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not really, just that you need more than SPF 15 b/c it isn’t strong enough. Also, look for products that are approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation (their logo should be on the back of the bottle – Nia is approved). I try to use only approved SPF b/c then you know it works. A lot of common SPF’s are filled with a lot of useless junk.

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have you tried using a glycolic face wash isntead of cetaphil? for me, that made all the difference. I use Jan Marini glycolic wash and moisturizer. it is strong, the moisturizer makes my face itch when i first put it on. but it has done a good job of preventing pimples, instead of just treating it when it’s already there. I was using Retin-A before but I don’t even need it anymore.

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Accutane is a miracle drug!!!

I used it years ago. However, I have considered doing it again but we are planning for children 12 to 18 months from now. This means that I don’t take birth control (we aren’t have sex until after marriage) and I don’t take sleeping pills or any of that because I always thought I would have the most pure body when it comes to conceiving. 


But birth control can help with the hormones and you will be required to prove use of two forms of BC in order to get Accuntane. That is you will take a BC pill and you will need to use condems or a diaphragm. You will be required to take pregnancy tests monthly as well as periodic blood tests to test for liver function. Okay, all this seems scary but I took it for 9 months. and my skin got so much better. In fact a doctor can tell that I’ve taken it because my skin is so smooth under the few acne scars I have remaining. But now I am doing microdermabrasion for the treatment and prevention of acne. 

BIG FAN!!!! it sucks the blackheads right out of the pore and then refinished the skin to look so much more fresh. I wished I could have them once a week for the rest of my life. 

I think Proactive is good at preventing major breakouts but I think it causes a lot of blackheads. 

I am investigating Obagi, I hear it is really amazing. A friend that is a plastic surgeon recommended it and says that he encourages his patients to use it because prevention is key and it is the best. It is also expensive. However, as you know, it’s your face and you are willing to do anything to help it.

 Maybe look into Isolaz. It seems like the treatment I’ve sorted out are about the same as microdermabrasion.

Best of luck.


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Hmm… Accutane screwed me up big time! I had teenage acne.. and it was sooo bad! I had to resort to Accutane and although it cleared me up completely, the drug caused my cholesterol levels to increase and I developed hypertension, as well. These are just a couple of the long list of side effects.

I was very clear for a few years until I started developing hormonal acne. Luckily, my parents allowed me to have laser therapy for my skin, so that kept it under control and kept my skin super smooth and it burned off all the leftover scars from my teenage years. 

Laser is a good way to keep your acne under control, but nowadays with the wedding to plan I can’t spend that much money for skin treatments. Thus, I’ve resorted to Proactiv which, I must say is a wonderful product! It totally clears me up and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I highly recommend it!! It’s inexpensive and the supply lasts for months! Good luch! 🙂

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I used Accutane when I was a teenager and it cleared my skin up like nothing else. I was also on a contraceptive pill that helped control breakouts (think Diane 35) and Proactive. Just recently I moved to Australia and unlike the UK I have to pay for the pill and the ones that help my skin are too expensive for me. Unfortunately this has meant that my acne has started coming back. I’m still using Proactive but it’s not doing much good.

 I’m also getting those UGZ!

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this product i use is not specifically for acne but it totally works for clearning up my skin.  it’s neutrogena visibly even skin polishing treatment.  it works wonders.

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I have been on every acne product since I was 12….my last treatment was accutane about a year ago….After the first six months my skin was crystal clear, and now….It’s terrible and I am freaking out that my skin is going to be terrible for the day of my wedding. I was wodnering if anyone had any suggestions or experience with laser treatments. My skin is really sensitive to any product I use and I have not had much luck with anything Ive tried. Right now I’m just washing with dermalogica and moisturizing with Clean and Clear andor cetaphil.

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This might sound crazy, but it works for me — spend a lot of time in the sun! Whenever I go to the beach, spend time outside gardening, etc., my face clears up!

I read somewhere that it works because UV rays kill the bacteria that cause break outs. Obviously you wouldnt want to use the sun as your only method of acne prevention, but it could be something you use to safeguard your skin before the wedding.

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ProActiv is wonderful.. at least for me it works very well. What does your skin care regimen currently consist of?

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Accutane these days is a lot less strong than it used to be.

However, it is not for everyone and especially not if you plan on having children in the next year.

If you haven’t seen a dermatologist, you might look into it.

There are so many products out there. Not everyone responds well to one brand. But I think the less you do to your skin the better. Find a program that works and stay with it. 


I will say that in my early to mid twenties I really liked Bioelements. The decongesting cleanser is amazing and less than $30, lasts for months. The oil free moisturizer is also excellent.  


A little sun can also be great. But now at 31 I worry about premature aging. I went from oily to dry and still have a few breakouts so now I am doing microdermabrasion and it exfolliates and sucks the debris from your pores. But I also hear great things about the Isolaz. 

I wished I could make it easier for you. Best of luck. Let us know what you decide.

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I completely understand! I have struggled with acne for what seems like an eternity.

 I wonder what kind of makeup you are currently wearing to cover your acne while you are out and about during the day. I realized that a lot of my hormonal acne was exacerbated by the makeup I was using to cover up my acne. While bare minerals didn’t cover as much as my cream foundation, it didn’t cause as much new acne.

Maybe a makeup change would help?

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I have had bad skin off and on since I was in high school. It is worth it to see a Derm for it. I use perscription creams now and they really work.

 I also take omega suppliments.  They are really good for your skin, heart annnd they help keep you level headed 🙂

good luck!

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I’ve never heard of omega supplements…hmm…I could stand to be a little more level headed. 

Also, I have the Clarisonic system now, and I love it!  It’s fantastic!  I can’t stop touching my face.  Also, I get ingrown hairs around my chin (unladylike, I know), and the Clarisonic does a good job of clearing out any dead skin or oil around them so that they are easier to pluck. 

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i have only gotten acne as an adult.  my dermatologist prescribed a 5% hydrogen peroxide gel, clindamycin lotion, and an antbiotic.  it took some time, but my skin is much clearer now.  i also use cetaphil to wash my face and no moisturizer.  good luck!

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