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I’m going to try some of these tips too!

I have hormonal acne as well, and everytime i go off of my BC my face goes RIDICULOUS. Which stinks because I’d like to start trying for a baby in 2 years and I’m scared I’m going to look like a freak (serisously its THAT bad – were talking huge red cystic bumps all over my face, chest, and back) while I’m trying to get pregnant.

Currently I just started a perscription of Retin-A in addition to the BC. I’ve also switched my cleanser/moisturizer to Cetaphil because although BC helps my acne it definitely still needs a lot of improvement!

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After using medicated creams in high school, my dermatologist finally put me on Acutane when I was in my early 20s. It worked wonders and my skin is great now.  I still get the odd breakout (close to my period especially)

Something that’s always worked for me is Tea Tree Oil. You can use the oil by itself or mix it with water or your moisturizer. Its a natural anti-acne and anti-bacterial. My skin care regime consists of washing twice a day… usually a scrub in the shower in the morning and a cleanser at night. Then I use tea tree oil once or twice a day on my problem areas. And I use a light moisturizer with SPF 15. When my acne was really bad I’d use a clay mask once or twice a week and I would also steam my face and pinch my pimples once a week. Now I’ll only use a mask when I’m having a nice bath.

Good luck!!

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Oh, one thing I will add to that has really helped my skin is getting regular facials. The woman I see is awesome and tailors the facial for your needs (so mine was tailored for acne). She uses gentle products, and several types of masks as well as steam. In a year of facials (I go every quarter), I’ve gone for lengthy extraction period to NO extractions needed. That might help you as well. Good luck!

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I have hormonal acne as well and have been fighting it for 17 years. Right now, my skin is the clearest it’s ever been (98%) with this regimen:

Neutrogena acne soap bar

Witch hazel toner

Tazorac(rx) gel mixed with fading skin cream (I use Nadinola, I do this to fade the dark spots as well)

Night time moisturizer (Neutrogena rapid clear moisturizer)

I have VERY oily skin and severe acne and this is the only thing that has helped, especially the Tazorac mixed with fading cream.


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I used ACNE FREE that can be purchased at your local retailer. It claims they are better than Pro-Active, and I must admit that it works very well. I do not have full blown acne, but I do get the occasionally zit and what not right before my period.


Now on to the nitty gritty


BE VERY CAREFUL!! I use to use this product earlier this year and it worked pretty well.. You tend to run out of the toner a lot quicker though. Now I started to use this product again last week and had the MOST AWFUL experience… 


They have started to include a free Sulfur Mask with every kit you purchase and I began to use it along with the normal product. After about a week I developed this awful itchy red rash!! I was so embarrassed didn’t even want to go in public.  I tried everything I could after stopping the kit. Even just regular hand soap.  I did use the sulfur mask a couple more times though thinking it would help BAD IDEA!!


After admitting defeat I went to the Doctor. I let her know I had no previous allergies to the ingredients in the formula before and showed her the products that I have never used before that may be the problem. It took her all of 4 seconds to find the culprit!!! 

The first thing she said was, “Oh my goodnesss did you get this over the counter??? THey should not be selling this crap, so many people have sulfur allergies that they don’t know about.” 


BING!  THat was the solution to my problem. I have an allergy to Sulfa Drugs and of course SULFUR, and its likely you may as well so avoid it… After a nice shot of steroids in the RUMP My face was back to normal after a couple days… Now I can go out in public was again smiling proudly 🙂


Moral of the story is… ACNE FREE YAY!—-SULFUR MASK BOOOOOO!


I do suggest you use the ACNE free product as it is magnificent despite my recent experience, though it does tend to dry out, so get a good moisturizer that is preferably oil free!


That is all

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I had fought with moderate acne for a long time.  I played denial at first.  I kept saying/thinking “I don’t have acne… I’m just really broken out this week because of…”  Finally, I gave in.  “I have acne!” From there I tried Proactiv.  That helped, some, but was not a huge fix for me.  It dried my skin out like crazy, and only helped… not got rid of it.  I would try ANYTHING that said “acne” on it.  Nothing worked.  I gave up and just stayed on proactiv that “kinda” worked for me.

Finally, I was about to get married and had a break down.  I just wanted pretty skin.  So, I gave in and went to the dermatologist.  She wanted to put me on acutane because we only had about 3-4 months before my wedding to get rid of it.  Because of all the scares/health issues with acutane, I was not willing to do it.  I asked her for other options and she wrote me 3 prescriptions.  One antibiotic, one cream for morning and one cream for evening.  She also recommended that I switch my make up to oil free (mineral based, even better) and to purpose face wash. 

