(Closed) Acid Reflux/GERD/Esophageal Ulcers.. has anyone had them?

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I know you described a slightly different situation, but there was another topic posted on this several days ago that might have some helpful information for you: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/update-went-to-the-dr-for-my-pain-anyone-have-gerd

I suffered from GERD and related GI issues for about two years in high school and it got really bad. I never had esophogeal or gastric ulcers, though I got checked for both (upper endoscopy), so I can’t give you much information on that. I drastically changed my diet (cut out ALL coffee, soda, dairy, tomatoes, citrus) and was on several medications (omeprazole and reglan) but the biggest thing that helped me get better was eliminating stress. I was in my junior/senior year of high school and stressing out about high-level coursework, college apps, and many, many extracurricular activities. It all sounds trivial now, but I was a very stressed out 17 year old. And then I started getting sick and missed weeks of school, started falling behind, and got even more stressed. It was terrible. But graduation came, summertime, I went off to college and stopped taking my meds and I got better. I know that it’s hard in adulthood to try to alleviate stress in your life, but you and your Fiance should do everything possible to try to do this. He did the right thing in seeing a GI specialist, I’m sure the doctor will be able to give both of you recommendations for further action if they are necessary. Good luck Smile

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I was on Nexium, which is a double dose of Omep. except that it heals ulcers and damage, etc. It worked for me, until we found out my acid reflux was induced by endometriosis, I had emergency surgery and don’t suffer from it now!…well until the endo. starts growing out of control again. =/ I would recommend the purple pill!

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I have laryngeophayengal reflux (where my reflux comes all the way up into my nasal cavity). I don’t have any heart burn symptoms but I have terrible issues with coughing/asthma like symptoms.

I am currently on Omprazole 2x per day as well as ranitidine at night.

What diet changes has he made? Has he cut out all soda, coffee, chocolate, citrus, tomato, high fat food, alcohol, etc?

Those are all BIG reflux triggers. Also, eating less than 3 hrs before bed can aggravate reflux as well.

I have spoken with a surgeon about the nissen fundoplication surgery (the tightening of the lower esophageal sphincter) and I will most likely be getting it done after my wedding.

Has the doctor tried other proton pump inhibitors? I was originally on Protonix and it was not working, but when I was switched to omeprazole I improved greatly.


When I met with the surgeon, he said those that do best with surgery are the ones who intially respond to drug treatment but then relapse.

Seeing a surgeon would be very good for him.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. My Dr. is on of the best in her field and has written many papers on reflux as well as written a “reflux cookbook” with recipes that have low acid & low fat.

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I have a ques for everyone who has posted on here.

I believe I have some form of acid reflux, but it rarely happens so I havn’t been to the doctor and don’t want to take medication for something that doesn’t happen too often.

So what happens is when I go to sleep, I will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night choking on my vomit, I am usually panicked, but w/in a second end up swallowing, and can obviously breathe though my mouth again.

This happens prob 2-3 times a year, and I have come to learn that this happens if I eat pizza and then go to bed w/in 3-4 hours after eating it. This is what makes me think this is acid reflux. Is this waking up choking on vomit a symtom?

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@AnnieAAA: Waking up coughing is definitely a symptom and you may be refluxing more than acid (hence the vomit).

You should at least go to an ENT and have them look down  your throat. They can see if there is damage to the larynx by just looking with a small scope (it goes up your nose and down the back of your throat). It is uncomfortable but only takes about 5 min.

If there is evidence of reflux, they will probably do a 24 hour pH test. This involves a small tube with a sensor being placed down your esophagus (again through the nose) and attached to a monitor.

They monitor the pH at 2 points in your esophagus over a 24 hr period to see how much/how often you are refluxing.

It is not until they do these types of tests that they put you on medication.

The 24 hr pH test is uncomfortable, but not terrible. The scope to look at your larynx isn’t bad at all. I get it done about once a month now (every time I see my ENT). The worst part for me is getting the tube through my nose since I have a very small and sensitive nasal passage.

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I have GERD and my dad had it REALLY bad. One of the things that helped was not drinking water with food, and also taking pineapple enzymes after eating to aid with digestion.

Also, not laying down for a a LOOOOOOOONG time after eating can help, and so can avoiding certain types of foods. It could be that even though you are cooking different, there are other things that your Fiance needs to eliminate from his diet. Many of us have food sensitivities and we don’t even notice because we don’t have a severe reaction. I would try an even more intense change in food and see what that does.

AnnieAAA, sounds like you have mild GERD, which is what I have. I was given meds but don’t take them anymore because it seems under control. It does sound like that it what you have. I would either avoid pizza or else take an anti-acid before/after it just to help. You could also try the pineapple enzymes to help.


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@kt23525: Please feel free to PM me. I’ll send you my Dr’s website. There’s SO much information there on reflux as well as sample recipes from the cookbook.

Does your Fiance drink regular milk or non-fat? If it’s non-fat that is great, because milk is actually a base. My Dr recommended that I try to have the last thing I eat/drink be a base so that acid doesn’t sit at the esophageal opening.

As for Alfredo sauce, that can be really high in fat, don’t know if you are making it yourself or not, but I’d be careful.

Other things that can trigger that you might not think of are nuts and cheese and oils (inc olive oil) due to high fat . Also tea unless it is chamomile and mint can cause reflux too.

Has he been checked for a hiatal hernia? Usually those only get worse with time and the only way to fix it is surgery (cannot be fixed by diet or medication).


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@kirabee: hehe I was just thinking about that post! I think it’s kinda funny that you referenced my post!! 🙂 Thank you for that! 

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The other issue is that “prepared foods” even those you wouldn’t think to be acidic or high fat (i.e. apple sauce, canned goods, jarred goods, etc) are highly acidic in order to kill bacteria and keep the food shelf stable.

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I have a very similar story. I sucked it up for a long long time with the meds until I finally decided to go off of them. I was sick of the tests, the “attacks”, the nausea. After overhauling my diet and eating IMMEDIATELY (like, even before I use the bathroom) when I get up in the morning, I saw such dramatic improvements. Cutting down on stress in any way you possibly can is also beneficial. Best of luck, I know how terrible it can be.

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