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Sugar bee
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acetone is a chemical designed to dissolve enamel PAINT! as in, the same kind of paint that we use on cars and metal appliances!

I know the beauty industry is trying to convince us that it’s safe to soak your hands in acetone,  but I personally don’t believe it.  it kind of freaks me out. I wonder if one day – like 20 years from now – all these people who got acrylic and gel nails really often are going to find out they have some illness from it. 

sorry your experience was so bad, but you might be better off sticking to using regular nail polish, where your exposure to acetone is just through a couple of cotton balls and it’s only for a minute or two.

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Honey bee
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Yeah, I used to get acrylics when I was younger. They wreck havoc on your nails.  I would stick to regular manis.

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Sugar bee
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I just took my acrylics off.  Even though I did it at home it seemed less painful then your experience!  I soaked them this time, but for gel manicures I’ll usually just use foil to wrap up a cotton ball soaked in acetone on my nail.  Seems to work pretty well!

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Honey bee
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Yikes!!! I frequently put on the drug store acrylics (I was a finger-picker for a million years, and the acrylics made me stop. So sometimes I have to put them on again to remind myself if I start doing some picking again) and they come off pretty easily, but I have heard that the salon ones are SAVAGE on your real nails!  The drug store ones will come off if you put a piece of cotton ball into any regular nail polish remover (including non-acetone, yay!) and then wrap it around your fingertip and put foil over it for like half an hour. Apparently the warmth and the fumes help soften the fake nail off. No filing, no sawing!

So, if after this experience your fingernails are mangled beyond belief to the point where fake nails are the only way you’ll be able to leave the house, may I recommend the drug store ones?? Haha they are a hell of a lot easier!  And of course you can still paint them any color you want Smile

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Helper bee
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@LuckyJuls:  I will never get them done again either. Slammed my name on a piece of gym equipment, tore my acrylic and real name off, almost passe dout from IMMENSE pain. Since then, I’ve stopped biting my nails and have gorgeous REAL nails that I manicure myself πŸ™‚


Uh ouchieeeeeees!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Thanks for this post… and all the subsequent comments that it is generating.

Like @MrsHart2Bee:  and @iarebridezilla: I have been a legendary nail biter & picker (closing in on 50 years now since I was a 3 year old)

So breaking this bad habit has been a difficult one (would certainly make my Fiance a happy man)

I have tried the drugstore acrylics several times as an adult… the ones out now are tons better than they were years ago (even 10 years ago).

Still though, I do find that they “flick” off from time to time, as I am pretty tough on my hands, and just am useless when it comes to realizing that the nails extend out there beyond my fingertips… so they are continually in the way, getting jammed into things, caught, etc.

Cannot imagine how painful getting a salon applied acrylic nail would be if it was to come off with my own nail attached… OUCH !!

This is part of the reason I am hesitant to do salon nails… among other reasons, like all the ones you mentioned

And there is soo much to choose from… an overwhelming amount of choice IMO… who can tell what is best… Acrylics, Gels, Porceleans, Wraps etc.

I had Gel Nailpolish done for a pedicure last year on vacation… and that was a disaster !!  The stuff literally dried out and ruined my natural nails… it took them about 9 months to fully recover… so I won’t be doing that again (and therefore leaning AWAY from Gels as a possibility for fake nails as well)

Continue to investigate other Salon Applied Nails, so your info is timely, but no decisions made todate.

Thanks for the input.



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Sugar bee
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I figured out this trick to make regular manicures last longer, just thought I’d share:

three or four days after a manicure, I put on another layer of clear topcoat. it makes the polish super thick and I believe it helps repair any tiny fractures that may have developed in the paint from the past few days.  since it’s only one coat, it dries super fast. this has caused my manicures to look good several days longer than usual. even home manicures!

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Honey bee
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@LuckyJuls:  Oh yeah, I glue those suckers on so hard the jaws of life couldn’t peel them off! Usually they last two full weeks before one even thinks about popping off, and by that point they’ve grown out to a weird stage and need to come off anyway! Once I’ve had them on 6 days or so, I start carrying the glue around in my purse just in case I open a can of soda too roughly, haha.

I could not believe that even the non-acetone nail polish remover could take the acrylics off though. The cotton-and-foil trick is a life saver!

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Buzzing bee



I feel your pain! No pun intended. I also am sensitive to nail procedures.

I had a bad experience with acrylics many years ago — they were pretty, but it was one infection after another and I got freaked out by the recurring nail fungus issues. At this particular salon they were not very gentle when removing nails. I used to shudder when I saw the pliers. They would slide another acrylic under my nail, like a credit card, to loosen it. It was like torture. I finally stopped getting them and I had short, stubby nails for a long time.


So a couple of years ago when I started dating Darling Husband I became nail conscious again and tried liquid gels. LOVE the liquid gels. I found a nice salon where they do a much more professional job. I have never had an infection or fungus issue with gels. Only very rarely do they break or pop off. When it’s time to remove or replace them, they gently buzz them off with that drill buzzer thing and it never hurts.


I will never go back to acrylics again.

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Busy bee
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Eeek that sounds horrible. I get acrylics often and havent come across a situation like that! they do wreck havoc on your natural nails though. You should consider trying to grow your nails out then just getting a manicure with Shellac nail polish. its long lasting and wont put you through that again! 

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Bumble bee
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Shellac is the way to go if you ever want a manicure to last. I had one done at a salon and it lasted about 2 and half weeks. Got my mother hooked on it and she ended up buying all the stuff to do them at home. Its awesome. And to remove the color you just soak your nails in acctone for 10 mintues and the polish comes right off. No nail damage no nothing.  πŸ™‚

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