I anxiously ran to Wal-Mart to get my new make up and facewash.  I was SO ready to start.  I got mineral powder, blush, and bronzer from Maybellines Pure Make up line.  I went to get the purpose face wash and was shocked.  I thought, no way is this it! It’s a plain bottle… no fancy anything to it! I actually called the dermatologist to make sure I was getting the right thing.  It was it.

I stuck to the new routine and within a month, my face was a TOTALLY different face.  Since then, I have gone off the morning and evening creams, but just using the face wash and different make up has made a HUGE difference for my face.

I would 100% recommend Purpose face wash and mineral based make-up! (Apparently lots of dermatologists recommend the same thing – I’ve asked others).

Sorry this is so long… hope it helps!!!

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I get mild-moderate acne and like most Neutrogena products. However, the #1 thing I found that improves my skin is to drink lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated is often overlooked, but it can’t really hurt you and it’s free to try.

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Clearasil and Proactiv and all that stuff is just a waterred down benzoyl peroxide product. benzoyl peroxide is an over the counter drug that you could buy at a pharmacy, there’s also retin-a and a few other creams you could get from your doctor.

I struggled with acne all through high school and after about 5 different perscriptions, one worked…then when it came back, I went on Accutane. Now, I am acne free. I would suggest a pill until you find one that works. But, if your acne isn’t bad, then a cream. Try benzoyl peroxide first…proactiv and other mild things will only do so much.

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Here are a few charms that have worked really well for my skin:

1) Consistent skincare (wash/scrub, toner, moistureizer…). This has been my #1 help. I used to flit around and try different things all the time. Picking one routine and sticking to it has done wonders for me.

2) Going for “Sensitive Skin” formulas rather than “Acne.” 

3) C Booth Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil Toner : simply magical. Nixes redness and zits, calms irritation and smoothes flakiness. So wonderfully balanced. I am pretty certain it is making my pores appear smaller, too.

4) Mineral/natural make-up = happy skin, glowy complexion!

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I have had acne for a long time and I finally have it under control.  I switched to this all natural, very gentle facewash.  The harsh stuff helps, but it really dries at your skin and I think it just makes my skin more tempermental.   I think the most important thing is dont touch your face.  Dont touch it at all.  If you need to pop a pimple bc it is painful make sure you wash your hands and dont actually touch your face with your hands.  wrap your fingers in two pieces of tissue so that you do not touch your face.  Before popping put a hot washcloth on the pimple, then clean with alcohol and after you pop it clean the area again.  Clean you pillowcases often.  I would also go to your dermatolist to get an anti-biotic

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First, you have to stop touching and picking at your skin. You’re just clogging the pores and making it worse with the oils from your skin.


Look at your make up. I used to use Clinique and just switched to Bare Minerals, it defintely has cut down the amount of oil on my skin and reduced the amount of break outs and has the same amount of coverage. I’m sure the ladies at the make up counter can give you some tips too.

Wash your face at the end of the day (to get makeup off) and if you do any workout or sweat. I use a biore scrub I found at target.  Look at some recomendations for your skin type and see if you like them.


I used to use proactive when I was in H.S. and my sister has used it religously for 5 years. Honestly it didn’t help either of our skin types. I actually think my skin looked worse when I was using it. Just really irritated and spread the acne everywhere. So if you do go that route just be aware, and stop any type of skin treatment if your skin gets irritated.

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@PinkBubbleGum:  Like you after going off BC my hormones went into chaos and I have hormonal spots.  I have been using generic proactive from the chemist (drugstore) and its worked really well. 

My routine is wash with face wash in the morning in the shower (Ive stopped using scrubs!!!) Then apply SPF moisturiser and make up.  At the end of the day wash off make up really really well and then apply peroxide cream and go to bed with a clean towel on my pillow.

Its made a HUGE difference over the course of the first fortnight and then its just a matter of maintaining the routine.  Im working on exercising more and eating better to get my hormones under control (esp considering we will be TTC next year!)

Good luck! 🙂

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I too have had trouble skin and have gone through a LOT of different products and even very expensive laser treatments.  About 2 years ago I started on Retin A and am completely clear.  It has also severely decreased the scarring and I am no longer scared to leave my house without makeup. 

There are a few downsides to Retin A:

  • Cannot use when pregnant, nursing, or TTC
  • Can cause some dryness
  • Causes an initial breakout
  • MUST use for at least 4 months before full effects can be seen; in my case it was more like 6-8 months but I’m so glad i stuck it out
  • Causes some facial redness
  • Have to be VERY careful in the sun and be sure to always wear sunscreen

All in all, I will continue to use Retin A for as long as I can.  And By The Way you can see you primary care doctor – you don’t need to see a derm. 

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@PinkBubbleGum:  I have a really good guy friend who said he cut out dairy from his diet, per his Dr. and all his acne cleared up.  I don’t know if that is a guy thing or if it would work with girls too.

Worth a shot?  Good luck Undecided

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