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I use epiduo gel .. It’s a little strong for my face so I usually only put it on every other night but I think it works great! I have very sensitive skin and not very much acne but I think it would be perfect for someone whose face can handle a strongish formula! 

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My sister uses benzocane..i think thats what its called. You need to go to a doctor to get it and its helped her alot. For me, I started drinking 3 litres of water a day (sometimes with lemon) and no pop or juice. Its helped my skin so much.

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Keeping a good diet has been the biggest help for my skin. I tried everything, but it wasnt until I started cutting out certain foods, like pop, white flour, sugar and fried foods.

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Honestly, I have also had acne for the majority of my life, which, at 25 is just no fun. I use an international product that we were introduced to by my FI’s Mom. Problem is, I don’t know how I feel about recommending it to someone else… It’s pretty harsh on the skin and it burns quite a bit if used consistently. I tend to space it out. For reference, it’s called beauche and you can order it on amazon. The lable claims that it contains topical tretinoin. Again, I don’t necessarily feel comfortable recommending it because I doubt it’s been through the rigorous testing of the FDA, and that bothers me. I recently also bought a nutra sonic, and I really love the results I’m seeing with that. Best of luck!

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yoga,  no really.  i eat pretty healthy and drink a ton of water but still get breakouts here and there-usually have at least one pimple on my chin.  i started consistently doing yoga a month ago and it is all gone and my skin glows.  i only use dove soap and water morning and night and apricot scrub a couple times a week.  

i know there are some short yoga routines specifically for skin.  i might be able to find them if you are interested.  tara stiles book Yoga Sexy Calm has something and it won’t take more than 15 minutes.  

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I’ve always had problems too.  Did the whole dermatologist everything including accutane (acne came back after), ProActive (stopped working after a year after which they tried to sell me the extra strength…), blah, blah, blah.  I realized that dairy makes me break out so I limit that a lot (1-2 times a week).  I also use Paula’s Choice products which you have to order online, but they are totally worth it.  She doesn’t put any “bad” ingredients in for skin.  It’s the only line that’s given me long-term results.  Oh, and finding a birth control pill that doesn’t make me break out more was important as well. Good luck!  

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@Ms.Goose:  I use Paula’s Choice too, actually just reordered the Normalizing Cleanser and Skin Balancing Moisture Gel this morning!!

OP, I’ve also had acne pretty much since I was in 6th grade, been using Paula’s Choice Clear Anti-Acne system (along with an additional toner and a moisturizer) for a little less than a year and I love it!  They are a little expensive compared to drugstore stuff but they are worth it and they work!

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Nothing topical has ever worked for my acne. I finally did Accutane my freshmen year of college, and that kept my acne away for about 5 years. Now it’s back, not as bad though, but I think I’m going to do a round of antibiotics before the wedding to get rid of what zits I do have (this is what I did before both my proms in high school and it worked wonderfully). Maybe not the healthiest option, but I’m spending a ton on photography and I will hate all my pics if I have acne :/

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The absolute best things to do are make sure you have a good, balanced diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots and lots of water, get all natural facial cleansers, moisturizers, etc. – pH balanced and parabem free especially, and make sure you take all your vitamins. I take Maca powder every day, as well as vitamins (calcium, magnesium, zinc!, b, c, d…I think that’s it), eat a very healthy vegetarian diet, and also drink ~7 cups of green tea a day, which is incredibly good for you and your skin. I use Yes to Carrots for my moisturizer, which is the best thing I’ve ever tried,

Nothing with chemicals (including benzoyle peroxide/salicylic acid) has ever worked for my skin. Now that I’m taking care of it in healthy and natural ways, it’s been much better. And also, if you wear makeup, stop and let your skin breathe.

And if you’re going to spend a ton of money on accutane or something, I would suggest Kora Organics (http://www.koraorganics.com) instead. The products are all organic and produce amazing, natural results.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy products is truly the best way.

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I’ve suffered from acne since I was 10 years old (I’ll be 28 in a few months). I’ve tried every over the counter product, nothing worked. I’ve tried a few prescription creams and gels, didn’t work. I tried two different prescription pills (not Accutane) and it didn’t do much. Tried Pro-Activ as a teenager and as an adult and it didn’t work.

The only thing that has helped is the Normaderm line by Vichy. I still get the odd break out but my skin is a lot better. It’s a bit expensive but worth it.

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Pro-Activ is really harsh on the skin. A lot of people do Accutane, but it ultimately doesn’t help them

People have posted this before, but your lifestyle really does matter. My skin was at it’s best when I was sleeping right and eating healthy. Drink lots of water. Make sure that you’re having normal bowel movements. If you’re not then get it on a regular cycle by taking pro-biotics or eating lots of leafy greens high in fiber. Passing stool (how awkward to be saying this!) is really important because if you don’t, then the toxins stay in your system. And sometimes come out in the form of acne. You want your body to be cleansed. 

Go to sleep by 11. Since I still live with my parents (in an apartment above them), my mother is a stickler for going to sleep early. It releases crucial hormones that are good for your skin, and your metabolism. When I am away from home … I cheat on this rule and I do break out a little. When your body is stressed from not getting those hormones, and still being away, it takes a toll on your body, and sometimes the reaction is getting acne. My skin is at it’s best when I am sleeping by 11, latest at 12. 

What products do I use? I can’t say that any particular face cleanser is the best for me. I’ve used Murad, Joey, Guerlain, L’Occitane, Anna Sui Foaming Cleanser, Aubrey Organics, Yes to Cucumber. They’ve all worked pretty well. What made me acne free besides my lifestyle wasn’t the face wash. Find one that’s gentle and foaming on your skin. Then use an acne cream that has 10% Benzyl Peroxide. I use Clean and Clear or Clearasil. And then I use Clyndamicin 1% Topic Lotion. It’s prescribed, but all you have to do is ask your physician to prescribe it for you. You don’t need to see a dermatologist for this. Just use a little all over your face, twice a day. It’s an antiobiotic topic lotion. My mother saw this in the Taiwanese newspaper when I was a pimply teenager and saw that it was effective 80% of the time. And it worked for me. Although my acne problem wasn’t too bad. 


But! FI’s acne problem was horrible when I first met him. He was making me break out! 

Me in the pink sweatshirt hidden behind him. This was his birthday party his freshman year, and probably the set of pictures that best captures his acne. 

This was us 2 years later, his junior year, my senior year. No more acne! I think he was pretty much acne free after the first year (I didn’t say anything to him until two months into our relationship. I just couldn’t take it anymore because I was breaking out! It was change your regiment, or stop rubbing your face against mine. And then he went home for the summer which was across the country so I didn’t see him for a few months) 

I put him on my regiment, washing with hot water, sealing the pores after with cold. Pat dry with a clean towel (never rub your face, gently pat). Acne cream, clyndamicin. He uses Bulldog, an all natural cleanser for men. And his skin tends to be really dry so he he uses a moisturizer from Garnier. He used to touch his face a lot, and pick at it when he was stressed. That was a really big rule for me – never touch, or pick at your face. Your hands touch a lot of things that have residual bacteria on them, so if you have to touch your face, make sure they’re clean either by using hand sanitizer or washing them first. 

If you have to pop a zit, do it by using a tissue and applying pressure through the tissue. Clean your hands, and disinfect the area with toner. 


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I forgot to mention that he’d done oral antibiotics twice in HS and it hadn’t cleared up his skin

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