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I second a PP saying to only wash your face at night. I actually found this out on the Bee! Under a thread for oily skin. I used to wash my face 2-3 times a day thinking it would help my skin but I realize now it was making it worse. For about a month or 2 now I’ve only been washing my face at night. It’s made my face less oily (which I never thought would happen) and thus stopped a lot of breakouts. My skin hasn’t looked this good… ever!

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I got put on accutane in college, and it’s been 10ish years since I’ve had a breakout (knock on wood!) I still get random pimples but I’ve found the better my eating habits are and the more water I drink, the less I tend to breakout. I have used retin-a micro and it’s preeeeetty amazing. Something you can try over the counter that my cosmotologist friend recommended, is using ‘Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque’, but instead of just using it as a masque, dab it on your pimples after you wash your face at night, let it dry, and go to bed. When you wake up, wash it off. I’ve done this several times leading up to events (even our wedding) and it’s pretty great how well it works! I really like the whole Eminence line, and I really like Dermologica as well. I’ve found that my skin responds very well to both lines. 

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1) take a zinc supplement – it cured my acne and I wrote a post about it http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/i-cured-my-acne-with-10/

Before discovering zinc, I could decently manage it with: 

2) cut or decrease dairy. Milk, cream, and yogurt are the worst. I still get small break outs if I overdo dairy. 

3) Reduce carbs. 

4) Use benzoyl peroxide after cleansing.

5) apply a few drops of 50:50 almond oil:castor oil to face before bed. You’ll be amazed how non greasy these oils are after they sink in. This saves your skin from looking and feeling parched and tired from the benxoyl peroxide. 

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I saw retin mentioned earlier and I couldn’t say enough about it. Great for acne and also for fine lines. My skin looks way younger than my age (I’m late 30’s) so you would get the benefit of that along with the clearer skin. Not a bad deal.

I did not have much acne but I did have a really dull layer to my skin that looked pretty bad and it’s just soft and clear now. I can see how get those outer layers off would help for acne too.

I use tretinioin cream but I think the gel is better for acne.

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Like others have suggested…definitely try to pay more attention to how your diet affects your skin. Sugar and “skim” dairy are two major culprits for me. Reduced fat dairies can disrupt hormones and contribute to acne. Also it’s important to learn what kind of acne you have. Some acne is purely hormonal and unfortunately cannot be effectively treated with topical products. I have had much more luck controlling my acne by cleaning up my diet and managing it from the inside rather than with topical products, but that is just the type of acne I have.

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LLMMCC:  Accutane was the only thing that worked for me. Sorry to hear your acne came back though, that blows!!!

I’ll still get the odd breakout now & then but it’s definitely hormonal…when I do I use the Arbonne acne line & it works pretty well!

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I struggled with acne throughout my teens and early twenties and tried so many products,  prescription creams, antibiotics, birth control pills etc. and visited several dermatologists. In the last few years I have finally found some things that work for me and my skin has gotten so much better. Everyone is different of course but hopefully some of my experience can help you.

Many acne products are very irritating and I have sensitive skin. Acne is an inflammatory disease and I have found that using harsh products makes my skin more oily so I make sure to stay away from things that contain alcohol or fragrance etc.

I have tried just about every retinoid on the market (Retin-A, Tazorac etc.) and Differin XP is by far my favourite. It is very effective but doesn’t leave me with a red, stinging, peeling face like all the others did.

I use Paula’s Choice products, a mixture of the Skin Balancing and Clear lines. Their website has some great articles that helped to educate me about acne. The Clear Regular Strength Acne Exfoliant is amazing, it’s a liquid BHA/salicylic acid product that has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin. The Acne Treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide is great too but I actually don’t need to use it anymore since my skin has improved so much with the Differin and BHA. And I love the Skin Balancing Toner and Moisture Gel.

Another thing that helped me was finding the right birth control pill. I am on Diane-35 and have noticed a big decrease in oil production since starting it. It has some possible side effects and if you google it you will find some horror stories but the other alternative for me was to go on Accutane. My doctor said Accutane has much higher health risks than Diane-35 does so I decided to stick with that.

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LLMMCC:  routine facials! Find a good spa and an aestetician that you trust. It has made a world of difference to my skin!

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I’ve never had skin problems (thank goodness) but my daughter has had lots of problems with acne. I got her proactive and it worked but what REALLY worked was when I suggested that she mix a little hydrocortisone in with the cream. It is magic and it seems to calm the skin around the clogged pores as well.

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yaz is a lighter pill I think? I was on marvelon 28, and it helped, I’m off the pill now for 3 months and my acne is coming back.. I’m wanting to go back on the marvelon

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I’ll throw my hat into the ring! I had really bad acne around my mouth, which was effing miserable and not a great look. My sister also had really, really bad acne all over. This is what we use:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Cream Wash (with the Clairisonic)
Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment (This is used on spots as they appear and sometimes if I have something coming up I apply it to where I usually breakout to preemptively fight it) – This is the one with the little grey/silver tube and purple cap

These products together have made a world of difference and my skin is 99% of the time blemish free. What’s really amazing is how it worked for my sister. She had serious acne all over her face, and now she has the most beautiful skin.

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Check out PocketDerm and see if they’re available in your state! For $20 a month you get a dermatologist consult from uploaded pics and medication personalized to your skin shipped to you. They also prescribe antibiotics if you need it and do anti-aging programs as well.

I’ve had it for a couple months and I’ve been really happy! Use my link below if you sign up so I can get a little kickback 🙂


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My sister suffers with bad skin and has started using nutrogena body wash which I think is discontinued but she orders off of eBay it’s a very strong face/body wash but she says it work wonders.  I have stolen a bit from her and if I ever get a bad spot it does work quickly but can make ur skin very dry!

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Acne is terrible, especially when you think you’re past the age of getting acne and post-acne scars! The only thing that has truly worked for me is Rodan and Fields (the doctors who created Proactiv) regimen called Unblemish. The best part is that they offer a 60-day money back (empty bottle) guarantee! It cleared up my horrible/strange/odd/random acne on my chin, jawline and forehead. Message me for more info!

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