(Closed) Active baby in the womb = baby will never sleep?

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Blushing bee
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Activity in the womb does not indicate hyperactivity outside of it. When my mom was pregnant with me, I was pretty still, and as I grew up, I had a case of ADHD. My little one is very active currently (almost to the point of painful) but I have a feeling he will be a good baby once he is here. He often calms down when either Darling Husband or I touch my stomach. 

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Busy bee
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How active or not our baby is in the womb means nothing at all. In fact my dr said the more movement the better. My mom said I moved a ton and was the easiest baby once I was born. My sister didn’t move much in the womb and didn’t sleep that well when she was born. She wasn’t a bad sleeper she just wanted held all the time. How your baby behaves in the womb means absolutely nothing as far as activity after she/he is born. You also could have just had something that made the baby really active. Once you can feel movement you will notice when the baby starts responding to things you eat!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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It has no bearing On activity on the outside. My baby was super active on the inside (especially at night!) and she has always been a pretty decent sleeper (gave us 4.5 hour stretches at night from the beginning.)

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Busy Beekeeper
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My baby was pretty active in the womb, and she’s an extremely active 13 month old who also doesn’t sleep well. I don’t think her activity in the womb was necessarily indicative of this.

I have what I would consider a high needs baby (Dr. Sears), and it is what it is. She’s extremely challenging, and I don’t get much sleep, but she’s also got a great personality, is super smart, and is quite the comedian. She’s totally worth it!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Fetuses still sleep like 90-95% of the day like a newborn.  I had two ultrasounds and at the first one (15w) she was sleeping almost the entire time and the second one (after a cup of oj- sugar) she wouldn’t stop moving (20w). I wouldn’t use one ultrasound as a judgement on baby movements, once you get to 30w you will see more of a pattern of how active they really are.  Fetuses are supposed to be active though, they even move in their sleep.

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Bumble bee

I have 2 children. My daughter (firstborn) was really active in the womb, and it was often hard to sleep at night. This was when she liiked to jump up and down on my bladder and kick the crap outta me, from the inside out ๐Ÿ™‚ My dh would often lie beside me and could feel the kicks on his back. Sometimes he’d even ask, ‘are you sure that’s the baby?’ bc the kicks would be so strong. She is now 10 yrs old and is not a hyper kid in any way.

My second child didn’t kick as much, but my Dr. told me I had an anterior placenta, so even if he did kick as much as she did, I just couldn’t feel it.

I wouldn’t be worried at all ๐Ÿ™‚  If you don’t get any sleep… it will likely be because you have a typical newborn. Nobody gets all the sleep they need in the first 3 months ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy Beekeeper
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My son was very very active in the womb.  He is still active but not as active as he was before.  I honestly wouldn’t worry about it

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Sugar bee
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My son was wild in the womb but he’s a very chill baby!

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Helper bee
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Daizy914:  I had a super active baby in my belly, 24/7 action and now with 3.5 months Charlotte is a very calm baby with lots of naps and at least 5-6 hours sleep stretches at night!

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Sugar bee
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My daughter, I swore, was out to break my ribs en-utero. Now, 7.5 months later she’s very happy and active, but she also sleeps from 7 to 5 every night without issue. <br /><br />Think about it this way, baby is VERY cramped in there so you feel every little movement and well, baby wants OUT! Once they’re out in the big wide world, they’ll be much more comfy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Buzzing bee
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I dont think it holds any bearing either however, my daughter was very active in the womb and was a colicky infant. At 21 months she doesnt sit still for longer than 5 minutes. She is a very active toddler but she does generally sleep well.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Daizy914:  I wouldn’t worry, when they’re that small it’s easy for them to move and dance around so much because there is so much space.  I have no idea what mine was doing that early because I really didn’t have many ultrasounds, so I can only go off of movement you can actually feel. 

When they’re bigger you mostly just feel stretches and pushes.  Mine wasn’t over active when I carried her, I considered it pretty normal I guess?  She never kept me up at night with movement or maybe I just slept through it (good sleeper here).  Most likely I probably slept through it because they should be moving 10 times an hour at the least.  It’s all pretty subjective because what is super active to one person might not be to another .  She is a pretty relaxed baby and she was never a crier.  She was a great sleeper until 3.5mo months and then it all went to hell and she’s on and off since them.

Their activity level might be indicative of their personality later on but I’d probably wait until you have regular movement around 28w+ to make a guess at it.  I’ve also heard some people say it can depend on mom and dad’s personalities and parenting style.  Darling Husband and I are usually pretty relaxed and calm and our baby pretty much is the same (she is easy to calm usually and isn’t a crier unless something is wrong).  Either way, it doesn’t mean much, since it’s just a guess and you have no way of knowing how baby will turn out until they’re here.

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