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i did accupunture for my 2nd and 3rd IUI and 1st IVF.  we were successful on our 2nd IVF (though really first transfer since IVF1 became freeze all).

i was in 2 local infertility support groups and this accupuncturist who specializes in infertility was highly recommended by many of the ladies.


so i didn’t think it worked for me.  we were successful after 1 FET for my current pregnancy and i did not do accupuncture either.


i also know some IVF ladies who were only successful when they also did accupuncture.



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it is supposed to increase bloodflow, improve ovarian and follicular function.

i would go 3 times in a cycle, during my flow, a couple days before IUI or transfer, and the day after IUI or transfer.

when i had the consult with the accupuncturist, he had a lot of handouts and research (including articles he had published in medical journals) about the benefits of accupuncture and fertility.


it’s worth looking into if you believe in it.  i was skeptical but desperate to try anything when i did.  i probably would have continued, but it was getting expensive.  and in the end, we were successful without it.




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I did acupuncture in the TWW of the cycle I got my BFP.  I did it for a combination of reasons: curiousity, wanting to try a new relaxation/physical therapy method and potential TTC help.  I did only 1 session and I paid out of pocket – I found the clinic from online reviews and just confirmed that fertility treatment was listed amongst their specialities. I am neutral on how the treatment felt – the needles were less painful than expected (I am mortally afraid of needles so this was a major concern) and I had an amazing 20 minute nap while they were in…but I didn’t feel any physical difference in the days following.

I am hesitant to give acupuncture credit because there were other factors that cycle: we had great timing (although we had great timing previous cycles), we BDed EOD instead of ED and I was generally less stressed (about TTC, about life etc).

So I can’t say acupuncture did help, but I can’t say it didn’t either.

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I do acupuncture for everything.  TTC, turning a breech baby, lowering pregnancy blood pressure, inducing labour, healing after miscarriage…  And it has helped me with all.  When we were trying for our last, that happened to end in miscarriage, my period had not returned from my last pregnancy.  So she was able to get my cycle back on track and I was pregnant within a few months.  And when we lost the baby, she was able to get the bleeding to stop when I had never ending spotting, and then on the following appointment a few weeks later, she was able to get my period to start again, literally while I was still on the table with needles in me.  I think acupuncture is amazing.

I found this therapist from word of mouth.  She is a medical doctor who decided western medicine was not so much for her, so she then studied eastern medicine, inclusing acupuncture.  She uses both to treat people for all sorts of things, but I think most of her acupuncture patients are women, ans she herself struggles with fertility issues.  She also uses Unda drops, which I have taken as directed and I think they help too.  As well as vitex.

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I’ve had accupuncture from a chiropractor friend twice. Both for acute injuries. Certainly helped speedy healing. I’ve also used it on my horse for a nerve damage issue. He seemed to enjoy it (went all sleepy and dozy for about 12 hours afterwards) and it also helped him heal very fast – the vet was amazed.

I have 3 sessions booked in the next month in the lead up to birthing – no issues but just as a prep. As op said it can help all sorts of issues. 

A friend used it for help conceiving. She had PCOS and I believe it treated the imbalance here which helped with getting pregnant as well as her general health. 

For this kind of thing a ‘proper’ Chinese acupuncturist was recommended to me from my friend.  Someone who has. 20+ years of experience in traditional Chinese methods. This is who I’m using this time. 

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MsGinkgo :  I did a fresh 3 day transfer of two embryos in 2013 and got pregnant with a singleton on the first round. I was 36.  And lucky.  At the end of that cycle I had only one embryo left.  

Fast forward to late summer/early fall 2016 where we decided to use our one and only embryo left from 2013.  I was 40 and worried it wouldn’t work.  After all, I used two embryos on the first round and only one took.  I knew this was my one, last chance at a sibling for my son.  I didn’t want to do another fresh round at 40 due to my age and all of the meds I’d have to pump back into my body again.  I did some research and decided that I was going to give my body every, single possible last chance at getting pregnant with my only remaining embryo; my philosophy was, “It can’t hurt anything!”.  

I was already healthy (physically fit, lifted, ran, etc) and was doing the Whole30 since the previous spring, so my diet was good.  I limited my alcohol intake (still drank, just cut what little I was drinking in half) and took up acupuncture.  

I found an AMAZING woman who specialized in women’s issues–specifically infertility.  She was so knowledgable and so kind and the entire experience was very positive.  After each weekly treatment, I never felt more relaxed at night and more energized in the morning.  If it were not $100 a week and was covered by insurance, I’d still do it weekly without hesitation!  

In December 2016, after two months of acupuncture, I did my 5 day FET and four days after that, I got a super faint positive.  I continued acupuncture for the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy at the suggestion of my acupuncturist.  I’m currently 41 years old and almost 29 weeks pregnant.  I can’t say for sure if acupuncture, or the grace of God got me pregnant, but I do know that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  

Best of luck to you on this journey!!

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MsGinkgo :  ooh tell us more, if you’re up for it.  My parents go to accupuncture weekly (not to get pregnant, obviously..) and I’ve been super curious to try it in general, and felt now that I’m TTC and there’s some evidence to suggest it may be helpful I was considering it even more.

Why do you need to wait till August?  Is there a certain time of the cycle you should go in?  Let us know how you like it!

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MsGinkgo :  I don’t know a lot about accupuncture but a friend of mine went when she was going through fertility treatments as well.  The therapist was recommended by her RE but the treatments were not covered under her insurance.  She has twins now (through IVF) so I don’t know if the accupuncture was why she finally was successful, but I don’t think it hurt at all.

My husband is a PA that works in orthopedics and he has recommended accupuncture for a number of his patients.  I should do more research on this as it sounds like it can help a lot of medical conditions.

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