting strain on my joints. I had no depression of any kind. Today I’m healthy as can be. Still some adult acne but nothing near like I used to get, and physically & mentally I’m as healthy as ever.

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Blushing bee
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I took this almost ten years ago for my cystic acne which was horrible. Yes I had days I didn’t feel great while on it but overall I’ve had very clear skin the last ten years. If I was in the situation again, I would take it again. 


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Bumble bee
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Carolsays:  I did two rounds as a late teen. Best thing ever…made my skin perfect! No mental side effects at all, definitely did not affect my fertility (I know because I became pregnant even when on the pill) and I am now 30 but still have oily skin (even still get carded when I order alcohol, my skin is so nice)! Definitely no issues with premature aging or inability to produce tears. It did dry out my lips at the time but as soon as i went off, my skin regained it’s oilyness and moisture, even though i did not one but 2 rounds.

I am SO glad my parents paid for me to go on it back then!! Its the only thing that just knocked cystic acne right out and made it never come back. My brother also took it with no negative issues.

Personally I think there will be a few who experience negative side effects with any drug. You have to monitor it closely and not abuse it. I have no regrets and would put my own kid on it under the correct circumstances.

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Helper bee

Has she tried Tazorac?  It is a retnoid, but the strongest you can get so it gets your face clearer faster than the old fashioned retin A.  But she has to stick with it and use it dilligentally through the 2 months or so it makes your skin worse!  Make it through that and you’re golden…


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